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Daily Marketing Report Oct 30, 2019

Social Media for Home Improvement Companies

Social Media is a great place to market local businesses, but especially so for home improvement and remodeling companies. As we enter the winter months when remodeling projects become more common, many of our clients want to know the best practices to follow when using social media to market their trade.

The Power in Social Media and Remodeling

Most business owners today know that there is power in Social Media to help them grow. For home improvement and remodeling companies, the marketing power is especially strong. Why?

Because a big part of social media marketing involves images and video. People like seeing more than they like reading. Sure, people read cute posts and add their own commentary on a variety of topics - and a big part of social media for business involves answering common questions.

But for remodelers and those who work in all sorts of home improvement, social media can be an online marketing gold mine. This is because it can merge the two concepts - answering questions AND showing images or video.

Think back to the rise in home improvement TV shows in the last couple of decades. Most will even recall the super popular sitcom, Home Improvement staring Tim Allen. People love watching homes be rennovated, repainted, and remodeled. And people love seeing every phase of a project from the intial tearing out of walls to the final product.

The simple fact is that home owners love watching these shows and seeing photos to get ideas...some for DIY projects, others for outsourcing to a contractor. And even those who do not own a home love watching because they too hope to one day own a home they can improve.

For good reason, if a remodeling company is not taking advantage of the power of marketing on social media, they are giving up their power in the local market.

The Best Social Media for Home Improvement Promotions

Of course, not all social media is the same. Some social platforms are better than others for home improvement marketing. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube...any image or video driven social platform is perfect for marketing home improvement online.

However, when using these, be sure to know the rules and the social norms of the platform. Not all are the same, but all can be used to promote your home improvement business.

Recently, the popular catalog sales company Wayfair found a unique way to use Instagram to market their products. They add images of lovely home settings to their wall. Then they carefully place tagged description boxes near various items they have in their catalog along with the prices. People can click the image and be taken right to the page where these items may be purchased. The result was a huge spike in sales.

But, just placing photos with prices on a social media wall or whatever is not enough. Knowing the best practices is vital to success because each social media platform has a different set of social rules.

Four Things to Remember when Marketing Remodeling Projects

Tagged images may work on Instagram, but will not work on Facebook. Just adding images to a wall may work on Facebook, but links behind the images are important with Pinterest. The point is, before ebarking on a social media marketing plan, learn about the media itself and how best to use it. That said, there are four things which are common to all platforms. Home improvement and remodeling companies will want to pay heed to these four best practices:

  • Get release forms - Using images from a current or just completed job is great. Just be sure to get a release form from the customer. Privacy today is a big deal. So make sure you have it in writing somewhere that using the photos of your job in social media will be ok. Getting this can be as simple as adding a single disclaimer line to your customer agreement or offering a small discount for allowing the images to be used. And remember, it is not necessary to disclose the location of the remodel, though if you can get the home owner involved in sharing with their friends, all the better.
  • Do not overdo it - Be careful not to overwhelm your friends and followers with too many posts and images. It is better to add multiple images in a single post rather than multiple posts with just one or two images. This lets people see the entire project at a single glance and the folks who take the time to view all the images are those most inclined to use your service. Take note of those who like or love many of the images in a single post. These are potential customers.
  • Link it to your website - Do not forget to include a link to your website somewhere in or on the post. You can even put your domain name on the images.
  • Have great landing pages - And pay attention to your website. The last thing you want to do is send people from your social media post, which shows the amazing remodeling job, to a website that looks like it needs to be remodeled. Properly built Landing pages are a great way to showcase your craft and boost your sales.

Let Oakes Website Services Remodel Your Online Marketing

Whether you determine you need help with your entire website or just certain pages to make them proper for showcasing your remodeling skills, Oakes Website Services can help. If you have need of social marketing assistance, be that managing the entire account, a portion, or teaching you how, let us know.

For nearly a decade, Oakes Website Services has been helping website owners and small businesses like remodeling and rennovation companies remodel their online marketing. If your website needs a little Home Page improvement or anything else, we are here for you.

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