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We believe in education. The purpose of this digital marketing library is to teach small business owners to...

  • build and grow their own websites
  • create their own content
  • operate social media
  • run Google Ads and Analytics
  • learn about the latest in digital marketing
  • develop digital marketing strategies
  • learn how to evaluate marketing performed on their behalf
  • create video marketing
  • locate quality low-cost images for their sites and business
  • and so much more

Do it yourself or get in touch with us. Either way, we are here for you.

Recent Posts

two central air conditioning units

108 Blog Post Ideas for Home HVAC Installation and Repair Websites

By cjoakes | Dec 23, 2019

These 108 blog post ideas for Heating and Air Conditioning companies are real questions readers are asking right now. How can you use this list to grow your website?

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Complex plumbing piping

156 Blog Post Ideas for Plumbers

By cjoakes | Dec 23, 2019

Plumbers looking for blogging ideas will find that these 156 blog post ideas will provide plenty for 2020. Each question is being asked by people now and will give plenty to write about.

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brick wall being added by home

215 Blog Post Ideas for General Contractors and Remodelers

By cjoakes | Dec 23, 2019

Remodeling and general contractors in need of ideas for blog posts start here. This list provides the most common questions people ask about home improvement.

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customer rewards flowing through a smart phone

Are You a Retailer Looking for a Simple, Effective Customer Loyalty Rewards Program?

By cjoakes | Dec 20, 2019

Retailers like convenience stores, gift shops and clothing goods, hair and nail salons, even restaurants can increase sales with customer loyalty rewards.

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magnet drawing people bullhorn sounding at them in opposite

What is Attraction Marketing?

By cjoakes | Dec 20, 2019

Attraction marketing, also called inbound or content marketing is opposed to outbound or traditional marketing in that it attracts gently rather than yell at consumers to come. Attraction marketing is core to online marketing with useful content readers seek.

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open law book and blank legal pad with pen

Blog Post Ideas for Criminal Law Firm Websites

By cjoakes | Dec 18, 2019

Running out of ideas for blogs for your criminal law website? Fear not. Not only are we great at writing, but we also know what people are asking on the web.

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General Practitioner at desk

Blog Post Suggestions for General Medical Practices

By cjoakes | Dec 18, 2019

Most General Pratitioners, Primary Care Providers, or Internists do not have time to both write for their website AND find ideas for blogs. Here are a few post ideas to help.

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Lawyers standing amid legal symbols

Can Automated Appointment Reminders Help Law Firms and Medical Offices?

By cjoakes | Dec 17, 2019

How can automated text appointment reminders via SMS help Law Firms and Medical Practices? With automated text messenging, clients are reminded of appointments.

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hair and nail salon empty seat

Can Automated Appointment Setting Help Hair and Nail Salons?

By cjoakes | Dec 16, 2019

SMS text messaging services are popular marketing tools. Hair and nail salons especially beneft from using them to remind customers of appointments.

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Since 2009, Oakes Writing has been helping small business owners with their content marketing online. During that time we have helped thousands grow their digital footprint and their business. Some we have helped include:

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Instead of a general library, we add industry-specific articles based on what we have learned over the years. Just as no two industries are exactly alike, their approach to online marketing often requires small yet important differences. Many digital marketing companies today fail to take this into account when creating plans for these clients.

By providing industry-specific articles, small business owners get personalized information that suits the needs of their company directly.

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