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Nearly every small business today knows they should have a blog, but often struggle with what to write about. Should they write company news? Industry news? Answer questions people ask? Current events? Something offbeat?

The short answer is, all of the above. What is the long answer and how can you generate ideas? In this article, we will reveal some of our best secrets to finding great blog ideas.

What Should You Write About on Your Blog?

Knowing what to write about on a company blog is often a struggle for site owners, but it need not be. The first and most important step in deciding what to write about is knowing your market...that is, who are your customers?

For instance, do many of your customers own a car? Do they do their own basic maintenance?

This was clearly the approach taken by a local Allstate Agent in Lake Charles, LA. He added a link to a blog article on the Allstate website about performing oil changes.

Tips for checking and changing your oil by Allstate. was added to the LinkedIn profile by Dean Day, an Allstate agent in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Why was this an excellent blog by Allstate?

Simply put, Allstate clearly understands their market. Many of their insured are trying to save money. To help, they provided a valuable article that gives them tips for doing an oil change themselves.

This simple, feel good approach also helps them get found outside of people searching for insurance. People searching for oil change tips will find the blog post and this may result in more people checking out Allstate insurance.

What does this Allstate Oil Change post teach us about blogging?

This article has NOTHING to do with car insurance, but will result in more people viewing their site and getting a good feeling about the company. It may not directly result in new customers, but will add to the overall feeling of goodwill toward the company - and business in the future.

When thinking of writing for your company blog, think in terms of what will help your customers. Ask your front-line people for ideas. Ask the receptionist what kinds of problems people are talking about while waiting for service. Ask your customer service reps what issues people raise which are either related or unrelated to what you offer. Brainstorm ideas and do not ignore any. Run them past your staff.

When brainstorming ideas, put them into question form. That will give you the basis for a blog post. Just ask and answer a question. Simple.

Now, we promised a great tip to finding blog ideas, right?

List of related questions in People Also Ask feature of Google ChromeType a common question into Google Chrome. It can be a question related to your business or not. Doesn't matter. You are just generating ideas at this point. Now, scroll down.

For instance, if we type "How to find great blog topics" into the Google search engine, we get the standard list of results. But we also get something of use to generating great ideas...a box called "People Also Ask" (shown to the right).

What is great about this is that these are the questions most closely related to what we asked and may reveal additional questions we can. write about later. In fact, that is how the article you are now reading came about. It was the top-related question to another post.

Use this feature to generate all the ideas you can stand. In fact, if you click on each question in the list, you will notice something interesting. Click and close one of the questions. Now two more appear at the bottom of the list. Keep doing this and before long you will have all the ideas you can stand.

Another way to find ideas: Google Ads Keyword Tool

Another, more complicated way to generate ideas is to use the Google Ads Keyword Tool. This allows you to zero in on the words and phrases people are using each month in your geographic or topical market.

We are not going to go into detail on this because frankly, to use this feature right would require a much longer article. But it is there and is useful. Just enter some topics and review the list. Anything related will appear and this will even allow you to see how many people are searching in the market using those terms.

More ways to Find Blogging Ideas

Another way to get blogging ideas is to call us at 337-660-4774.

At Oakes Writing, we not only write per customer specifications but also help create editorial calendars based on a range of ideas.

For instance, did you know that nearly every day of the year is dedicated to some organization, product or person? Each of these can be used for blog ideas.

The daily news is ripe with ideas for generating fast and viral posts, but care must be taken to avoid being too political lest the customer base become alienated.

The point with this is that finding ideas is the easy part. Writing the posts in a way that continue to generate traffic for years is a bit trickier. But if you are up for it, just write as you like. Just be sure to write about a 5 minute read...that is, about 500 words.

Answer questions and help people. The rest will take care of itself. Customers will find you and your business will grow. It is really no more complicated than that.

And remember, if you need our help, get in touch. We are happy to work with you.


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