Formerly Adwords, Google Ads have been around for quite some time. We started working with the platform in 2012 and in that time have seen some amazing changes. 

Yet, regardless of the changes, we have found that there are Four Simple Steps which can make every Google Ads Campaign a success.

These are:



Google provides numerous tools both to help setup a successful Ads campaign and measure results over time.

Used properly, these tools allow us to provide the lowest possible cost-per-click, whether those clicks lead to your website or your company phone. 

We start by using the Keyword Planner, which permits us to isolate the right keywords so that you only reach people who are already searching for what you provide.


Reducing ROI

Rather than simple set and forget as many agencies do, we continually update the keywords list with the lowest-cost keywords possible.

Google Ads is a "bidding' platform. What this means is that when you bid on a keyword, even if you are the only bidder, the following month your bids count towards the comprehensive bid. This means that if you continue to use the same keywords each month, the rates continue to increase - EVEN IF YOURS ARE THE ONLY BIDS.

To prevent this, we rotate the keywords we bid on so. It is like rotating crops to keep the soil fresh. Doing this provides our clients with the lowest possible Return-on-Investment (ROI).


Your Website

Even if using Click-to-Call ads, we ensure that your website matches what is shown on the ad. Shoppers today often check out the website before calling, so if there is a disconnect between what they read in the ad and what the see on the link shown, the campaign will fail.

If the campaign is designed to go to your website, this is even more important. The landing page which leads from the ad to your website must be perfect. It must align with the ad, the keywords chosen for the ad, and the goal of the campaign. 

Also, the landing page MUST have a strong, clear Call-to-Action (CTA). Without this, the clicks to the site are wasted, resulting in low to no conversions...that is, no new customers.


The Ads

When creating the Ads, there are a few musts. These are:

  • At least two Ad Groups
  • Multiple Ads for A/B Testing
  • Each Ad MUST match the keywords
  • Each Ad MUST match the Landing Page copy
  • Each Ad MUST match the Display Path

If any of these elements are not properly managed, the campaign will either fail or cost far more than it should. At Oakes Website Services, we believe that it is our job to make sure your marketing is as efficient as possible. We take our responsibility to provide you with outstanding ROI seriously.


We also integrate Google Analytics with your Google Ads so that each month we can have an informed conversation about what is working and what is not. Running a Google Ads campaign is part science, part art.

Unlike some agencies, we will not tell you "Everything is great" and leave it at that. Our goal is to achieve the lowest ROI possible in the long-term and the best way to do that is to experiment a bit. This means that some ads will underperform while others perform very well. 

Also, the more informed and involved you can be, the better. We are happy to teach you exactly what we are doing and if one day you want to take the reigns, we will champion that decision. We believe in teaching one to fish. 

At Oakes Website Services, We Bring Google Ads to Life.

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