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Blog Writers

A key part of our company is providing outstanding blogs. We are looking for creative bloggers with a basic understanding of SEO who can adapt to our standard of writing.

Web Page Copy

Are you a master at crafting perfect home, about, and other required website pages? If so, then we need to talk. As we grow, we need writers for these pages and more.

Newsletter Writers

Love creating newsletters and email blasts? Oakes Writing offers both and is in need of writers who know how to work in Mailchimp, 

Book Writers

Many of our clients want to be the guy or gal who wrote the book. We are looking for ghost writers for book and ebook assignments. Strictly non-fiction in U.S. English.

White Pages

Writers of white pages are needed. Most of our client work involves longer pages of content so we are in need of those who can deliver according to our standards.

Press Releases

The Press Release is a craft unto itself. Done right and a client will enjoy great results. We are looking for writers who can deliver such results. 


To ensure we provide the highest quality written content to our clients, we are in need of editors. Editors must be native English Speakers with a clear grasp of the Flesch Reading Scale.

Full Length Article Writers

Do you love to write extensive, meaty articles for websites? Then you will love working for Oakes Writing. We strongly promote longer content to our clients and we need writers.

Image Creators

We have need of people who can craft original images, edit/modify existing images, and size them to certain specifications.

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