Amazon, Walmart, and Andrew Carnegie

Websites are to Information as Steel to Industry

Steel was a key force driving the Industrial Revolution - Websites are a key force driving the Information Age. And, just as early steel was pricy and out of the reach of the common man, good websites and online marketing remain costly. Oakes Writing Website Services is doing something about that.

Just as 3 giants of industry before us, we are working to drive the costs of all services down in our industry. Why? Because it is the right thing to do and because we can.

Andrew Carnegie and Steel

Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie drove down steel prices in the world through better efficiency. His efforts led to a construction boom in America and a robust economy.

In the late 1800's, steel was expensive. Because the price of steel was so high, it was out of the ability of many businesses and communities to use in construction. Andrew Carnegie believed that if he could drive the prices down, it would become affordable. If affordable, the product could help grow the nation and the economy. He was right.

By 1900, Carnegie had done what he set out to do. In driving down the price of steel, U.S. Steel became the biggest, most powerful supplier in the world. It remains a giant of industry to this day. Yet, Carnegie was not without his critics. His methods were attacked from all sides, but he did not give up.

Carnegie believed that efficiency was the key to driving down costs. His methods proved true and steel costs began to drop to all-time lows. Counties began to build steel bridges and cities built steel and concrete skyscrapers.

Moving into the early 20th Century, the national economy became robust, largely because of the massive construction efforts taking place. Andrew Carnegie and his dream of low-cost steel is largely responsible for that growth.

Sam Walton and Retail

Sam Walton, founder of WalMart did something no one imagined possible: He drove down prices for retail goods in America. When he founded his first store in 1962, he launched it in a place very much in need of low-price retail: Small town America.

From that first Walton Mart store in Rogers, Arkansas, Sam Walton built the largest retailer in the world. As with Carnegie, he was not without his detractors.

In his drive to grow his company, taking his "Everyday Low Prices" from one small town to the next, he gained enemies. These were mainly competitors, but often the small-town retailers he drove out of business were able to get much of the public on their side.

A key argument against allowing WalMart into a community was that it would hurt local business. It is a claim which continues to this day and is not without substance. Yet, no one can deny the overall positive impact WalMart has had on the national economy, despite the downsides.

WalMart HAS driven down prices and today, competition against the company continues to drive them down further. Enter Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Jeff Bezos and Online Sales

Jeff Bezos grew Amazon as an online bookstore. Launched in 1995, the company has grown to become the largest retailer in the world, far eclipsing WalMart.

One major factor leading to the growth of Amazon has been its move to empower others to create and sell their own books online. It was one of the early dot-com boom companies and one of the few to become a giant. From the onset, Bezos goal was to drive costs down; he cleverly understood the power of the Internet to harness mass sales.

This was part of the driving concept of Sam Walton. Walton understood that he did not have to make large profits off each customer to do well. If he could instead just get enough people buying from him, his profit margins could be low and his business would still prosper. The key lay in doing a more efficient job than his competitors.

By harnessing the power of the web, Bezos was able to deliver the lowest prices for the same goods and services people already bought and needed. It was a concept WalMart missed until Amazon took their place as the retail giant of the world.

Four Men, One Vision...Enter Oakes Writing Website Services

The founder of Oakes Writing Website Services is C J Oakes. From the onset, he understood that if he could implement a more efficient system of creating digital marketing products, he could pass the savings on to his customers. Efficiency was the key to U.S. Steel, WalMart, and Amazon.

Andrew Carnegie used more efficient methods to drive down steel costs and the national economy grew. WalMart did the same with distribution techniques and dominated retail for decades. Amazon made this model even more efficient using the power of the Internet and today dominates much of the trade in the world.

For better or worse, each of these grew because they provided something their customers wanted: Lower prices.

golden pig with cash at feet
As with Andrew Carnegie, Sam Walton, and Jeff Bezos, Oakes Writing Website Services is driving down online marketing costs through a more efficient model. The goal is to save small businesses money on products they already use. Source:

Lower prices are always better. Inflation continues to eat away at the spending power of the middle classes. This includes small businesses. The only way to offset inflation is to find more efficient ways to deliver the products and services the public needs.

At Oakes Writing Website Serivces, we have developed a more efficient business model. This model allows us to charge far lower rates, provide faster service, and a better warranty than any of our competitors.

This way, we can help stimulate the next big rise in the online world: Helping small businesses compete with major competitors.

C J Oakes...Driving Down Digital Marketing Costs

Take a look at our products and rates here. You will see no fancy fluff designed to "sell" you. We do not hide our rates like some, becuase we do not have to. We offer the lowest rate possible for the online marketing products we provide. In fact, no one can touch our price to service offering.

Some will decry us as many did Carnegie, Walton, and Bezos, but we do not care. We know that the buying public is tired of the high prices others are charging.

If you are tired of paying more, call us at 337.660.4774, send an email to, complete the form below...or simply place an order here.

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