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What is Attraction Marketing?

Marketing today can be confusing to many. In the not-so-distant past, marketing was simply marketing. Today we have several new terms including:

  • Attraction Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Conversion Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • and the list goes on...

For instance, the website Chiefmartec declares there are 131 kinds of marketing. Not to be outdone, the website SplashCopywriters claims there are 163 types of marketing. And there are plenty of other marketing gurus who will make similar claims. Most of these articles are designed as link-bait and fail to properly explain the subject.

Given this seeming plethora of marketing terms, no wonder many are confused. In this article, we will help clear the confusion. In fact, there are really only two kinds of marketing today.

The Two Basic Forms of Marketing in 2019

Often, when a company claims there are scores, even hundreds of types of marketing they are really referring to different marketing tactics. Some will call them strategies, but this is a different beast altogether. The fact is, there are only two kinds of marketing, but each has a variety of tactics.

We provide Attraction Marketing for Lake Charles, Beaumont, Lafayette, Alexandria, Louisiana and all points between.

Hubspot has perhaps offered the simplest explanation, terming the two kinds of marketing "Inbound" and "Outbound." Yet, even they have fallen prey to the link-bait article declaring (contrary to their own teaching) that there are 40+ types of marketing.

So, in order to not further muddy the waters or fill the room with fog, let us set the matter straight right now.

The two kinds of marketing are simple: Marketing that gently attracts and marketing that loudly gets attention.

inbound v outbound marketing
All marketing can be divided according to whether it is intrusive and unwelcome or inclusive and welcome. This is known as outbound versus inbound marketing. Outbound is Old School and costly while Inbound costs less and produces more loyal customers. Need inbound or attraction marketing? We provide Digital Marketing for Lake Charles, Beaumont, Lafayette, Alexandria, Louisiana and all points between.

Think of it like this.

If you go to a Carnival, there will always be someone yelling at you to come play a game. Carnival callers are like most advertising today. It is intrusive and often unwelcome. Like a TV commercial, we have no choice but to see or hear it (unless we have TiVo-remember that?). Even YouTube has got on the bandwagon today with these kinds of ads, forcing viewers to sit through not one, but two ads before getting to the desired programming. Then too, they often intersperse longer videos with forced ads as well.

This is the essence of OUTBOUND MARKETING. It is in-your-face, generally unwelcome and can be likened to someone with a bullhorn shouting from the rooftops.

Now, somewhere on that same Carnival lot will be someone who simply sits there awaiting players. They do not yell or shout, but perhaps occasionally hold up something of interest. If someone is attracted to what they are holding, they go to the game. This sort of marketing attracts.

Now, the Internet offers both kinds of marketing, but the most powerful is best-termed attraction marketing. Hubspot has termed this INBOUND MARKETING because that is the effect - it is marketing that draws people IN rather than call to them from the OUTside.

In fact, all of the terms for marketing today will either fit into one of these two basic types. The marketing will either be of the form that attracts because you are seeking it or the form that seeks to get your attention when you could care less. Naturally, the most effective form is ATTRACTION, but all have a place in the modern marketing plan.

What is the Best Way to Use Attraction Marketing?

Other terms for attraction marketing include "content marketing" and "search engine marketing." See, when we create content that readers want to find, the search engines will send them to the best answers to their questions. Any time someone looks for something on the Internet using a search engine, they are engaging in attraction marketing of their free will.

If a website owner has created a great article that answers their question better than anyone else, the search engines will refer people to that article. That is the nature of both content and search engine marketing - that is the nature of Attraction marketing. And that is the nature of Inbound marketing. These four terms all mean the same.

All other terms are simply tactics of marketing, be they Inbound or Outbound tactics.

Just remember this: If the marketing attracts, it is Inbound or Attraction marketing. If the marketing calls to others when they are not even looking for a product or service, it is traditional or outbound marketing. It is as simple as that.

Oakes Writing Provides Content or Attraction Marketing

Since 2009, Oakes Writing has provided the best in written content for websites. Written content which has been optimized for search is a key part of attraction marketing. Some also call this search engine marketing or SEM. The reason for this distinction is simple: When creating content which is meant to be found, the content is written in a way that will appeal to search engines. How is this content created?

Google provides all we need to know. The company has never hidden what it takes to create content that its search engine will recommend to searchers. About content for a website, Google simply says,

"Provide high-quality content on your pages...this is the single most important thing to do."

That is what we have done since 2009. We research what people want to know, then we provide the answers. That is the entire essence of attraction marketing.

If you need help with marketing your website, the most cost-effective method is attraction or content marketing. Oakes Writing can help. Whether you need content written, would like us to teach you or even edit what you create, we can ensure that what you write gets found by searchers.

To learn more, contact Jeff at 337.660.4774 or, chat with us live or complete the form below. If you live in SW Louisiana or SETX, we can even train your entire organization.

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