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Search engine optimization is the process of making a website and the webpages contained therein more appealing to search engines. What does this mean? More importantly, what does this mean for local search? And why would a Law Firm want its website to be optimized for local search?

What IS Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is simply the way that a webmaster creates content so that search engines rank the pages and site well. This simply means that the search engines are more apt to recommend the site and pages to searchers.

Think of this like a referral program…like word of mouth advertising.

For any referral program, or word of mouth advertising to work, the first thing a Law Firm must do is gain a reputation, at least among a few people, that the Firm is worth referring to friends. Over time, as the reputation of the Law Firm grows, so does the referrals.

The search engines are a means by which people searching for people, places, businesses, and information can find what they seek. The search engines do this by reading the pages and deciding which offer the closest match to the search parameters entered. The clearer the page/site content is on a subject, the more likely the search engine will refer it to a searcher.

So the most important thing for any webmaster to do is make sure that the content contained on the site clearly identifies the information provided. So for a Law Firm, the following terms throughout the site would be most useful to the search engines in identifying what the firm does:

  • Law Firm
  • Lawyer
  • Attorney
  • Attorney-at-Law
  • [Type of] Attorney (specialization)
  • Esquire (or Esq.)

How to Optimize a Website/Webpage for Local Search?

However, a Law Firm in Alaska is not likely going to want to reach people in Louisiana or Texas. Likewise, a criminal defense Law Firm in Lubbock, Texas is not going to care much if someone from Portland, Oregon finds the website. Instead, most Law Firms are interested in people living in their immediate and surrounding communities locating the information they provide.

This is called Local Search Optimization.

The way it works is simple. The search engines pick up on city and state names when someone from a particular city and state searches, the search engines naturally link their location to websites clearly identified as from that location. If the Law Firm website is unclear about their location, the search engines do not know to send local searchers to that Law Firms site.

Note that at the bottom of every page of Oakes Writing there is a statement of what Oakes Writing does along with the mailing address of the business. This is more for the search engines than for clients because few are going to write to us or visit our office. Most will email or call. But we get more business from Lubbock, Texas than anywhere else largely because people in Lubbock are more likely to find our service thanks to local search optimization.

This was no accident.

Why is Local Search Optimization VITAL for Law Firm Websites?

In building this website, the intent was to impress upon clients the means by which local search works. Too, although we work with Law Firm clients worldwide, it just made sense to demonstrate how local search works so that we can better help the Law Firms we work with grow. Growth comes from local people for most Law Firms–so to demonstrate how we can help, we focus on helping local, that is, Lubbock and South Plains attorney’s.

The simple fact is that the average Law Firm gets its business from local people. The only way local people will find the Law Firm on the Internet is if the Law Firm has made local optimization a factor in creating content for the site.

In other words, the search engine must know the Law Firm is located in a specific community or it cannot refer people living in that area to the firm.

Optimizing for local search will reduce the amount of traffic to the Law Firm website, but overall, doing so will increase the amount of QUALIFIED, LOCAL traffic to the site.

For instance, say one million people on any given day are searching for a criminal defense lawyer. A fraction, perhaps 1000 are located in the same city as a certain Law Firm. So whereas total hits to a website from one million searchers would be nice, all the firm wants or needs to grow its business are hits from the 1000. The remaining 999,000 visitors cannot, nor will not, do anything to grow the Law Firm’s business.

The point is, most Law Firm’s need only targeted, local traffic to their website in order to have abundant growth. Additional traffic from outside the local area of service is useless and a waste of resources…time and money.

How Can Oakes Writing Help Your Law Firm Grow Through Local Search?

Because Oakes Writing only focusses on getting local traffic to a Law Firm website, costs are better controlled. For instance, a website seeking to constantly grow a national or an international audience needs to be constantly adding content to the tune of several posts and pages per day. For a local Law Firm to compete with that would increase the costs far more than would be worth the service.

Because a local Law Firm only needs targeted traffic, that is, local residents searching for what the firm offers, there is a reduced need for the amount of content added to the site. Provided the content is local search optimized, the site will be found by local people.

This is not to say that the regular addition of content is not needed. It is. Every website must have a continual flow of regular, timely and evergreen content added to the site in order to remain relevant to the search engines. But a Lubbock Law Firm competing against other Lubbock Law Firm’s will need far less content than if it were competing against every law firm in the nation.

This lowers the costs of getting traffic to a point that is reasonable. In fact, it lowers the cost to the point that local search optimization of a website becomes the best value in marketing and advertising.

This is just part of what we do at Oakes Writing. We also ensure that our clients websites are included in Google Business pages to enhance local search, we also offer an array of pay-per-click advertising campaigns as a tie-in to the site, as well as entry in local directories to name a few.

The ultimate goal is to make our Law Firm clients websites shine bright to local searchers of their services. Local searchers are the only one’s which will grow their Law Firm. So they are the only one’s who count.

To learn more about how Oakes Writing can help your Law Firm grow its local search presence,

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From 2010 to 2015, Oakes Writing developed web content for any kind of website, mostly business and real estate. However, starting in 2016, our founder C J Oakes took his passion and training in law to Law Firms. Noticing a trend, he recognized that a need existed to help Law Firms improve and grow their websites. Combining his skill in writing with his formal training in law and criminal justice, he decided to take Oakes Writing in a new direction…helping Law Firms exclusively.

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