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Oakes Writing Website Services was built on providing the finest written content for the web possible. We crafte articles and blogs for clients using only proven SEO/SEM techniques.

Today, we offer far more than simply blogs and articles including...

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What IS Content?

Content is information.

As it relates to websites and digital marketing, content is information in any form which provides searchers with what they seek, be it written, visual or audio.

Yet, behind every piece of content are WORDS. Words DRIVE search results.

The process of getting search results using words is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Content Marketing.

If a website does not contain enough of the words people are using to search for what is offered, the website will not get found.

Words drive every action on the Internet from simply having fun to trying to find a product or service we need.

At Oakes Writing, we are Wordsmiths. We use the words that get your website found.

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Another term for content marketing or SEM is attraction marketing.

Attrraction marketing is creating the kind of content that people are actively searching for. Attraction marketing is driven by words...the words we use in search engines.

When we "Google it," we use words to describe what we need. As long as a website contains those words, it will appear in search results pages (SERPs). But where it appears depends on how closely the words on our website match what someone is seeking. 

We then click on the result we find most attractive, the one we believe will more accurately answer our question. 

THAT is attraction marketing and it is always driven by words.

Words Attract

As opposed to traditional marketing, content or attraction marketing draws customers like a magnet to learn what your company provides using the exact words your customers use. 

Attraction marketing gives potential customers the ability to learn about your company WHEN they are actively seeking your services. It provides a relaxed way for them to decide if what your company provides will solve their problem.

Attraction Marketing gives your customers the freedom of choice and if the words they read or the visual content is quality, their impression of your company improves.

Image really IS Everything, especially when marketing online.


Other names for Attraction (word) Marketing include:

  • content marketing
  • inbound marketing
  • Seach Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • digital marketing (with a caveat)

A Warning about "Digital Marketing."

Many advertising agencies today offer "digital marketing." In most cases, this simply refers to the use of old-style marketing techniques in the digital realm. This is NOT the same as attraction marketing, nor does it return the same results.

Four ways to know if an agency is using is an older, less effective form of marketing are:

  1. Branding Campaign = Although branding is important to any company, if the marketing firm consistently refers to everything they are doing as part of the "branding," chances are they are engaging in traditional marketing within the digital realm.
  2. Can't Track Results = All true digital marketing can be tracked. Results can be measured and verified against ROI or ROAS goals. If the firm is not able to track results, they simply do not understand how modern content marketing works. 
  3. Increasing Costs = Both of the above lead to increasing costs over time. Older traditional marketing is a model that relies on a continual barage of messenging with no way to really know what works or how. Modern digital marketing can measure results and drive down costs over time as it relates to the return on investment (ROI) or return on ad spend (ROAS). If a marketing firm keeps asking you to spend more after implementing the marketing plan, it is because they are not getting the results promised...because they are not engaging in true digital marketing (SEM, Content Marketing or Attraction Marketing).
  4. "Digital Marketing" = If a company calls what it offers only "digital marketing," this is a red flag. Most modern marketing firms call what they offer either SEM, Content Marketing or Attraction Marketing. This is because "digital" is vague and refers to anything online, whether it is traditional or modern marketing. 

Remember Networking?

Social Media is the networking of today. Specialized written and visual content engages potential customers in ways that are comfortable to them.

Think of social media like going to a party or social function. Although we may discuss business, it is not the only thing we talk about. We discuss a bit of business then move back to enjoying the event.

That is social media in a nutshell. Used poorly and it will be as avoided as that one guy who passes out business cards to everyone he sees at every fuction, sometimes twice. Used well and it will be a valuable asset to your company and website.

Good social networking begins with good written and visual content...and the written word drives even this form of attraction marketing.

Great copywriting is a vital element in social media because brevity matters. We provide great copywriting.


Why Copywriting?

Copywriting is vital in social media because brevity is a key to getting noticed.

Great copy is brief, to the point...getting a message across in as few words/images as possible.

If you are going to use social media in your business, be sure to include great copy.

Get Found When People Search

Search engines drive modern marketing.

Words are behind every image, video, or audio file, carefully placed on the backend of the media so that the search engines know what is shown or heard.

In answer to the question of getting found on Google, the company says,

"Just provide quality information."

Answer questions, offer solutions to common problems, and help people learn about how you can help. Famed motivational speaker Zig Ziglar often quoted Teddy Roosevelt's words in this respect,

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

People find what they are searching for...through words...without words or even the right words, no website, no matter how pretty, will get found. Words matter when searching. The right words show you care.

Google Search magnifying glass

"Google it" has become one of the most common phrases today because it is the key way many people find the products or services they need.

But for Google to share a website, the website must have the content people are seeking. 

That is what we do at Oakes Writing. We learn what words your customers are using to find your products and services, then we answer their most pressing questions using their language.

Because we are so good at what we do, we can offer a guarantee like no one else.

The Bottom Line is...The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that marketing must get results or it is useless.

Many of our clients come to us because their websites are failing and they have tried everything...well, almost everything.

Once they try us they understand what content marketing is all about. Done right, it is not only more effective than traditional marketing but also costs less.

In fact, done right, the cost over time continues to drop because the Return-on-Investment (ROI) continually grows.

The bottom line is that Content Marketing just makes better sense than any other form of marketing including TV, Radio, Billboards, even Newspapers. This is why most of these traditional forms of advertising today offer some form of digital marketing product. Without it, they would go under.

At Oakes Writing, ALL we do is Content (Search Engine) Marketing because all other forms are a waste of time and money.

If you are ready to see what we can do for YOUR bottom line, get in touch right now by calling 337.660.4774.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Badge

Oakes Writing offers a guarantee like no other. In fact, we offer two warranties on the content we create.

We guarantee all content for satisfaction. You like it or you don't pay. 

And if you want guaranteed results?

We can even provide that. Be sure to ask how.

Look Who Loves Us

“Jeff ghost-wrote a book for me which we use in every sales pitch. I believe it is a key reason we close more sales to our medical clients."

— P.T Education Program Owner

“We use several books C J wrote for us in getting email addresses from our website. We are always very pleased with the results.”

— E.W., Real Estate Website Owner

“CJ wrote an awesome book for us and we liked it so much, we then hired him to create a sales training course we now offer. Thank You CJ.”

— M. E., Motivational Speaker

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