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Oakes Writing offers expert content development. Over the last decade, we have developed effective content for hundreds of sites and niches.

Entertaining, Educational, Engaging Content

Content must be entertaining so that readers will share it with friends via social media and similar sites. At Oakes Writing, we believe that legal content need not consist of dry information.

Certainly, when answering serious questions, entertainment is not the goal. In these cases, the content must be educational.

However, all content can be engaging.

We seek, with every page or blog we write, to draw the reader in, to engage their thinking in order to stimulate their natural taste for the written word.

Engage Through Headlines

This is done through creative writing, adding information which is not commonly known, and developing tantalizing headlines. In doing so, we develop several ideas for titles before publishing and even after initial publication, we tweak these to better encourage readership.

For example, consider the following titles (headlines) for the same page:

  • Marijuana Law in Colorado
  • What is the Law in Colorado Regarding Marijuana?
  • Most Misunderstood Marijuana Laws in Colorado
  • Top 10 Most Mistunderstood Marijuana Laws in Colorado

Which title is most enticing?

Clearly, the last title would entice more readers than the others. In fact, according to statistical data related to titles, adding “Top 10” to any title will draw several times the readership as any other title.

However, care must be taken to apply such titles only where doing so makes sense and is justified by the content to be conveyed. Consideration must also be made regarding how the title will appear in site navigation.

Finally, when the search engines provide results, most only convey the first 55 characters. Anything more will be lost; too little is losing impact and clicks.

In the previous example, the final version has 53 characters. Almost perfect.

Engagement in the Opening Paragraphs

The opening paragraphs impact results as well. The search engines look primarily at the first paragraph to determine what the page is about. The subject must be immediately clear. This is important for readers as well.

At one time, webmasters had the ability to force the first 156 characters to read as they desired. Some still seek to do this, but in 2011, Google made changes to how snippets appear. Rather than simply accept what the site owner states is to be used, Google chooses the most relevant test based on the search terms.

Still, in most cases, it is best to ensure that at minimum, the first 156 characters of copy tell exactly what the page is about.

Entertaining Copy

Entertainment involves creating content that readers can relate to. Entertainment invovles emotion. So the best content touches people on an emotional level.

When developing content for Law Firms, creating entertaining content can be challenging, but not impossible.

The key to developing entertaining content is remembering the Acronym, WIIFM. This means simply, What’s In It For Me?

Readers want to know why they should keep reading.

At Oakes Writing, we create content that answers the questions your readers are asking. This keeps them reading.

Doing so requires careful research, not only regarding the law, but also regarding the exact expressions and terms sought by readers in relation to the law.

Oakes Writing provides expert content because expertise matters.

By creating expert, entertaining, engaging, educational content, your readers, your prospective clients, come to view your firm as experts, not only in law, but also in communication. This increases their confidence that you can solve their legal problems. This in turn, results in more clients, which is the reason for the website to begin with.

Why not let Oakes Writing breath new life into your website today.

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Oakes Writing is a content marketing firm located in Lubbock, Texas, USA. Since 2009, Oakes Writing has been creating content for the Internet. Prior to that, Oakes Writing developed ghost-written books for clients nationwide. Most of these were created for traditional print media, but with the rise of eBooks, this focus shifted to include shorter books for email marketing, extensive books for impressing clients, technical manuals, and books for any other purpose required by clients.

From 2010 to 2015, Oakes Writing developed web content for any kind of website, mostly business and real estate. However, starting in 2016, our founder C J Oakes took his passion and training in law to Law Firms. Noticing a trend, he recognized that a need existed to help Law Firms improve and grow their websites. Combining his skill in writing with his formal training in law and criminal justice, he decided to take Oakes Writing in a new direction…helping Law Firms exclusively.