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Great Website Deal for My Brothers in Arms this Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day.

c j oakes
Yep, I still wear those ugly military glasses. I rather like them. Practical, durable, and hey, Buddy Holly made them look cool, so there's that.

For those who do not know, my name is C J Oakes and I am both the founder of Oakes Writing Website Services and a Veteran myself.

I do not mention this to brag, but merely to share what I believe to be one of the most important and life-altering events in my life. This also to preface why I can and will be providing an amazing discount on websites for Veterans thru Veterans Day.

Starting My Military Service

My military service was launched largely out of pride. I wanted to go to college but did not want my father to pay for it...but could not afford it myself, so I enlisted while in High School. Because I did not want to put off college any longer than I had to, I joined the Louisiana Army National Guard. I was honored to be sworn in by my High School Principal, Major Johnson, who was attached to Echo Unit next door to DeQuincy High.

However, as I was to become a 91B (Bravo for you civilians), I would be attached to the Lake Charles HQ unit. Incidentally, 91B is the designation for a Combat Medic and Ambulance least it was then, today I think it is something something November. Anyway.

I attended Boot Camp at Fort Lost in the Woods Misery (Ft. Leonard Wood, MO). It was one of the best and worst experiences of my life and as a fat boy, I did not think I would survive. But, largely thanks to the letters from my best friend Peter Grimm, I did. he gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going through the constant muscle cramps, shin splints which still pain me to this day, and the foul-breathed Sgt Whitehead.

A Year off then On to the Country Club of the Army

As National Guard, I was off for a year, started school at McNeese State University, then entered my Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) the following summer. Fort Sam Houston, I had been told, would be gravy. It was known as the Country Club of the Army, the place where the Brass like to go before retiring.

What they did not tell us about were the constant Parades for those constant retirees. Hours standing at attention and parade rest in the Central Texas summer heat was no country club.

Of course, few could have known either that I would be one of the fortunate ones to pull Sgt Simon for training. As Platoon Sargents go, Simon was tough. This was AIT, it was supposed to be quite easy. Simon should have been working a Boot Camp, but here he was, driving us.

From day one, we ran no less than 5 miles a day. Often, we ran upwards of 10 to 15 miles each morning. Sgt Simon believed in running. He had been caught behind enemy lines while in Vietnam and attributed running to his survival. He told me once that he "ran every day, all day, even at night."

He said that he had to simply run, only stopping long enough to catch whatever food he could, rest for short bursts, often in trees, and run again. He never allowed himself to get mired in which way to go or whether to stop. He just ran. And, after two years on the run, he found friendly lines and returned home to his country and his wife.

This translated into his having us run long periods daily. And I was the most out-of-shape one there. So, if you are a Vet, you know what happened. Yep, I was the one you guys were running circles around while Sgt Simon was yelling at me to get myself up and keep moving.

And I want to thank you all. Though you may not have been my platoon, you had someone you did the same for. My Platoon was the best. They never derided me, never rode me. Instead, they encouraged me and through their actions continued to help me never give up. They, Sgt Simon, and my fellow Vets nationwide just like them molded me into the man I am today - and I am humbly proud of who I am.

From AIT to Today

One of the things I learned from Sgt Simon was to never allow anyone to dictate how I live my life. To make the best choices I can and just go with them where they lead. Some will lead away from safety, others towards safety, but ultimately, if I just keep moving, I will eventually get to where I want to be. One of the moves I made shortly after AIT was to leave college.

I was working for Dominos Pizza at the time and jobs were scarce. It took me months to get that one so when they would not work with my college schedule and told me that I had to choose, School or the Job, I chose the job. Quiting school was a mistake, but I do not blame Dominos. That choice was mine.

I have lived like this. And as a result, I have traveled extensively, learned much, and experienced more of the world than most...but there was always one thing lacking.

Until 2011. That was the year I welcomed into the world my first and only child, Mason. With his arrival, I have slowed my pace considerably, but I still do not stop.

Shortly before this, I had begun to experience some of the residual effects of the abuse my fat boy frame took in boot camp. I had gout from the age of 26, but in 2009 developed acute gouty arthritis. This made me start looking at new ways to make a living and I took two steps in that direction.

The first was to complete my degree and the second was to start finding work on the Internet.

Degree and Writing Online

mason and c j oakes
With my firstborn on his first 4th of July.

By the time I got my degree in Criminal Justice, I was already working steadily as a content writer for website owners worldwide. My freelancing business was doing well and I had a dozen published books on Amazon generating a bit of revenue. I also had a couple of websites performing well, so there was no need to seek a career in that field.

I did, however, give it a short go in 2015, working for the Montford Psychiatric Unit in Lubbock, Texas, but what I witnessed there turned me away from Corrections. I have never witnessed more corruption than I did there.

My Writing business was still doing well enough and so I returned to it. I had, however, to avoid possible conflicts of interest, shut down my criminal justice website while at Monford. That too was a mistake, but hey, live and learn.

After another setback in 2018 and again in 2019, I returned to Louisiana with my son. Having surrendered all my former clients in Lubbock to take an Agency job in 2017, upon returning here I again re-established Oakes Writing Website Services to serve clients. Prior to this, the company mainly served to receive my royalties and I occasionally wrote books for select clients.

This is, however, the first time I have ever been in a position to do something I have always wanted to do - give back to those who have meant so much to me through the years: My Brothers (and sisters) in Arms.

Veterans Day Special

This year, in honor of Veterans Day, I am going to personally build websites for any active duty military member, any Vet, or surviving spouse/child of a vet who wants a website. And I am doing it AT BELOW COST.

Usually, we must charge $1200 for a 5 page website, but that includes what I pay my employees. These websites will be built by me personally. As my way of saying thanks to all my brothers and sisters no matter where and under what conditions they served.

From today until Veterans Day at Midnight, I will build these websites for only $200. And there will be no hosting costs for the first year. All that will be needed is some proof of service (a DD214, Military ID).

If you would like to place an order as a gift for a Veteran, feel free to do so. We will get in touch after your order is placed using the contact info you provide. I hope to help many of my fellow soldiers (and yes, even sailors, flyboys, and jarheads) this Veterans Day. Thanks for you all. You will always be in my heart.

To Place your order, simply click the button below. You will be taken to a confirmation page and from there, can complete your order by clicking the button in the lower left of the confirmation. This will take you to a secure PayPal payment portal to complete your order using any major credit card.

I look forward to serving all who served. Thank you, my fellow Vets.

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