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SEO Marketing Services in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Looking for SEO marketing services in Lake Charles, Louisiana or nearby? Since 2009, Oakes Writing Website Services has provided SEO for clients worldwide. We use only Google approved techniques so that your website performs well in search.

What are some of the SEO or search engine marketing techniques we use?

SEO: Search Engine Marketing 101

SEO, or search engine marketing involves making sure that a website and the pages on the website contain the words needed to rank well in search results, called SERPs.

Performing SEO on a website, whether it is owned by a someone in Lake Charles, La or anywhere, requires attention to the words used on each page.

Until a few years ago, websites were search optimized as a one-and-done project. This was usually done on a coding level in combination with use of keywords and keyword densities. The SEO company could take a website of any size, add the needed elements for the site to rank top of Google results pages and that was it. Their job was done.

That all changed starting in 2011 when Google noticed that some SEO companies were using techniques Google viewed as deceptive. To maintain the integrity of their search engine, Google made changes to their search machine, called an algorithm.

These changes were finally complete in 2016 and the former Page Rank system upon which SEO operated was eliminated. This change effectively ended SEO...but not really.

SEO - SEM - What's in a Name?

SEO tag cloud with magnifying glass and eyeball
SEO, search engine optimization, is part of marketing a website. Using search engine marketing (SEM) techniques, we draw traffic to websites for clients in SW Louisiana including Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, Moss Bluff and surrounding communities. To learn how we can help your business, call us at 337-660-4774.

SEM is the more modern term but it has not really caught on with most business owners. SEM means search engine marketing. Instead of relying on backend coding and certain keyword densities to make a website achieve a high Page Rank with resulting top search results, SEM requires more.

Yet more does not translate into more costly.

This is because the modern SEO/SEM techniques rely on doing what Google recommended all along: Providing value to readers.

How is this done?

Today, a website does not achieve 1st page of Google results; if anyone tells you they can do this, run, do not walk away. They are being deceptive.

Instead of ranking an entire website, Google individually grades each page and matches it to terms people are searching. And Google gives better scores to newer, fresher information. It also takes note of how many people share the information, so it needs to be good. No one shares bland, boring cookie-cutter pages.

This means that a company need not use costly coding experts to optimize their website. Instead, they can simply write articles for their readers. And the better they do at answering their readers questions, the more Google refers their articles to searchers.

Also, by answering common questions people ask about your industry, you become viewed as an expert in your field. This generates loyalty and customers from your readers.

In other words, SEO today is something within the reach of any website owner. There is no need for special coding or use of calculated keywords. Just answer questions for your readers (customers) as well and as clearly as you can. That is all you need to do.

SEO Marketing Services in Lake Charles, La

Oakes Writing has from the start relied on doing exactly what Google suggests - answering questions real people ask their search engine. This is also called content marketing, inbound marketing and attraction marketing.

But it is also search engine marketing and relies on the same valid SEO techniques to draw visitors to a website.

In other words, we write articles and blogs that are carefully crafted to match what people are really searching for in SWLA.

For instance, did you know that people are asking Google questions about your business right now?

two central air conditioning units
When looking for writing ideas for your HVAC company, these will help. Just answer the questions using your blog then customers will find your website when searching for answers to their questions. SEO is really that simple. For help, contact Jeff at 337-660-4774.

And, in SWLA, few of your competitors are answering these questions on their websites. But your customers are online asking questions. They are asking Google to show them a website that answers their question. They are looking for your company, but if you do not answer their questions on your website, they will not find it.

Following are some examples drawn from research we conducted in January 2020 for the Lake Charles, Lousiana regional market. If you have one of these businesses, click the link and get plenty of ideas for SEO articles you can write yourself.

If you have one of these businesses and are not answering these questions on your website, hiring an SEO firm is going to be a waste of money. People search for what they want answers to. If you just answer their questions clearly and fully, you will be performing your own SEO as Google describes it.

And naturally, if you need help, we are here for you. We can either write the articles for you, provide you with researched ideas for writing your own, or even teach you or your entire crew.

Just let us know what you need by phoning Jeff at 337-660-4774, sending us an email to or complete the form below and we will get in touch ASAP.

SEO in Lake Charles is not complicated. Do not let anyone tell you it is, nor let them charge you for anything you do not understand. Google changed the rules so that uou can do your own SEO. We hope the lists above help you do just that.

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