Editing, updating, and cleaning clutter from a website is a necessary function. Gone are the days when a website can be created and left to draw traffic. Instead, regular content must be continually added and existing content must be refreshed from time to time.

Just as a reference book becomes outdated, websites can become out-of-date. In fact, one of the parameters upon which Google scores websites and pages is freshness. This is in part why blogs get more attention–they are viewed as fresher content. However, web pages and sites need not become stale.

Oakes Writing Provides Editing, Updating, and Cleanup Services for Website Owners.

A website is an investment. As with any investment, it must be maintained. However, most website owners either a) do not know they should perform regular maintenance on their site or b) do not know how.

At Oakes Writing, we provide three key services to this end.

  1. Page & Post Editing
  2. Web Content Updates
  3. Website Cleanup

Page and Post Editing

Many professional websites contain excellent information, well-written, and informative. In fact, most attorney websites were written by the lawyers they represent. Most lawyers are excellent communicators, excellent writers…of law and legal matters. But this is not the kind of writing that gets the attention of the average person. Why?

Because when people search for a topic such as Premises Liability Laws, they do not use those words. The average Joe only knows key terms like “fault,” “blame,” or “guilt” in relation to the cause of their injury. Many fine personal liability law firms provide excellent information related to this topic, so long as the readers are other attorneys.

Problem is, other lawyers will not be seeking their services. They want to attract average people in their market. Not folks a thousand miles away and certainly not folks that already practice law.

Really then, although being great writers and communicators in a courtroom, the average lawyer fails to reach his/her intended audience for exactly the same reason.

Writing for the Internet is very different from writing legalese. The goal is different and the audience is different. These differences must be taken into account. For this reason, Oakes Writing provides editing services to Law Firms.

We will scour their website, carefully editing out the legal terms, replacing them with the common vernacular in their region. This makes a difference because what is a common expression in Chicago does not mean the same in Las Vegas. A term used in Lubbock may not be known or used in New England. By changing the terms and expressions used in the website from legal jargon to that which is commonly used by average local Internet users, a firm can more readily reach those who are searching for their services.

Web Content Updates

One of the biggest differences to the Google search engine ever came nearly a decade ago. Google eliminated Page Rank in favor of two key updates which forced website owners to continually add new and fresh content. Since that time, the demand for professional writers and content marketers has exploded. This is because Google effectively created the demand for a new industry.

Oakes Writing was formed in that same era. In 2009, we started learning about the now largely defunct SEO. On its heels came SEM. SEM is different in that the former created an industry which perfected (optimized) websites to the point that they would forever rank well with Google.

But forever being what it is, SEO was replaced by SEM, which is Search Engine Marketing. Part of marketing to search engines is keeping the web crawlers active. This is accomplished by making the crawlers do their job. Their job is to scour the web in search of new information. Every time a website appears, the crawlers note it. Every time a web page is added, they scan it. Every time a blog is written, it is indexed. Every time a change is made to any part of any website, the crawlers find it and provide a new score to the page. No longer are entire sites scored, but rather individual pages.

One element of the crawler job is to note whether new information adds value to a page. That is where we come in.

At Oakes Writing, we not only build web pages and blogs which get search results, but continually enhance and freshen up those pages. To make sure we are doing it right, we monitor web pages via Google Webmaster Tools. This tool provides data related to how well a page is performing over time and used right can help a webmaster tweak a page to perform better.

Whether your site is using these tools or not, changing or freshening up your web pages from time to time is a must. Otherwise, these become stale and decline in the search results, much like a reference book that has never been updated. In time, it becomes useless to any but the most nostalgic.

Website Cleanup

Another area where we find many new clients in need is website clutter. Just as a home or car becomes cluttered if never cleaned up, a website accumulates clutter. The clutter comes in the form of bad links, useless, outdated data, and ignored typos.

At Oakes Writing, we check for such issues and correct them as they are found. At times, this requires contacting webmasters of other sites which have linked to your own and now have a faulty backlink. Although these do not hold the weight against your site they once did, they play a role. So they must be dealt with.

Whatever You Need to Maintain Your Professional Website, Oakes Writing Provides

From outstanding pages, blogs, and books to links, optimization, and social media management, Oakes Writing provides all that is needed to maintain your professional or legal website.

In addition, we use the tools provided by Google to make every website we touch the best it can possibly be.

To learn how Oakes Writing can help your website, call 337-660-4774 now. We will perform an evaluation of your site and provide you with an extensive printed and/or pdf document for your use. Along with the evaluation, we will provide a customized quote which you may choose to take advantage of or not.

Oakes Writing is a Website Services company located in Lubbock, Texas, USA. We offer a full range of Internet services guaranteed to get results.