What is A/B Testing and Why is it Important?

A/B Testing is a process which is used to test ads. Simply put, two ads are created, an "A" version and a "B" version. Then, after the ads have run for a set period of time, the statistics are reviewed. The ad which is performing best is kept and the other discarded.

However, rather than simply go with the better ad, another ad is created. This lets A/B testing continue so that over time, the ads get better and better. How is A/B testing best implemented?

A/B Testing Best Implementation

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Google Adwords is a great way to advertise, but with A/B testing, the ROI is far better than any form of traditional marketing can provide.

Implementing A/B testing is simple: Just create two different ads and see which one does best. But making this form of marketing tool even better requires more.

First, you want to remember to continue replacing the lesser-performing ads with other ads to continually drive improvements.

Next, you want to be sure to keep track of changes. It is also wise to put a date to each modification and list exactly what was changed.

Finally, a best practice is to take the scientific approach. Make only a SINGLE difference in each ad. It could be just a word, it could be one sentence, one heading, a different image, an image that is only slightly different in one way, a different link, even a different phone number.

Try different elements of each ad and do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, the craziest ideas fare best. You just never know.

A/B Testing and Google Ads

A/B testing is perfect for Google Ads campaigns. Google Ads allows for multiple layers of testing.

The first place where A/B testing can take place is at the Campaign level. You can choose to run separate campaigns for each service. For instance, say you have a plumbing company and want to run ads to promote a special service you run every fall. You could run one campaign as a free eBook giveaway and another campaign geared to a discount. This way, you can learn which fall promotion works best.

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The next place you can to A/B testing in Google ads is at the Ad Groups level. For instance, within the discount promo giveaway campaign, you might decide to set up an Ad Group targeting certain demographics. One Ad Group may target Homeowners and another Ad Group for businesses. This will tell you which group would respond best to your discounts.

Finally, you can run as many ads as you like under each Ad Group, but again, two are recommended for best testing. Under the Homeowners Ad Group, you may choose an ad that focusses more on the discount itself and another focussed more on the service. This will let you uncover what is most important to the homeowners in your market.

A/B Testing and Digital Marketing

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A/B testing is not new, but thanks to the power of the Internet, modern marketers are able to use it in powerful new ways. In the former days of advertising and marketing, the process was used on groups of people called focus groups; these are people paid to give their opinions about ads and products. Focus groups are still used, but they are less important in attraction marketing.

With attraction, or inbound marketing we have the ability to track multiple elements at once. We can gather copious amounts of data related to any ad or campaign and we are able to use A/B testing like never before. We are able to know for a certainty if a single word was all that stood in the way of a successful ad campaign or a failed campaign.

We can hone ads such that our return-on-investment (ROI) is the best it ever was. Because of this ability, digital media advertising has already overtaken traditional advertising including radio, TV, and billboards. The simple fact is that no traditional marketing can be tested as closely and for as little as digital.

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