Top 6 Free Image and Video Sites

The average small business does not have deep marketing pockets. Many build their own websites in an effort to better manage costs, yet often find that adding images to their pages can consume much of the savings. Well no more of that.

There are numerous places on the Internet where you can obtain either copyright free or limited creative commons images and videos. Some may be used on your website without providing credit to the creators, others require attribution. But all we list in this article are free to use.

What is Attribution?

Creative Commons logo circle around CC
The Creative Commons logo was developed to highlight content which is not copyrighted by rather can be used freely by others. In fact, the content on this website is CC by Attribution so if you want to share this article on your own website, feel free...just link back to us like we now link to the creator of this image like so...Image by CopyrightFreePictures from Pixabay.

Some of the websites that provide free visual content require attribution. What is attribution?

Simply put, it is giving proper credit to the site or the artist. This is more than fair considering their are lending their work for free. Also, attribution provides them with marketing of their own. This includes links back to their site or others. So, while the visual content they provide may be free, they still benefit.

Again, this is fair. So, when you see attribution required, be sure to do so. On most sites, they give simple instructions on how to attribute the content. On others, you need to know how.

For instance, most of what is found on Wikipedia can be added to your site by attribution. And, when you click on the image, you will go to a page which tells you exactly how to attribute the content.

And naturally, if you ever need help with this, feel free to send us a message.

Top 6 Websites for Free Image and Video Content

There are so many websites today that provide free image and video that choosing the best is tricky. But, we managed to isolate what we feel are the best. In fact, we kick this list off with our personal favorite.

  1. Pixabay - Boasting over 1 Million images and videos, Pixabay really delivers. We admit we have never counted them, but we nearly always find something we love. There is no requirement to attribute, but it is encouraged. Also, if you choose you can donate to the artist. They all appreciate a buck or two. More important, be a sport and share the love by uploading some of your own photos to Pixabay.
  2. StockFootagefroFree - Another which is completely free. Although they do not brag about how many images and video is on the site, it is a bunch. You must be a member to download, but that too is free. Also, be on the lookout because some, though not all, content must have attribution.
  3. Pexels - Another which provides completely free-to-use photos and videos. You must be a member and be careful to watch for attribution requirements. These are located at the bottom of each photo. If it reads, "Free to use" you are good to go. Otherwise, look for the information needed to attribute the artist.
  4. The Free Information Society - If you are looking for the more unusual images and videos, the Free Information Society offers one of the most ecclectic collections on the web. These are all public domain items, some dating a hundred years back. One downside to using this website is that there are no thumbnails - all links to images are written making searching for just the right image a bit of a task. Still, the content is enormous and often worth the effort. Plus, you will even find unusual audio files like famous speeches.
  5. Internet Archive - Not necessarily free and way difficult to pour through, the Internet Archive is just archive of the Internet since it's modern inception. Some of the content is public domain, some copyrighted, so be careful.
  6. Creative Commons - Although not exactly a site designed for providing free images, Creative Commons is the original Internet Sharing service. Developed to encourage free-to-share information, most of the content must have attribution. Also, unless you have a strictly commercial website, it would be in your interests to make your own site Creative Commons. In any case, to locate photos for use, simply click the link at the top center which reads, "Search for CC Images."

Top 6 Free Image and Video Sites

We hope you find these 6 free image and video sites useful in building your website. At Oakes Writing Website Services, we understand the difficulties facing small business owners like yourself. That is why all of our services are priced at the lowest possible rates. In fact, we charge far less and provide far more than any of our competitors. How?

You may have heard it said more than a decade ago that the Internet is the great equalizer; that the Internet can level the playing field between small business and big. Yet, it seems this has not entirely happened. Why?

Because frankly, the law of supply and demand combined with the power of the large ad agencies have kept rates high. Sure, a decade ago, building a website was both time-consuming and costly. If one did not have a coder, building a website was difficult. That has changed considerably.

In the last decade, not only has it become far simpler to build quality website like the one you are now visiting, but many other services have arisen to lower costs.

oakes writing logoFor instance, the 6 free image and video sites you just read about. These were around 10 years ago, but they were bare-bones compared to now. Also, the cost of email marketing, the time needed to build newsletters, and the ability to market via social media has realigned the realities of the online world.

Add to this, Google Ads allows small businesses to grow as they can afford with PPC Ads. And Google Analytics helps small business owners understand how to best use their marketing dollars more efficiently. These two services alone drive ROI to all-time lower levels.

The Mission of Oakes Writing Website Services has always been to help small businesses. We have had many so-called experts tell us we should work with larger firms, but we prefer to help smaller companies because we believe them to be the backbone of America.

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