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Oakes Writing Website Services continues to grow. Our growth demands that we locate the best talent. To find the best, we are constantly accepting resumes; to keep the best, we offer a great working environment (your home), awesome pay, and great benefits for full-time employees.

We even offer plenty of 1099 postions for those more inclined to do their own thing; who want to grow their own company servicing other companies; or for whatever reason you prefer this arrangement.

Please take a moment to review the job positions and roles in Oakes Writing Website Services listed below. We may not be actively seeking someone for any given role at this time, but we will retain your resume should you wish to send it. Because of our rapid growth, we are constantly looking for good people like you.

Some of the career positions we are looking to fill include:


We need creative writers, editors, and image designers. We are actively seeking bloggers and more. Click above to see more about creative jobs with Oakes Writing Website Services.


We have need of technical experts. We work entirely in WordPress, so CSS and PHP are must-haves for these jobs. We avoid customizations, so clean-up experts are needed.

Google Products

We need people with experience using Google products like Ads (formerly Adwords), Analytics, 360, and Console. We also need skilled managers to help oversee these job operations.


As we continue to expand, we have a continual need for operations managers and accountants. We are especially seeking those with experience managing remote workforces.


We are also looking for Marketing and Public Relations pros. We need Social Media experts, especially for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, QQ, and Pinterest.


We are seeking professional and new sales people to help continue our expansion. For professional sales reps seeking residual income, we offer an exclusive, special arrangement.


We are expanding our videography offerings and are looking for people who can operate a camera, create beautiful edits, write scripts, and provide direction for our client and in-house projects.

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