Want Me to Let You in on the Best Site Traffic Secret?

A+ in black against a white background. Caption reads, What to know the secret to creating website content that gets traffic from the search engines? Write A+ College Essays.

Since the modern Internet launced in the mid-90s, people have been scrambling to get attention for their websites. Initially, people turned to directories because there were no good search tools (engines) yet developed. Early search engines attempted to create a way for searchers to locate good websites, but the results were terrible. Then Google appeared and quickly dominated the World Wide Web.

Why Did Google Dominate?

Google was developed by two genius creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both genius children of math and computer science pioneers had ideas on how to best locate great information on the web. Getting together while students at Stanford University, the two were not instant friends. But both had the same goal: To build a better search engine.

Brin and Page were PhD students and were initially looking for a better way to locate scientific journals. Building on the initial concept developed by Tim Berners-Lee, the two understood that the hyper-link was the key to the Internet, the driving force that made it all possible. Yet both equally understood that for that simple tool to be effective, there had to be a way to make sense of the information being placed into the web.

What did Brin and Page do?

They did what any college student would do–they used what they knew as the foundation for finding the best information…essays and scholarly journals.

Brin and Page understood that the best scholarly journals and essays followed certain rules. All the professors understood these rules and graded according to these generally agreed-upon guildlines. In developing their search engine, they wanted to locate the best papers, so they applied the same time-honored rules used by University professors the world over.

The result was that their search engine had the ability to return great results.

Of course, that is simplifying the matter alot, but the gist is that the Google search engine in effect “graded” websites the same way a teacher grades an essay. Their search engine followed the same rules for grading, so it would follow that those who created websites and web pages using the rules of creating great essays and scientific papers would get noticed. Those pages which best complied with these rules for writing essays would rise to the top.

That is exactly what happened.

The Rise and Demise of Page Rank and SEO

For years, Page Rank, which was an early system of scoring websites came to dominate the Internet. An entire industry developed around SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is simply a method of making sure that a website meets all the criteria needed to get an “A” grade.

But some wiley characters found ways around the rules established by Google and began to manipulate the results in ways that did not benefit searchers. So from 2009 to present, Google has been constantly tweaking and making needed changes. One of the early steps was to eliminate Page Rank in favor of some new tools. Whether Page Rank will return or not has remained a matter of speculation.

Since those initial changes, many website developers and SEO firms have been scrambling to find ways to both satisfy the search engine Google and further manipulate the results. But Google is savvy and will have none of it. Hence, the continual changes.

But guess what? Shhhh. Here is the Website Traffic Secret I promised…

Google still grades papers…I mean, websites. And it still uses the same method. Last June, to further test this theory, I launched my pet project, CriminalJusticeLaw.org. My goal is to build it into the worlds largest repository of criminal justice and law resources for students. However, more to the point, the website contains mainly essays. Guess what?

A+ in black against a white background. Caption reads, What to know the secret to creating website content that gets traffic from the search engines? Write A+ College Essays.
What to know the secret to creating website content that gets traffic from the search engines? Write A+ College Essays. Yes, it is really that simple.

Relying on just search traffic by building pages using the same rules which apply to writing college essays, the site is already hitting more than a thousand views per month from just search results. Sixty percent of the pages are ranking in the top ten for search results on Google. Why?

Frankly, when I write essays, I get “A’s” and sometimes “B’s.” The Google search engine is responding by giving my pages the grade it believes is worth sharing with searchers.

That is the secret folks. If you want to create great websites, create great web pages. To create great web pages, just follow the same rules which University professors have been applying to college essays and papers for centuries.

Of course, if you need further help with creating content for your website, I am a phone call away. 337-660-4774.

I am C J Oakes, founder of Oakes Writing Website Services. I work from my home office in Lubbock, Texas where I get to spend much of my time with my wonderful five-year-old son. I get to live this great lifestyle because I know how to write great content for the Internet and have been doing so since 2009.

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