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How to Create a Blog Post that Gets Results

When building a website, one of the key things to do is create a blog. A blog is a key way to teach people who are interested in your product or service.

By teaching them what you do, you convey your skills and expertise. Although you will lose some business from folks who will take what you teach them and try it themselves, you will gain far more business from those who appreciate your efforts.

Why Blog?

A blog is a way to answer questions about your business. It is a tool to draw people into your website. And blogs help them get to know you and your industry. A blog shows the public you know what you are talking about and teaches them how to do things themselves if they choose.

But, won't teaching someone how to do what you do result in a loss of business?

difference between traditional marketing and attraction marketing
Attraction marketing includes press relations, thought leadership, community building, influencer outreach, blogging, public speaking, earned social media. Interruption (or distraction( marketing include press releases, pop-ups, contextual ads, outbound sales calls, trade show booths, some social media advertising, TV, radio ads.

To some extent yes, but in the overall scheme of things, no.

Just knowing how to do something does not always translate to doing it ourselves. Most people prefer to outsource when possible.

For instance, if you were pressed to do it, you could grow your own food. You could plant a garden and raise cattle. You could hunt for game. You could build a smokehouse and cure meats.

At one time, that is how many people lived. Today, it is very different. Although some people learn these skills today, most still prefer to go to the grocery store and buy what they need. And when we do not feel like cooking at home, we go to a restaurant. That is outsourcing.

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The same can be said of many products and services we use every day. Anyone can change the oil in their car, to wash and wax it, or clean it out...yet many of us choose instead to take it to the local QuickLube, have it washed at Don's, or get the grandkids to clean out the trash within.

The point is, we prefer to outsource many tasks we can perform ourselves.

Blogging About Your Business Results in More Business Outsourced to You

The simple fact is that when we explain simple tasks to the public, they may perform them at home. More often than not, however, they will still choose to outsource them. The potential of outsourcing increases with the difficulty of the job or how dirty/hot/demanding it is. Just knowing how to do something does not translate into DIY.

But, bear in mind that WHEN we DO want a task done for us, who do we call?

We call someone we know; someone we trust. If we have gone online a few times to learn how to fix a small electrical problem, a minor plumbing issue, or some light mechanical job, we are more inclined to use the business that helped us solve that problem. We are also more inclined to refer a friend to the company that helped us.

That is why blogging is called attraction marketing.

When we blog about common questions our customer ask, we show both that we have the skills needed to solve consumer problems but also that we care enough to help. The famed Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar used to say,

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

That is so true. When we blog about what we know, the search engines show they care by referring searchers to our website. Then, when readers see that we are transparent and willing to explain how to resolve common problems, they are willing to come to us for big problems.

They are also willing to share what they learn with others. If they also have a website and start to answer questions for folks related to something they learned from you, they will also link to your article. In this way, your website will gain a reach it could not have gained without that article.

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By writing a regular blog, answering common questions your customers ask, your reach on the Internet grows. As it grows, so too does respect for you in the community.

People start to see you as the go-to person in your industry. As this respect grows, customer loyalty grows. As customer loyalty grows, the need for traditional, high-dollar, in-your-face advertising shrinks.

Over time, your marketing costs less. You may spend the same amount in terms of content creation for your website or even more, but in terms of your return-on-investment (ROI), your marketing costs go down.

Traditional outbound marketing cannot do this. When we use traditional means to market, to advertise our website or our company, the costs either stay the same or increase. They often increase because people get tired of hearing why they should come to you when other companies are showing them why. Ads lose their impact over time and must be replaced with more ads. This only tends to drive up the costs of acquisition of new business.

Inbound marketing lowers the acquisition costs.

Oakes Writing Website Services ONLY provides Inbound or Attraction Marketing Services. For this reason, costs for our clients continue to decline over time. In addition, we are able from the start to charge less because content marketing is not as difficult as traditional advertising.

Why is Content Marketing Lower Cost Compared to Traditional Advertising?

Hi. I am C J Oakes. For 25 years I worked in professional sales. One thing I learned in sales is that it is a never-ending process of convincing people to buy this product or that service. Traditional advertising is the same thing.

To be effective, it requires professional copy writers, people like me who carefully-crafted the right words to capture the attention of prospects. Then, through more carefully-chosen words, we convince those prospects to choose our product over another. That is traditional, outbound advertising in a nutshell.

content marketer c j oakes
C J Oakes, owner of Oakes Writing Website Services, an attraction marketing company based in Lake Charles, Louisiana serving all of SWLA, SETX and select international clients.

With inbound marketing, we instead simply answer questions. We provide simple, direct solutions to common problems. We write engaging, creative articles (we hope) and let people who are in the market for what we provide find us.

The better we do at answering their questions, the more people are inclined to do business with us.

To be clear, inbound or attraction marketing takes longer. It is not an overnight process. It requires taking the time to provide answers, but in the long run it is far more effective.

And once the answers are there, they are there. No need to revisit your audience and attempt to again persuade them to buy this or that simply because you say so. They choose to buy because they see the value in doing business with you.

This translates to increased customer loyalty and lower costs.

Blogging is what makes that happen. If you are not blogging for your business, get started. You are missing out on the enormous potential of the Internet to grow your company.

If you need help with your content marketing including blogs, call 337-660-4774, email us at admin@oakeswriting.com, use the form below or chat now.

We are happy to either create the content for you (outsourcing) or teach you or those in your employ how to do so.

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