Website Development

The flagship of any Inbound Content Marketing plan is the website.

The website is the foundation upon which attraction marketing is built. It is central to all chosen strategies and applied tactics.

A good, modern website includes:

  • Local Optimization
  • A Streamlined Appearance
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Clear CTAs on EVERY Page
  • Simple, Clear Navigation
  • Quality Content
  • Plenty of Original Images/Alt Text
  • Clean Coding
  • Interconnective Links
  • Up-to-Date Encrpyption
  • Credibility Elements
  • Easy Contact Info
  • Proper Maintenance

Building the Perfect Website

A website is a careful combination of science and art. 

On the Science Side, We make sure Every Website We Build adheres to Google Standards. This way, the search crawlers find and recommend it.

On the Art Side, We build Each Website to Appeal to YOUR Market.


It is YOUR Website

This may sound like an odd statement to make, so allow us to explain.

Most marketing agencies "Host" your website on their own servers. In reality, their "server" is thousands of miles away owned by someone else.

Most do this so that they have complete control over their clients, to give them leverage.

Our Recommendation is that if you want the most for your marketing dollars, cut out the middle-man and use YOUR OWN Hosting company.

Here are 3 Great Reasons Why:

  1. If your marketing agency fails to deliver results, you can simply hire another without having to transfer your domain. This prevents the temporary loss of traffic that follows a transfer from one name server address to another.
  2. Hosting Plans are marked up so, you are paying more for something you COULD obtain at often a MUCH lower rate. The savings enjoyed may then be put to proper use in your marketing campaign.
  3. More control at a lower cost. It is the difference between renting your office and owning your office. Your own hosting just makes good business sense.

Oakes Website Services has Hosting Plans, but as mentioned, we recommend you obtain your own.

We use 1&1 Ionos for a couple of great reasons, but you are free to use whomever you like. We will be happy to provide a list of excellent options on request.

1&1 Ionos is one of the Top-Rated in the world because of the cost-value they provide. Customers are NOT required to sign a long-term contract NOR pay for more than a single month at a time.

And both WordPress and Encryption Software are included in the cost along with unlimited company emails and more.

To check out 1&1 Ionos, click here.


The websites we build are designed using WordPress.

The reasons we use this platform include:

  • Simple, Clean Designs
  • Integrated Blog
  • Easy-to-Teach Clients to Use should they wish
  • Every Possible Feature Needed may be Added without Custom Coding

These Final two items are most important.

Our Mission is to reduce YOUR Online Marketing Costs by 75-90% in 3 years.

This can be accomplished by training your people in-house to do many of the simple tasks which do not require an extensive marketing background.

Think of it like teaching folks how to empty their own trash and wipe down their desks so that the company can have lower housekeeping costs from the service outsourced to perform the deeper cleaning.


At Oakes Website Services, we strongly encourage our clients to let us teach them and their employees. 

The added training not only helps lower your marketing costs over time, but also gets your staff directly involved in marketing.

This leads to more social media interaction with the company by employees and a wider reach therein. 

This further leads to greater brand loyalty and a stronger company which further improves your ROI (Return-on-Investment).

Site Maintenance

Every Website needs Maintenance.

If a website has custom coding, the coding of the site can become corrupted over time because of incompatibilities.

Old coding creates vunerabilities hackers can take advantage of.

Finally, links can become broken, resulting in lost traffic and reduced SEO standing with search crawlers.

Even WordPress websites must be kept up-to-date.


Oakes Website Services offers two Mainenance Packages based on frequency of changes to the website.

These protect your website from downtime, loss of data, and brute force attacks.

Plenty of Perks

Because a website is the central element of your online marketing, more is needed.

Each website should also have:

  • A Way to Grow an Email List
  • Email/Newsletter Auto-Responders
  • Dedicated Landing Pages
  • A Regularly Growing Blog Library
  • Proper Cross Linking
  • An External Link-building Process
  • Social Media Buttons

Oakes Writing Website Services provides whatever is needed to keep your website generating new business for your company.

We offer standard packages and are happy to develop custom marketing packages to help your website continue growing.


Give someone a fish and feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish and feed them for a lifetime.

The importance of training cannot be understated.

Whether learning WordPress or how to best market the company online, the more you know, the more you grow.

Included in every website package is some time allocated to teaching how to use the website and manage it yourself. We can perform this training one-on-one or in your office for the entire staff.


You Will Learn How to:

  • access your account
  • add new users
  • add Posts and Pages
  • add images
  • create Alt Text
  • Create and Modify Menus
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Which Website Package Would Best Serve You?


Simple Website

3 Pages, Local Optimization, A simple website for simple enterprises


Professional Website

5 Pages, SEO, Local Optimization, Perfect for Small Firms


eCommerce Site

5 Pages, setup and structure, domain registration, SSL


Basic Maintenance

Monthly Software and Security Updates


Enhanced Maint

Basic + SSL, SEO, CTA Updates, Hosting, 1 Analytics report/month


Site Hosting Only

3 Emails, Unlimited storage

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 11.44.54 AM

Seedling Site Package

5 Pages, Email, Blog, Analytics Setup, SEO, Local Opt.

Content marketing tree

Fruitful Site Package

Seedling + 8 Total Pages, 3 Email Setups, 2 Blog Posts, Bi-Annual Analytics Reports


Harvester Site Pkg

Fruitful + 13 Pages Total, 5 Email Setups, Quarterly Analytics, 2 Articles or addl pages

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