four empty toilet paper rolls

What Matters in Marketing? Everything. Even TP.

A recent trip to a popular office supply store in Lake Charles reminded me of the need to pay attention to literally everything in marketing. Far too often we get caught up in promotions and forget the little things. On this trip, the stall where I stopped had no toilet paper.

Doing my business where I do business

Plastic fig tree in office store restroom
On visiting my favorite office supply store, this tree greeted me in a toilet stall lacking in paper. Plastic leaves are useless, so I managed another way. But it reminded me of the simple fact that everything matters in marketing. Today, reputations can be harmed easily by such a small oversight. If you need a marketing consultant in Lake Charles or nearby, call C J Oakes at 337-660-4774.

The event occurred while I was shopping for some much needed office supplies. Suddenly, I felt the urge to relieve myself in the sit-down way. I rushed to the restroom, dropped trou and got to work. Yet, shortly before finishing the job I suddenly realized the problem.

There was nothing in the double-roll dispenser, nothing on the back of the bowl. And as it was one of those extra-large units for wheelchair access, nothing on the sink.

There was, however a lovely tree (as shown to the right). Now, I am a country boy and I have on many occasions handled business in the woods. Foilage is no stranger to my derierre. Not even poison ivy, which I must say is quite soft but leaves an ugly residue.

Butt this was not a real tree. It was put there to tease me. It had plastic leaves. Certainly not absorbant. And certainly not something I could use.

What was I to do?

I had my cell phone so considered calling the store manager, but just as I was about to I noticed a bit of paper hanging down from the stall beside. Nice. That'll do I thought.

Getting up very carefully so as not to cause any drippage or whatever, I waddled to the wall of the other stall. I grabbed the end of the paper and pulled off a healthy amount, then returned to my post.

Job complete, I washed my hands then thought to take a photo to remind me of my visit.

In fact, I considered sending it in to Google Places with a review. Since I am Level 6 reviewer, such an image would surely obtain enough exposure to catapult me to Level 7, 8 or beyond.

But I did not. Why?

Because I like this office store. They have been good to me. So, I informed management and kept the photo for myself. Then it occurred to me that it would make a good story for you, my client.

Marketing 101, Toilet Paper and Reviews

Yes, I could have easily left a review which may have hurt the business of this company, but did not. The review would have been solid because when I upload images to Google Places, it is geolocated...there is no denying the business.

Need Digital Marketing in Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, Beaumont, or surrounding communities?

This is a feature I learned years ago when I signed up as an official reviewer for Google. Every photo I upload, even if the name of the business is not there, is tagged with the location. This lets me send photos and review places I could be a restaurant, a place of entertainment or any other.

And since my review levels have grown, my reviews are seen by many more people than the average reviewer. As a marketer and business owner myself, this is useful.

But something that is even more useful to business owners marketing their company?

Pay attention to everything in your business. In this age of easy online reviews, you never know who is going to have a bad experience and leave a horrid review.

Of course, there are some simple, cost-effective ways to mitigate bad reviews...even obtain plenty of great reviews.

four empty toilet paper rolls
Even something as simple as toilet paper can affect your marketing if you provide public restrooms. A lack of attention to restrooms is seen as a lack of caring about customers and can harm your business. Oakes Writing Website Services provides personalized marketing consulting work to clients in Lake Charles, LA and surrounding cities. To discuss how we can help, call Jeff at 337-660-4774.

Part of what we do at Oakes Writing Website Services is provide business owners with a proven method of improving their online reputation. It is called Reputation Management. For a low monthly rate, your business can receive plenty of good reviews from your customers while avoiding the bad.

In fact, the process even allows you to get feedback from those who have a bad experience so that you can correct the matter. This lets you change unhappy customers into happy, loyal customers.

In addition, I, C J Oakes am a marketing consultant in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I provide personal assistance to clients throughout SWLA and SETX including Beaumont, Orange, Lafayette, Alexandria, DeRidder and to the gulf coast.

If you would like me to look at your marketing including reputation management, get in touch by calling me direct at 337-660-4774. Or send me an email

But just remember, if I visit your offices, I expect TP...or at the minimum, a real tree.

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