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Patient Appointment Reminder Service for Doctors

Running a medical practice is tough, especially for small doctor's offices and new providers. Aside from seeing patients, there is coding and billing, making sure maintenance and supplies are ordered, payroll and much more. We know because many of our online marketing clients have small medical practices.

That is why when we discovered an amazing appointment reminder service from Lonestar Marketing, we had to get involved. In partnership with the company, we now offer this sms reminder service both to our existing clients and any others interested. The appointment reminder text service is easy-to-implement and use, very cost-effective and a valuable help for doctors.

About the Patient Appointment Reminder Service for Doctors

Appointment Setting info
Getting patients to show up for appointments has never been easier with SMS text automated appointment reminders for doctor's. To learn more, call now 337-660-4774.

People today live on their phones. Because of this, more people open text messages (SMS) than emails.

When a medical office uses reminder text messages, they no longer have to make endless calls to patients. The entire system is automated - just set it and forget it.

How does this text message appointment reminder service for doctors work?

Simple. Once you become a client, we set up a special online calendar for entering appointments. Once the appointment is entered, your patient will receive text reminders of their appointment set to intervals you specify.

Now, we take care of everything other than entering the appointments, naturally. But you tell us what you want each reminder text message to say and when you want them to go to patients. Usually, doctors prefer to send up to three appointment reminder texts:

  • The first text about a week before their appointment
  • The second text message a couple of days prior
  • And the third text reminder an hour or two before they are scheduled to arrive.

But really, we can set your appointment reminder text messages to whatever intervals you like. And, if you decide you want to change the scedule or the messages, just let us know. Too, each SMS reminder can be customized to your preferences.

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders Save Time and Money

Naturally, using an automated text appointment reminder will save time, which means your labor costs go down. Plus, your medical assistants can focus on more important matters.

But an automated SMS appointment reminder service will also save you in terms of patients. Often, if a new patient forgets an appointment they will make an appointment elsewhere out of embarassment. Not only will a gentle reminder help you keep that patient this time, it will help keep them in the long-term.

So, automated appointment reminder text messages will make your office more efficient and help your medical practice grow.

Reputation Management/Online Reviews Service

Stats showing effect of online review management
With Reputation Management, better online reviews are automated and easy-to-get. Given how much weight patients give to online reviews today, it just makes sense to implement a system to improve your standing online. To learn more, call 337-660-4774 today.

In addition to the SMS text reminder service for doctor's, Lonestar Marketing offers a powerful online review service. Known as reputation management, the service also operates using the SMS text message system.

Operated in conjunction with the appointment reminder service, when your patients leave the office they will receive a text asking them about their visit.

From there, they can either add a review using whatever online reviewer you prefer be it Google Business, Yelp, Facebook or any of dozens of online other review sites.

The best part is that the system is designed with a sorting tool. If your patient had a problem, instead of going directly to the review site, they will be given the opportunity to leave you a message.

If they were pleased with their visit, they will be taken directly to the review site.

This simple filtering function results in far more very positive reviews. This results in more business for your medical practice.

Given how many people use online reviews to guide decisions, adding reputation management to your appointment reminder service makes sense.

How much does appointment reminder service and reputation management cost?

Another reason we partnered with Lonestar Marketing to offer these sms text marketing services to our medical practice clients is the very low cost involved.

Of all the similar services we considered, Lonestar offered the best at the lowest price.

In fact, most of the SMS services we looked into were charging more than $1400 a month for just the reputation management. And most neither offered nor integrated the appointment reminder service.

We wanted something that not only offered both, but could keep both in the same platform. We were especially delighted when we found that the rates through Lonestar were also very good.

The best part is that if you have read this far, you are in for a treat.

For starters, both the reputation management and the text message appointment reminder service only cost $99 per month each. And there is a one-time set-up charge for each service of $350.

However, if you have a medical practice and would like to save now, you are in luck.

Through this post only and for a limited time, you can get both services setup for only $300. The regular monthly rate thereafter will be $198.

If you prefer just the appointment reminder service, the charge to set it up is $350 then $99 per month.

Whatever you choose, you will begin saving right away...saving money and saving patients.

I want the special rate for both services.

$300 Setup then $198/month

Appointment Setting ONLY

$350 Setup then $99/month

Reputation Management ONLY

$350 Setup then $99/month

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