Teach Someone to Fish

We believe in education. The purpose of this digital marketing library is to teach small business owners to...

  • build and grow their own websites
  • create their own content
  • operate social media
  • run Google Ads and Analytics
  • learn about the latest in digital marketing
  • develop digital marketing strategies
  • learn how to evaluate marketing performed on their behalf
  • create video marketing
  • locate quality low-cost images for their sites and business
  • and so much more

Do it yourself or get in touch with us. Either way, we are here for you.

Recent Posts

FB Biz Page Special

By cjoakes | May 18, 2020

FB Biz Page Special Most small businesses already know that having a Facebook Business Page can help them grow. But Facebook does not make building one all that easy. For many small business owners, doing so is a daunting task. To make it easier during these tough times, we are offering a special rate. Facebook […]

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SEO tag cloud with magnifying glass and eyeball

SEO is Costly. There IS a Better Way.

By cjoakes | May 14, 2020

SEO today is expensive, but there is a better way. Instead of working on the technical features of a website, trying to trick Google, why not focus on local optimization strategies?

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Four computers against a backdrop of blue

Need a Website in SWLA? Here are 5 Easy DIY Steps.

By cjoakes | May 10, 2020

If you need a website, building it is easy if you follow these five simple steps. Today, websites are simple to create; though content may be daunting.

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Image of magnified coronavirus cell

Coronavirus: Reshaping Small Business

By cjoakes | Apr 4, 2020

Coronavirus: Reshaping Small Business Less than 30 days ago, none of us expected how the novel coronavirus would change our lives. We did not expect runs on stores for toilet paper nor did we expect we would willingly self-isolate. Sure, we knew COVID-19 was serious; we knew it was deadly and highly contagious. But as […]

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store hours are altered by coronavirus

How Does Coronavirus Impact Small Business Marketing?

By cjoakes | Mar 16, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is reshaping everything and small businesses are not immune. How will this impact marketing their company? What can a small business owner do to stay competitive?

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Know Thyself…Know Thy Marketing

By cjoakes | Feb 29, 2020

Your marketing plan should include a SWOT analysis. If it does not, your marketing dollars are being wasted. Many agencies today forget this basic element, but we do not.

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Four computers against a backdrop of blue

Need a New Website? Great News.

By cjoakes | Feb 20, 2020

Since the start of the modern internet, the website has been central to growing a small business. Early websites were costly and bland. With the tools we have today, this need not be the case.

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SEO tag cloud with magnifying glass and eyeball

SEO Marketing Services in Lake Charles, Louisiana

By cjoakes | Feb 19, 2020

SEO, search engine optimization continues to be a necessary marketing service for websites. OWS of Lake Charles, La helps site owners get traffic using the right techniques.

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four bananas from left to right in various states of fresh to decay

Why and How to Keep Posts and Pages Fresh

By cjoakes | Feb 9, 2020

Blogs and website pages must be kept fresh. What does this mean and how is it done? Search algorithms watch for changes on a website. Older, stale pages should be refreshed from time to time.

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Since 2009, Oakes Writing has been helping small business owners with their content marketing online. During that time we have helped thousands grow their digital footprint and their business. Some we have helped include:

  • Lawyers/Law Firms
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Medical Providers
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Banking/Finance
  • General Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Online Schools


  • Electrical
  • Automotive/Body
  • Painting
  • Decks
  • Driveway Resurfacing
  • Roofing/Siding
  • Doors and Windows
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC
  • General Construction/Remodeling

Instead of a general library, we add industry-specific articles based on what we have learned over the years. Just as no two industries are exactly alike, their approach to online marketing often requires small yet important differences. Many digital marketing companies today fail to take this into account when creating plans for these clients.

By providing industry-specific articles, small business owners get personalized information that suits the needs of their company directly.

We strongly encourage you to bookmark this page and return often. Also, sign up for our free weekly Blog updates so you never miss out on important content marketing information for your company.