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Why Have a Website that Does Not Produce Results?

from the start of the internet to 2019 number of websites
Note that from 2017 to 2018, the number of websites declined. This reflected a growing frustration by consumers/site owners over results. At Oakes Writing, we deliver results because we understand this frustration, which is largely caused by Old-School Marketers applying Old-School techniques to a new way of marketing.

If you are like many small business owners today, you are starting to question the sanity of even having a website. Afterall, if it is not producing results for the company, what is the point? Why waste money that could be better spent elsewhere?

We agree.

Which is why we are ready to provide something no one has ever given you. Results.

But rather than charge you up front for our services, we are willing to prove what we can do before ever collecting a single dollar.

You heard that right. We will not get paid until we produce results.

However, this offer is limited…and we are only making this offer to One client in the Lake Charles area at this time.

Why Only One?

Hi. My name is Jeff Oakes. I am originally from the area, but moved to West Texas in 2009. It was there that I launched my first writing business, providing written SEO content to website owners via a job site which connected writers to clients.

I have come to appreciate that many so-called Marketing Agencies make big claims, but fail to back them up with solid results.

In the early days of SEO, some crafty folks created ways to game the Google system - and Google fought back. A battle of sorts occurred in 2010-2012. I was on the ground watching, learning, paying attention to what worked and what did not - and siding with Google, the undisputed King of the Internet.

inbound v outbound marketing
All marketing can be divided according to whether it is intrusive and unwelcome or inclusive and welcome. This is known as outbound versus inbound marketing. Outbound is Old School and costly while Inbound costs less and produces more loyal customers.

Since then I have created literally thousands of websites and have come to appreciate a few very important lessons:

  1. There are 2 types of marketing online
  2. To market online, you can either spend a lot of money or a lot of time
  3. The best kind of marketing takes time because it also creates loyal customers
  4. Google OWNS the Internet

When I arrived in Lake Charles this past July, one of the things I discovered was a shortage of results-driven digital marketing. Instead of doing what Google expects, most agencies here are stuck in the past, in the days when SEO was King and Google had yet to fight back.

For good reason then, few are delivering results…or, I should say, the kind of results that are possible = MARKETING WHICH COSTS LESS OVER TIME.

So, I decided to launch a new kind of agency.

Oakes Writing Website Services Pre-Launch Contest

To quickly get word out about what we can do, we are running a contest of sorts. But before I get into this, let me explain the last statement about the Marketing Results which are made possible by Google today.

c j oakes and son Mason
My son and I in 2012 and today. After several years in West Texas, a family emergency required that we return home to Lake Charles, LA. We are currently rebuilding both our lives and our business (and yes, he is my partner…though really, he pretty much just plays x-box for now).

Allow me also to explain why I did not simply announce at the top of this page that I was going to work with one clients until they see results.

When I was in sales years ago, I found that when I delivered results up-front, I never had a shortage of business. Rebuilding a life is tough, which is why I have come home to SWLA with my young son. Rebuilding a business while rebuilding a life is even tougher. So, I decided that the quickest way to get the word out would be to provide my services to three Lake Area businesses most in need of my services.

Now, if you have read this far, you are serious about fixing what is wrong with your website and your marketing. It means that you are close to giving up, but not quite. It also means that you are active in searching for the answers you know are there. Congratulations, you have found the answer.

Had I announced at the top of this page or even in my ad that I was going to give a "free" service, I would have had every mooch with no understanding nor faith in the Internet lined up with their hand out. Those are not my clients.

ROI inbound v Outbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing costs more because there is a constant need to push or promote a product or service. By way of contrast, Inbound Marketing costs less because it uses the power of attraction to draw customers who are already searching for the product or service offered.

My clients believe in the power of the Internet to level the playing field, to increase customer loyalty and ROI all while reducing their marketing costs overall.

My clients know it can be done because they have seen other companies do it, but are lost as to how. In other words, my clients know the Internet will work for them, but are frustrated and want to make it work as it should.

This is important because I do not work with companies that only want to throw endless sums of money at the task - I work with those who understand there is a better way, but also know that there will be something required of them. Like what?

  1. Access to the company, your people, your culture
  2. Real photos and video footage of real people in your company (NO Stock Footage)
  3. Information, interviews, and data

Why is This Important?

What had been termed "Inbound" or "Attraction" Marketing only works when it is real. When a company tries to cut corners, to use stock images, and fake their way into customers hearts, they must throw large sums of money at the project to simply make it tread water.

For instance, I know of several businesses which are running Google Ads and sending prospective customers to their website. But there are two huge problems with their campaigns:

  1. Their website is not performing in natural search, so it is clearly NOT a good website
  2. They are not using appropriate landing pages

Combined, these two problems will only result in turning off potential customers and make running their Google Ad campaigns harder - in other words, they WILL have to spend MORE money over time to achieve the same results. That is not an effective ad campaign.

An effective ad campaign today should lower ROI over time, not increase it.

Tactics involved in Outbound and Inbound Marketing
Outbound and Inbound Marketing differ in many ways. Shown here are the most common tactics employed in each form of marketing.

When a company is real and shows its real side, customers flock to it. They are attracted to that company because they can relate. We can all spot fake. We easily see through stock photos. And we know when some slick agency is selling us a line of, well, BS.

Attraction marketing, which is only made possible by the power of the Internet, requires real. It requires genuine. It requires letting people see the human side of your business. If this is not something you can allow, then do not bother entering this contest. You would be better to just keep following what I call the Dire Straits marketing approach (Money for Nothing).

I am looking for clients willing to let their customers see they are people too. They are willing to show customers their in-house birthday parties, Christmas Parties, and office shenanigans. I am looking for clients who are real.

See, when I take over your marketing, it will be a complete 180 from anything you have seen thus far. Not only will I transform your website (both visually and in ways that really count), but I will also transform your social media. And, I will do much of this in the course of a single month.

This is why I am only taking on ONE such project at this time. This is all I can handle at the moment. I am growing and finding suitable staff is already an issue. Thus, I must take it slow if I am to do what I am promise.

How Can You Get the Oakes Writing Website Services Special Offer?

Actual Stats from a Facebook Account
Shortly after arriving in Lake Charles, I started building my Facebook Page, J Oakes Entertainment. These stats show the growth in that page in just over a month. Using proven methods, we will do the same for your company.

By now, you are likely saying, OK, I get it. Now how can I get in on this special offer?

First, let me tell you EXACTLY what this offer entails, then you decide if you want to throw your hat in.


  1. Increase Consistent Traffic to Your Website
  2. Increase Brand Awareness in Your Market
  3. Increase Qualified Calls to Your Company

You Will

  1. Provide us Access to Your Google Analytics
  2. Turn over your website to us
  3. Turn over your social media to us
  4. Close More Sales

We WILL drive more calls to your business, but it is up to you to make the sales. It will be up to you to have the staff on-hand to handle the business we will drive. You will see results between 1 - 2 months.

Engagements for J Oakes Entertainment Facebook
The more engaged customers are with your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you. One of the key elements many Facebook marketers miss is engagements…interactions. See, we all like to do business with people we like.

We will also ask that you refrain from all outside marketing (Google Ads, Billboards, Radio, etc) unless approved by us. The reason for this is simple: We are giving this service free-of-charge initially and do not want anything to happen which could contradict the marketing plan we develop specifically for your company. We are not saying you cannot use alternate advertising, we just want to ensure it is aligned with what we are doing.

ANY DISCONNECT across one marketing tactic and another will cause people to distrust your company. This will cause your attraction marketing to fail. We are not doing this to fail and we will not waste our time or yours.

Now, when we state that we will increase Qualified Calls to your Company, what we mean is that the people who will be calling are those who are actively seeking what you offer. We cannot control their ability to afford your services nor the ability of your sales force to close the deal, but we can get those looking for what you offer calling your company. In other words, we will drive leads to you. What you do with them is up to you.

How Do We Get Paid?

I know at this point you want to know how we are going to get paid. You know that no one works for free, so you should be naturally skeptical. Let me set your mind at ease.

We only get paid when we get results…and we ALWAYS get results.

As stated at the onset, this is a special promotion which is NOT made available to all. We are only offering it to

A) those who show they are serious about changing how they market their company and

B) those who give us complete autonomy to do transform their marketing.

We will work the first 2 months at no charge to you.

C J Oakes' Google Analytics Certification
Google Analytics is vital to making sure a website, social media, and other digital marketing is moving in the right direction. The first thing we do is set up Google Analytics for your website.

Step One is to obtain one month of Google Analytics on your website.

Step Two: While awaiting the analytics, we will conduct other research related to your website and company including a questionaire you will complete and a face-to-face interview. We will also gain access to your social media accounts and website. If the website needs to be rebuilt, we will begin doing so as soon as we complete step four.

Step Three: We then develop an inbound marketing strategy tailored to your business and your specific market.

Step Four: Once we have enough data from Google and have all other elements in place, we will establish benchmarks based on your goals. We will explain what putting this inbound marketing plan in place will cost, BUT remember, you do not pay until you see results. If you decide the cost will be too high, we stop at this point and you owe nothing. If you agree to the terms and we do not produce the results we promise, you are not responsible for any costs incurred. In other words, we work on a contingency basis, same as a personal injury law firm would work.

Step Five: Oakes Writing Website Services is a Results-Oriented Company. We only get paid when we produce. We believe that is fair, don't you agree?

Are You Ready for More Business?

Oakes Writing will choose ONE business in Lake Charles and surrounding communities (not open to Texas, sorry). We will choose one client from the following industries/professions/trades…

a tradesman with multiple tools protruding from 8 arms
Although we primarily serve tradespeople in the Lake Charles Area, we also have considerable experience helping Law Firms and other Professionals. We are including Law Firms in this offer, but still welcome Real Estate and Insurance Agencies, as well as Medical Practices as clients.
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Siding
  • Flooring
  • Windows & Doors
  • Refrigeration
  • Insulation
  • Automotive (Mechanics, Paint & Body)
  • Decks & Fencing
  • Garage Doors
  • Tiling
  • Legal/Law

If you are ready to have your Website and Marketing transformed and can handle more business, complete the following form.

Be sure to clearly explain why we should choose your company for this special promotion.

Please enter your name.
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