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Need a New Website? Great News.

Need a new website?

We have great news for you. In fact, this news is so good, that other marketing firms are already starting to show their anger at us for even telling it.

One large agency-owner contacted me last week. She started out as if she wanted a new website. But shortly into our conversation, she started railing about how much we were doing wrong.

At first, I didn't know she owned an agency. I thought she was a client wanting a new website. But while on the phone, I did some research on her name. She should have used a fake name, because I learned the truth. It seems she REALLY hated our rates and our promise of fast service. Why?

3 Reasons other Marketing Agencies HATE our Website Service?

At Oakes Writing, we are doing something no other marketing agency is doing...driving down costs, especially on website development. Why are we doing this?

In part because we can. But we also hate price-gouging...which is what most advertising firms do today. There are 3 reasons why most agencies hate us:

  1. Website technology - We rely on current technology to drive down building time and cost.
  2. Hosting - Servers and security both cost far less than just a decade ago. We pass on the savings to our customers. Most firms today do not.
  3. WordPress - The number one building platform for a reason: Powerful content marketing, which lowers cost over time.

Consider each of these three reasons and why they help lower your costs for building a new website even when you have us do it for you.

Website technology

Time for a new website? Call Oakes Writing at 337-660-4774
Whether you need a new website or would like us to redevelop an older site, we bring websites to life. Call us at 337-660-4474.

We can build a custom website in a few hours. A few years ago, it took days. A decade ago, weeks. And when the internet first began, it took months to launch a new website.

Oddly, most marketing agencies today continue to use the same model of weeks and months. Is it REALLY taking them so long to build your new website?

Maybe. But not likely. In most cases, the agency "sits" on the website because they have charged so much to build it. The belief is that if they get it out too soon, it looks like they have not earned their money. Truth is, they did not.

Price gouging is common in website building today. Most agencies hide their rates because their goal is to get as much money out of you as they can.

We do things different at Oakes Writing Website Services. We are not ashamed of our prices and state them upfront for all to see.

We can do this because we use technology to speed the building of your new website. This lets us provide far lower rates than anyone else. And, we know that the sooner your website is done, the sooner it can start making you money.

Part of our mission is to help make small, local businesses as strong as they can be. This helps the local economies and helps mom and pop companies better compete against the big-box corporations. So, we keep our rates as low as possible.

Hosting costs

Lower server costs allow us to provide quality websites at a fraction of the cost. And most offer great rates on security certificates for websites.

SSL is vital. Without SSL (security certificate), when someone finds your website in search results, there is a message that it is not secure. Studies show that less than 1% of those finding an unsecure website will proceed.

Our security certificate costs are low and we pass the savings on to our clients because this is a vital part of their online marketing.

We believe that charging a high rate for website security certificates like some agencies do is no different than charging a hundred dollars for a gallon of water after a disaster. It is just wrong.

Likewise with hosting. Hosting costs today need not be hundreds of dollars a month. In fact, our basic hosting plan is only $49 per month, the lowest in the industry.

Why do we charge so little? Because we can. Because it is the right thing to do.


We build websites with a view to content marketing. This allows us to lower costs for our clients over time.

This we do by using the WordPress framework. This framework supports anything a client needs for their website. It is also lets them to take over at some point in the future if they wish.

See, we don't build your new website then hold it hostage as some marketing firms do today. There is no need.

Looking for a new website marketing firm in Lake Charles, La?

Most marketing for small businesses can and should be done in-house. Your employees are the experts. They are the ones who engage with your customers every day. They should have a direct hand in marketing your company.

So, we build with a view to teaching you to fish...with a view to one day turning most or all of your online marketing over to you. And if you need our help, we are but a phone call away.

This is because part of our mission is to drive down your marketing costs by 75% in three years while STILL growing your business!

The internet makes it possible and millions of small businesses have done just that. Why not yours?

Great News: We Never Price Gouge

The point is, we never price gouge. We offer the lowest rates possible on new websites and have done so for the last decade. We grow our customers businesses using the exact SEO and content marketing strategies advised by Google. This lets our customers enjoy lower costs both now and much lower later.

How low?

This is the great news. Our websites are already priced the lowest in SWLA and most of the nation. Plus, we offer an amazing deal for High School athletes and Veterans.

Yet, aside from these we offer the lowest possible rates every day for small businesses of all sorts. Most small businesses do just fine with either a simple, three-page website or a five-page site.

Then, the money you save on the website can be put to other marketing efforts including written and visual content, text-message marketing, and social media. Our goal is to help you make money because we believe that when you make more, we make more.

If you are ready for a new website, order below.

If you have questions, call us at 337-660-4774, email us at or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Simple Website 3 Pages, Local Optimization $800.00
Professional Website 5 Pages (Home, About, Terms, Contact, Services), SEO, Local Optimization $1,200.00
E-Commerce Website 3 Key Pages (Home, About, Terms), SEO, Local Optimization, Shopping Cart and Up to 5 Category Pages Setup with up to 10 Items each. $1,800.00
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