What Kind of Website Guarantee do You Want?

Image of Oakes Writing logo tree with justice scales coming from the bush of the tree and Satisfaction Guaranteed seal in black and gold. caption reads, At Oakes Writing Website Services, we do what others will not--Guarantee traffic to websites. Why do we do this when others will not? Because we can.

Not all guarantees are created equal. Car warranties are a kind of guarantee with extensive provisions few buyers ever read. Grocery stores generally offer an unspoken guarantee that the product they sell can be returned if they are spoiled. And most service companies offer some kind of satisfaction guarantee. Yet, when it comes to website content marketing, nearly no one is promising to build traffic. Why? Did not SEO companies formerly guarantee traffic? Can they no longer? More importantly, what kind of website guarantee do you want?

The Rise and Fall of Internet Guarantees

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This chart shows the relative percentage, by number of search results on Google, the abundance of certain names for the Second Lebanon war on the internet. The spelling of “Hezbollah” was varied to “Hizbollah” and “Hizbullah” as well, in order to account for spelling differences. Additionally, the word “wikipedia” was excluded from all search results in order to avoid circular reference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few years after Google rose to prominence, search engine optimization (SEO) made its appearance. Along with SEO came guarantees of Page Rank. Page Rank was the system Google developed to rate websites and thereby provide searchers with the best results. The system used was worlds ahead of any other search engine offered at the time and it worked well for more than a decade.

However, the SEO companies found ways to subvert the natural, organic functioning of Google’s Page Rank. Some of these came to be called “Black Hat” and some “White Hat.” The difference between the two was that they White Hat SEO folks tried to operate according to the rule Google developed for good websites; the Black Hat folks used subterfuge.

Google caught wind of these SEO tactics and noted that in BOTH cases, their search customers were not being directed to the best content in all cases. Even when people used White Hat SEO tactics, the search results often returned websites which were outdated and lacked the necessary information sought. To rectify this, Google created some serious updates.

The Google updates created a panic among SEO experts. Fear of being tossed into the Google Blackhole abounded and guarantees quickly evaporated. Why?

Simply put, Google eliminated Page Rank (for now) and forced serious changes to how websites could obtain and retain traffic. Using a far more complex algorithm, Google designed to force websites to continually feed fresh, relevant, informative content into their sites. This effectively made each website a living, breathing, library of the topic presented. It also added various interaction metrics, such as social media shares, likes, bookmarking, bounce rates, and more to gauge how well readers liked what they found on sites they visited. These metrics would allow Google to continually change search results to reflect what can only be described as reader votes. It is a very democratic process.

However, most SEO firms offered a quick fix. Build it and done. Obtain Page Rank and that is all you need. The changes Google made forced them to alter their business models and most feared the change. Most still do. So few, if any, offer guarantees.

Does This Mean that Website Traffic Can No Longer be Guaranteed?

English: a chart to describe the search engine...
English: a chart to describe the search engine market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Absolutely not. It is possible to guarantee traffic to a website. They key lay in doing things they way Google intended all along. The White Hat SEO folks were on the right track, but along the way they did what many do–they sought the easy way. This bit them on their proverbial backside.

The fact is that there is no easy way. A website is a library. It is a place where people interested in a subject can find the answers they seek. Think of each web page as a chapter in a book. And books are not easy to write. They are costly and time-consuming.

That said, a website remains the most cost-effective tool for marketing the world has ever known. But that does not mean cheap. If a person wants cheap, they end up with the kind of services offered by the SEO gurus Google largely destroyed. They are still out there, but the only guarantee they offer is to take your money and provide content that may or may not work.

At Oakes Writing Website Services, We Offer Something Different

We Guarantee our work will get results. We can do this because we do not take short-cuts. We provide the kind of content that Google search engines recommend to searchers because it is informative and engaging. In other words, the content we create is like best-sellers in a bookstore. The best part is, they are YOUR best-sellers.

Rather than build a website entirely and slap it up hoping for results, we build organically, naturally, the way Google both intends and advises. This results in traffic that naturally grows over time.

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