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Words drive all digital content, be it written copy or images, audio or video. Behind every online marketing tool are words to draw search results...and search results mean getting found. Getting found means more customers and a better bottom line.

So, the bottom line for Oakes Writing is to provide the additional services needed for all your digital marketing needs. If you have a marketing plan and know what you need, we can develop per your specifications. If you do not have a marketing plan, we can help create the right one for your business. Even if you want us to work with your existing marketing company, we are happy to do so.

Our core business is producing the written copy needed to fulfil your digital marketing needs. All other products/services are provided as a courtesy on request. In fact, we prefer to partner with other digital marketing firms in SWLA to provide the best written content for local clients. 

Put simply, they provide the nuts and bolts and framework while we provide the words needed to make your marketing efforts a success.

People find websites using the words on the page, but these words must match what is being searched. That is Search Engine Marketing. We make sure that every page is optimized for effective search results.

Everyone knows that a website is the best marketing tool today. We not only develop websites that look nice, but more important, we provide written content that drives traffic, the words that sell.

Connecting social media helps with SEO, but more importantly, great social media generates business for your. We talk to your customers the way you would using carefully crafted written/visual content.

Google Ads can be confusing. Google Analytics as well. As Certified experts, we make your digital marketing successful. Google search is driven by written content. We provide the right written content.

Whether you want me to speak before your group or organization or would like us to train your employees, we are happy to do so. We teach you how to use words to drive all your digital marketing to new heights.

Doctors, lawyers, retailers, salons and more are discovering that a great way to boost sales and encourage appointments is via SMS Text messaging. We can even help with Reputation Management and Customer Loyalty.

Video Production

The Internet is rapidly being taken over by video. If you do not have a video presence on the web, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. We write, direct, and produce. You reap the rewards.

Our Committment to You

Any product or service is only as good as the company which backs it.

At Oakes Writing Website Services, we back every product and service we sell 100%. If you are dissatified for any reason, we will make it right or you do not pay.

This has been a cornerstone of our company from day one. It is a cornerstone laid by our founder, C J Oakes. He lauched OWS in 2009, but well before that he had developed a reputation in Southwest Louisiana for standing behind his products.

Prior to starting this company, Mr. Oakes had been a B2B sales and marketing rep in the Lake Charles, Alexandria, and Lafayette regions. He provided travel products through Rand McNally for years and later snack foods.

In both endeavors, he offered his clients guaranteed sales. If his products were damaged by customer abuse, the client did not cover the loss, he did. His goal then as now is to remove all risk from his clients.

How could he do that then and how can he do it now?


By knowing what his products and services can and cannot do.

When he sold products to stores and truck stops, he knew that his were the best on the market. He knew that the sales would be high enough to cover any losses which happened because someone spilled soda on the maps or a child opened a bag of chips that the parents refused to purchase. He knew this because he only sought the best products to provide to his clients.

Today, rather than purchasing products from others, he oversees the product development personally. The written content he and his team creates is of the highest caliber. His process relies on proven research and writing techniques based on standards set by Google. To ensure written and other content is of the highest standards, he personally writes every piece himself.

By knowing what can and cannot be done in online digital marketing, Oakes Writing Website Services can ensure that all written/visual products are the best available. Because of this, we can also offer the strongest warranties in the industry. Read more about the Oakes Writing Website Services Warranty here.

We hope you will become a client.

Our mission is to help small business better compete against Big Box industries. The major corporations spend billions on content marketing today and are starting to dominate the Internet.

The Internet is the great leveling field...the place where small companies could better compete with the major corporations. Yet, that does not always appear to be the case. Why?

The reasons are many, but perhaps the biggest is confusion. The Internet underwent many big changes since its initial inception in the early 90s. For the most part, the changes have been positive. But they did create a difficult climate for small business owners to navigate.

Today, the Internet is far more complex than when it began. Internet marketing is thus far more complex. And many firms charge high rates because they can.

At Oakes Writing Website Services, we do things a bit different.

We believe in the philosophy of Henry Ford. We try to keep our rates as low as possible. And, we do not seek out the big companies as clients. We prefer to service small businesses in SWLA and beyond.

Both of these practices are core to our business for one simple reason: It is good for our community and good for the nation.

Small business is the backbone of the nation and our economy. By helping small businesses, we strengthen our own community and the national economy far more than we would if we helped a major coporation. Besides, the big companies can afford to waste money on unproven, shot-in-the-dark techniques; small firms cannot. So we are here for you, not them.

For more information, contact us by email at admin@oakeswriting.com, by phone at 337.660.4774, by completing the form below or chat live now using the chat box in the lower right of this page.

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Certifications & Awards

C J Oakes' Google Analytics Certification
Oakes Writing, Best of Lubbock, 2019

Who We Serve


Keeping it Simple

This may sound odd, but we remain small by choice. Mr. Oakes personally produces all written long-content for clients. This means we must limit the clients we accept, yet provide only the best copy everytime. In addition, we can provide personalized, responsive service.


South West Louisiana

From our office in Oberlin, we mainly service clients in Oakdale, Kinder, Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, Moss Bluff, DeQuincy, Vinton, Cameron, Jennings, Crowley, DeRidder, Leesville, Alexandria, Lafayette and more.


B2B Digital Marketing Content

From our start in 2009, we have provided digital marketing content to small professional businesses. Businesses we mainly serve include Professionals like lawyers, insurance agencies and medical practices and Craftspersons like plumbers, general contractors, roofers and similar home services. 

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