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We believe in education. That is the purpose of these pages...to teach our readers how to grow their own websites and conduct their own content marketing if that is their wish.

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Attn Service Biz Owners: Use Amazon to Expand Your Company!

By cjoakes | Nov 19, 2019

Did you know that you can now list your home and personal care services with Amazon to expand your reach? Doing so is simple and just takes a few minutes.

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Amazon, Walmart, and Andrew Carnegie

Websites are to Information as Steel to Industry

By cjoakes | Nov 16, 2019

Our Mission is the same as three before us, to drive down prices in our industry to the lowest possible. Andrew Carnegie, Sam Walton, and Jeff Bezos all worked hard to drive down prices.

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Does Your Website have a Name with Google?

By cjoakes | Nov 12, 2019

Does Your Website Have a Good Name with Google? What is a name? An ancient proverb found in the Bible book of Ecclesiastes (7:1) states that “a good name is better than fine perfume.” An alternate translation of that goes this way, “A good reputation is more valuable than costly perfume.” Now, I am not here to get all […]

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Why Blog?

By cjoakes | Nov 10, 2019

Why Blog? Much has been said of blogging in recent years. Most website owners know they need a blog, but why? What is the point? What is the purpose of having a blog? In short, Why Blog? A Brief History of the Blog The initial purpose of the blog was to provide a tool to inform […]

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Veterans Day Special

By cjoakes | Nov 8, 2019

Great Website Deal for My Brothers in Arms this Veterans Day Happy Veterans Day. For those who do not know, my name is C J Oakes and I am both the founder of Oakes Writing Website Services and a Veteran myself. I do not mention this to brag, but merely to share what I believe […]

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Is There Dead Content on Your Website?

By cjoakes | Nov 8, 2019

Is There Dead Content on Your Website? By C J Oakes When evaluating websites, one of the most pressing issues we have come across at Oakes Writing Website Services is dead content. What is dead content? How does dead content impact your website? More to the point, what can be done about dead content? What is […]

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Black Friday Savings: Daily Marketing Report Nov 4, 2019

By cjoakes | Nov 4, 2019

Big Black Friday Savings ’til Nov 29th Save! Black Friday is About Great Sales – We Have a Great Sale You Need a Website or other online marketing services for Your Small Business but this time of year money is tight. We Understand. We would like to thank our current and future clients for a […]

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Social Media for Home Improvement Companies

By cjoakes | Oct 31, 2019

Daily Marketing Report Oct 30, 2019 Social Media for Home Improvement Companies Social Media is a great place to market local businesses, but especially so for home improvement and remodeling companies. As we enter the winter months when remodeling projects become more common, many of our clients want to know the best practices to follow […]

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Video Marketing for Law Firms

By cjoakes | Oct 30, 2019

Video Marketing for Law Firms Video is rapidly taking over as a marketing tool of choice for many businesses. This is because video is rapidly becoming the content of choice for most online consumers. It goes without saying then that if a law firm wants to be seen online, video should be part of their […]

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