Internal Linking

Internal links are links which connect pages within a website to other pages within the website. Every website will naturally have internal links because the navigation tools (menus) are simply internal links. The menu connects the home page to all others.

However, more is needed.

The search engines and readers look for ease-of-navigation. That is, readers will prefer a website that makes it easy to find related information found elsewhere on the same site. This can included related posts and pages at the bottom of a page, navigation menus in the sidebar, images of related content, and similar tools. This makes viewing other pages on the same site easy and more enjoyable.

10 Reasons for the Importance of Internal Links

One of the biggest mistakes we find when evaluating law Firm websites is a lack of easy navigation, that is, internal links. Many Law Firms build websites that look wonderful, but lack this simple internal feature.

Including appropriate internal links perform 10 important functions for Law Firm websites such as,

  1. Increases ease of movement within the site.
  2. Increases enjoyment of readers.
  3. increases the number of pages viewed by visitors.
  4. Increases the time on site.
  5. Decreases bounce rate.
  6. Increases the likelihood that readers will return.
  7. Increases the likelihood that search engines will favorably view the site.
  8. Increases the search engine rankings and results.
  9. Increases likelihood that readers will naturally link back to the Law Firm website.
  10. Most importantly, internal links improve the opinion of readers which translates in to more confidence in the Law Firm…resulting in more clients.

Oakes Writing and Internal Links

At Oakes Writing, we take internal links seriously. We know that by adding appropriate internal links, we improve the standing of your Law Firm with both readers and the search engines. So these are included in all content we create.

However, there are times when we evaluate a website and the only issue involves linking.

These instances are rare (there are usually far more issues at play), but when we do find a client who has a Law Firm website which only needs help with links, we advise accordingly. In most cases, with a little bit of simple instruction, we can help you and your legal secretary to understand what can be done.

However, if we are asked to perform these tasks, the Oakes Writing Guarantee applies.

If you need help with linking or any other aspect of your Law Firm website, contact Oakes Writing using the form below or simply call



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