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Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock, Tx offers an array of services designed to fully develop targeted traffic to your Law Firm, Real Estate, or other professional website. Following is a list of all website services we offer to Lubbock and other businesses along with a brief description of each. To learn more about any of the web services listed, simply click on the link provided.

Free Initial Consultation – Consultation via Skype or Phone if outside Lubbock, Texas. Consultations in your Law Firm or Real Estate office are available for clients in Lubbock.

Website Evaluation – Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock offers a 100 Point Website Evaluation. During the month of January 2017, we are offering Law Firms a website evaluation free of charge (a $599 value).

Editing/Updates/Cleanup – Did you know that the average website is updated less than, well, never? Regular editing and updates are vital to getting and keeping traffic.

Expert Content Development – Includes blogs, pages, books, links, social media, newsletters, and more.

Blogs – Minimum Word count for blogs is 350 words, generally developed as timely content.

Static Pages – Minimum Word count for pages is 2000 words; only evergreen content is placed on pages.

Books & eBooks – Ghost written and strictly confidential.

Outbound Links – All content will include appropriate, non-competitive outbound links.

Internal Linking – All content will include links to other pages on-site.

External Link Building – External link building campaigns available; natural linking encouraged on every page.

Social Media Management – We can manage your existing social media accounts or create new ones.

Total Website Development/Management – We can build your website or maintain an existing website.

Regular Website UpdatesWebsites must be updated regularly for security purposes, SEO, and proper function.

Content Optimized per LocationLocal search is vital to a professional business, so content will be optimized to ensure great local results. Few Firms seek clients living in other states or nations. No, a Lubbock Firm usually seeks Lubbock clients, so local optimization is a must.

Content Optimized per Profession – Content developed by Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock is optimized to draw targeted traffic to the Firms website. A Law Firm, Real Estate Agency, or other professional website exists to draw potential clients living in Lubbock and the South Plains to the firm. By making sure that every page clearly identifies the site according to professin, visitors seeking the Firms services are more apt to choose the business.

Content Optimized per Subject/Specialization – All content is optimized by subject to draw general traffic to the site. This helps improve search positions overall. More importantly, being an attorney is one thing; being a criminal defense attorney is another. We optimize for specialization(s) as well.

Mobile Friendly Site – Most local searches originate using mobile devices. People in Lubbock are searching for professional businesses located in Lubbock. We ensure that your website is mobile friendly and developed such that when a person finds it, they can easily make contact. This means more business to your Law Firm, Real Estate Agency, or whatever profession you are promoting with your website.

Content Grammatically Correct – Perfect grammar is vital for a professional. Clients expect expert command of the language, so we deliver exactly that.

Accurate Content – Accuracy matters. At Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock, we ensure that all content is as complete and current as possible, well-referenced, and approved by you prior to publication.

Google Local Pages – A Google Local Page is included at no charge for all clients. When people search for Lubbock businesses, they must find you in the Google Local Pages. This adds crediblity to the search so that even if they find you further in the Search Results, they are more likely to choose your business.

Google Analytics Management – Google Analytics helps better identify markets. If you already have traffic, we can help analyze where your traffic is coming from and how to better target the traffic you seek.

Google Adwords Campaign Management – Aside from natural search engine results, some like to advertise. Allowing Google to randomly decide how to spend Adwords budgets is inefficient. At Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock, Tx, we work with Google to find the best deals on keyword combinations to better target your market.

Google Webmaster Tools Management – Webmaster tools help identify which pages are performing best and which can be improved. No website service would be complete without using these tools to keep all pages on a website performing at its best.

Directory Listings – The web is full of directories, some great, some less so. We can ensure that your listings are placed in the most effective way using directories in use by residents of Lubbock and the South Plains. In addition, clients receive inclusion in the Buy Local Lubbock directory free of charge.

Simple Language; Complex Terms Clarified – The Law is confounding to some. Real Estate confuses buyers and sellers alike. Medicine remains a mystery to many. We simplify conent we create at Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock such that local readers will understand. This understanding leads to increased respect for you and more business for your firm.

Specialized Training for Individuals and Groups – If you or your office would like to learn how to do what we do, we are happy to teach. We offer individual and group training sessons to Lubbock business owners at discounted rates. Anyone holding a Platinum Membership with Buy Local Lubbock receive one (1) free training sesson per year for up to ten employees.

Written Contract of Services – Because we offer a solid guarantee, we provide a written contract of services.

Affordable Retainer – Retainers are generally set according to the anticipated work to be performed over a six month period and may be paid in a lump sum or monthly installments.

All Work Guaranteed – We guarantee our work for accuracy and results. No one beats the Oakes Writing Website Services of Lubbock, Tx guarantee.

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