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Video Marketing for Law Firms

Video is rapidly taking over as a marketing tool of choice for many businesses. This is because video is rapidly becoming the content of choice for most online consumers. It goes without saying then that if a law firm wants to be seen online, video should be part of their marketing mix.

Yet, just how complicated and fancy does a law firm need to get when creating videos?

Video Marketing for Lawyers

Video marketing for your law firm today need not be a complicated, difficult, expensive endeavor. In fact, the best marketing is often the simplest. So, how can you easily and effectively market your law business via video?

Perhaps the easiest way to market your firm by video is to be you. When someone is looking for an attorney they will choose the person they most trust. They also want to know that you can help them with their legal problems.

So rather than spending thousands on slick videos, one of the best ways to reach your market is to just answer common questions using your smart phone or computer.

Yet, although there is no need to be fancy, you do not want to simply "wing it."

Your Law Firm Marketing Videos

gavel and cell phones
Marketing a Law Firm today need not be an expensive task. With so many questions people have, marketing a law firm via video is as simple as setting up a smart phone and recording answers to common questions.

We are not talking about creating an advertisement. Sure, ads are good, but they often fail to show the true human side of an attorney. They only show the slick, professional seeking to project the core values of the firm. marketing videos today are better when they are simple and human.

One best practice is to just be sitting at your desk answering questions. If you would normally sit with your suit jacket off, leave it off. If you roll up your sleeves while working, leave it so. In other words, be yourself.

But also be sure that the background is not too cluttered - you do not want to distract your audience.

Be Sure to Be On Point

Before recording, write up a simple draft of an answer to a question you commonly hear in your law practice. Be sure that the answer is clear and concise, not drawn out. A 3-5 minute video is perfect. The best way to do this is to use simple bullet points with little extraneous verbage. Keep it simple.

Start your marketing video with the key legal question right away. Do not worry about introducing yourself or adding anything unnecessary to the start - save your phone number etc for the end.

And speak as you would to a fifth-grader. Make sure that your sentences are short and answers simple.

Setting Up to Record Your Legal Marketing Video

Once you have created your outline, either print it or open it in a Word doc where you can refer to it as you would a teleprompter. Ideally, set it up so that you can look directly into the camera. This is the most important thing to do. People must see you looking directly at them most of the time because this instills trust.

Once you finish the video add it to your website, YouTube channel, and social media accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook.

And if you need help getting ideas, writing scripts, or adding your legal marketing videos properly to various channels, call Oakes Writing at 337.660.4774 or complete the form below. We will be glad to help.

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