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SEO is Costly. There IS a Better Way.

Whether you own a business in Lake Charles or Lake Jackson, Sulphur or Seneca, Oberlin, LA or Oberlin, OH, you already know that SEO is key to getting people to your website. Or is it?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization can result in more traffic to your website, but because of the changes Google has made in recent years, doing it right is getting expensive - so much so that the average business owner has all but given up. Never fear, there IS an alternative.

Why is SEO so Expensive?

SEO is expensive largely because most of it today relies on technical features of the website. See, proper SEO comprises many features of a website including load speed. Load speed plays a big role in the modern Google algorithm, the program that decides whether to recommend a site to searchers.

When Google crawls a website, it is looking for many elements including:

  • How fast does the site load?
  • Is the site mobile-friendly?
  • How well connected to other sites is it?
  • How much traffic is derived from Social Media?
  • How useful is the information provided on the website?
  • How extensive is the information?

But another element that plays a big role is location. This is often ignored in favor of load times, but is the easiest element to master and control today.

Local Optimization...One Key to Avoiding Costly SEO

Local optimization is simply building your website in such a way that it clearly identifies the location of your business. Unless you are marketing to a national or international audience, optimizing your website for local search is the best practice.

The simple fact is that few websites do this. But if you make it abundantly clear where your business is located, Google will do the rest. In fact, doing this will ensure that local searchers find what you offer.

The way Google sees it is this. Why refer someone living in Sulphur, Louisiana to a plumber from Chicago? That does not make sense, right?

So, if you have a law firm in Lake Charles, LA and someone near you is looking for a lawyer, Google sees to it that your business appears high in the results. But it only does so if you have made sure your location is clearly understood on each page of your webiste. How can you do this?

Take a look at the footer of this website. Notice that we clearly show our address in Oberlin, LA but also include surrounding cities we serve. This allows Google to refer people to our site in local search. Because the footer appears across every page of the site, any search of related content by local people stand a better chance of being referred by Google.

Also, be sure to build a Google Business Page if you have not already done so. This will also let Google know where you are located. Finally, be sure to either regularly send a sitemap to Google.

Provide Useful Information - Another Key to Avoiding Costly SEO

Another key to avoiding costly SEO is to write articles for your local audience. Notice how this article, while useful to someone from Germany or Australia is really geared to local audiences. This is because, although we do service clients worldwide, our core market is right here in SWLA. So, in every article, we mention local towns and cities.

This helps the search crawlers index each page according to local search. It also shows the crawlers that our mission is to provide better information for local customers; that our goal is the local market.

Further, it helps local businesses better understand what is needed when building their own websites. The goal of every article we write is to provide useful, detailed information. Our mission is to help small, local businesses better compete online. This requires that we teach, so we teach.

Why Articles Cost Less than SEO

SEO is usually performed today as a technical feature. It is useful, but unless local competition is stiff (which it rarely is), it is overkill.

By way of contrast, doing something as simple as writing a good article, then sharing that article across your social media can do far more for growing your website and your business than SEO.

Of course, some feel inadequate in writing articles for their websites.

That is where we come in. Since 2009, we have been writing for the web. This writing used to encompass on-page SEO, whereby we would carefully consider keywords, keyword combinations and keyword densities.

Today, we simply do what Google says to do. We write good articles than help our readers. We do not add fluff, we do not attempt to trick the search engines and we do not engage in SEO trickery.

Instead, we provide valuable information. And unlike technical SEO, which must be performed constantly to keep the website fresh and getting hits, once an article is written it becomes part of a growing library from which search engines can draw for referral traffic.

In other words, the only cost in an article is the initial creation. After that, it can draw traffic for life. Keep adding articles and the cost of pulling traffic to your website continues to decline, rather than increase.

In fact, this is a big advantage over SEO and traditional marketing, both of which only serve to constantly drive costs up.

Need Articles for Your Local Website?

Hi. My name is Jeff Oakes. After moving back to Louisiana from West Texas last year, I noticed that few of the "digital" marketing companies were engaging in proper online marketing. Rather than apply the proven principles of modern, attraction marketing, most were simply applying a digital approach to traditional marketing.

In the years prior, I had gone to work for a marketing firm and moved all my clients to them, effectively closing shop. I just wanted fewer headaches.

But on returning to SWLA, I decided it was time to again reopen Oakes Writing & Website Services. That was last October and since then, we have enjoyed a steady, comfortable growth curve. In fact, the level of growth has been perfect. Not too slow, not too fast.

I attribute this largely to the marketing approach I took. Sure, I could have grown faster using Google Ads and other "traditional" means, but then I would be facing difficulties related to rapid expansion. So, I took an organic approach, using ONLY search engines...using written content such as this.

That is my approach, though you may be in a better position to grow more quickly. Either way, we can help. My team and I are happy to review your current marketing and make recommendations. We can assist with

We are a full-service attraction marketing firm dedicated to helping small biz owners in SWLA increase ROI by driving down marketing costs and other business expenses.

For immediate service, call 337-660-4774. You may also email us at, complete the form below or request a chat right now. Find us also on Facebook @oakeswritingconsultants.

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