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We believe in education. That is the purpose of these pages...to teach our readers how to grow their own websites and conduct their own content marketing if that is their wish.

150 Point Website Evaluation Worksheet

By cjoakes | Oct 19, 2019

150 Point Website Evaluation Worksheet Many small businesses with websites today have either given up on their websites, leaving them to fairly float around in hyperspace or have shut them down entirely. This is becoming common for several reasons: the growing complexities of online marketing the failures of so-called experts in “digital” marketing overcharging by […]

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Top 6 Free Image and Video Sites

By cjoakes | Oct 18, 2019

Top 6 Free Image and Video Sites The average small business does not have deep marketing pockets. Many build their own websites in an effort to better manage costs, yet often find that adding images to their pages can consume much of the savings. Well no more of that. There are numerous places on the […]

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Links: Who Loves a Know-it-All?

By cjoakes | Oct 6, 2019

Links: Who Loves a Know-it-All? Links. Everyone knows they need them on their website, especially links leading TO the site, but what about links from one page to another ON SITE? More importantly, what about links leading TO OTHER WEBSITES? We bring this up because the truth is, all three are important. Not so much […]

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What is A/B Testing and Why is it Important?

By cjoakes | Oct 4, 2019

What is A/B Testing and Why is it Important? A/B Testing is a process which is used to test ads. Simply put, two ads are created, an “A” version and a “B” version. Then, after the ads have run for a set period of time, the statistics are reviewed. The ad which is performing best […]

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Why Have a Website that Does Not Produce Results?

By cjoakes | Sep 28, 2019

Why have a website that does not produce results? Oakes Writing Website Services is making a special offer to businesses in the Lake Charles, LA area. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

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12 Common Website Sicknesses

By cjoakes | Sep 24, 2019

12 Most Common Website Sicknesses At Oakes Writing, we treat websites like we treat our yard. We take pride in our yard because it is well-landscaped and appealing to the eye. It is like this because we rely on a professional landscaper to maintain and care for each plant. We believe a website should be […]

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SEO is DEAD…How?

By cjoakes | Sep 15, 2019

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is Dead. Of course, as a concept for Marketing Sales, SEO is very much alive. Why?

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How to Create a Blog Post that Gets Results

By cjoakes | Sep 8, 2019

A blog is a way to answer questions about your business. It is a tool to draw people into your website and help them get to know you and your industry.

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