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Why Social Media?

Why be on social media?

You likely have a number of voices telling you that you should use this social media platform or that one because it will help you get more customers and help your website's SEO. You have also heard major business magazines and news outlets tell you that unless you are on social media, you are losing out. Fine. Good. Everyone says you should have social media. It MUST be true.

Yes and No.

Yes, because when used right, social media can do all of the wonderful things you have heard about.

No, because used poorly, social media can damage your company.

In other words, if you are going to use social media in your business, be sure you are using it right. Anything else is counter-productive.


Think of social media like going to a party or some official public function. There will be many people present, some who know you, some who do not. Some will be open to talking business, others will not. Some will be pleasant, others will not. And you will likely even run into some competitors there.

How you comport yourself at this function will reflect on your company. Social media is the same.



For nearly a decade, Oakes Writing Website Services has been working in social media. Remember MySpace? Yes, they are still around, but as you likely know, Facebook has surpassed them as the top social media company.

In fact, there are hundreds of social media platforms and knowing which to use in your business can be confusing. We can help.

Whether you simply want our advice on which social platforms would be right for your company or would like us to help with or take over your social media entirely, we are here for you.


Why should anyone follow your Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube channel, or any other social media you operate? Really...Why? 

In other words, what did you bring to the party? Who are you and why should I care? Are you just here to sell me something? To push your business card into my face? Are you THAT guy?

The simple fact is that with social media, we need to be social. More often than not, business owners and even some marketers add the social media buttons to their website then do nothing. Or, they add a statement somewhere on the page to "follow us on" their social sites. They may even use their social media to post ads, discounts, information about their company, invitations to buy, photos of their products. Some even use the video features including live video to promote their products.

This is good, but not good.

If everything posted is about the company and what it offers, people will get turned off. Sometimes, we need to post information about other companies, events, or even our dog.

See, people buy from people, not companies. Which brings us to the next element to making social media work.


One of the key elements to a successful social media campaign is being social.

At Oakes Writing, we make sure that we are engaging with your followers to give them answers to their questions and thank them for their loyal sharing efforts.

Who Are You Talking to?

The single most important part of social media is being social. Talk to your followers. If they like something, like their like. If they leave a comment, respond quickly. If they share a post, thank them for it. If they leave a recommendation, thank them.

Start conversations and get to know your customers on social media the same as if they came into your shop or you met them at a friend's birthday party. Be Social.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake many companies make when connecting their social media to their company. If you come off as cool or indifferent on social media, people will think that of the company and sales will suffer.

How Many Social Media Accounts Should Your Company Have?

With so many social media platforms on the Internet, some businesses have made the mistake of trying to be on as many as possible. Why is this a mistake?

How many parties can you attend at once? How many in a day? A week?

Because social media is like attending a party or function, if we try to be in all of them or even several, we are simply unable to do any of them justice...unless, of course, we have deep pockets and can hire a large staff to manage it all.

The best rule for a small business is to have one to three social media accounts. One is primary, where most time is spent, and two are secondary. In other words, one will be managed daily, 24/7 while the others are perhaps every couple of days.

In fact, another mistake many make is just that: They do not spend enough time on any one social media. It is just something they do to get their name out and perhaps push promotions through. But as already stated, unless we are active with the account, talking to folks regularly, answering questions, and engaging our audience, our business will suffer.

Thus, despite the number of social media accounts your company has, make sure you are managing them right or not at all.


Because each social media platform attracts different users, Oakes Website Services makes sure that your company market aligns with the platform or platforms used.

For instance, Facebook is largely trending towards a slightly older crowd, men and women between the ages of 30 and 60.

MySpace is used mostly by people interested in music, YouTube trends heaviest among a younger crowd, LinkedIn is geared to professionals of all ages, and Pinterest mostly appeals to women.

Add to these Reddit, Digg, tumblr, WhatsApp, Instagram, QQ, WeChat, and scores of others, keeping up with both which are useful to certain clients and how to best use each can be a challenge.

This is the reason many clients come to Oakes Writing Website Services - We Know Social Media.

Who is Your Audience?

Another problem many businesses make when setting up their social media accounts is not knowing their audience. In marketing terms, this is known as your target market. In the modern Inbound Content Marketing model it is called a Buyer Persona.

If you are asked, "Who do you sell to?" and your answer is "everyone," you do not know your audience.

The simple fact is that most people who buy from you share certain things in common. They may be mostly men. Perhaps with kids in Middle School. Making between $50k and $75K per year working some form of manual craft or labor. Or, they could be housewives who have a job outside the home to help support their family of five.

The point is, you DO sell to a certain subset of the total market. To know which social media will work best for you and how best to use that particular media, you must know who your key buyers are. Without this information, you social media use will be haphazard and ineffective at best. At the worst, it will harm rather than help your company.


On Facebook, there are two ways to start and grow communities. The first is with a Business Page and the second is with Groups.

Growing your own community requires being active in other communities and in the larger community.

At Oakes Writing, we focus on interacting with your customers, your community. We engage your audience as YOU.

Grow Your Community

Once you know WHO your market is, you can start to grow your community. What is a community and why do you need to grow it?

A community is a group of people with something in common which binds them as a group. We generally think of a community as the people in a certain neighborhood but really, a community can be any group of like-minded folks.

The Bowling League is a community. The PTA is a community. Our Hunting Club is a community. And on social media, there are hundreds of communities. People who follow and friend other people out of common interests.

Tp grow your social media and make it an effective part of your company marketing, you must become part of a community or communities. You may even start your own community, which is even better.

Ready to Supercharge Your Social Media?

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