How can I Find an SEM Consultant Near Me?

SEM consulting is a rapidly growing field. Many small business owners are looking for an SEM consultant in their area. While there are many who are skilled in SEM, most who are spend their time writing rather than consulting.

In answer to this growing demand, Oakes Writing & Website Consultants owner, C J Oakes, sets aside some time in the Lake Charles, LA area to help anyone seeking answers. Alternately, he also provides SEM consulting via Zoom conferences.

But what is SEM? How does it differ from SEO? And more importantly, why is SEM important in website marketing?

What is SEM?

SEM simply stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is the process of creating online content that rises to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). It also includes paid search marketing like Google Ads PPC.

Anytime someone does an online search, they are taken to SERPs. These results pages show them the top results based on the exact words they used in their search. The search engines provide the best results based on the words used.

Web pages that have most closely matched what the search engine finds will appear at the top of these results. But is that not the same as SEO?

How does SEM differ from SEO?

Search engine marketing or SEM is different from SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization originated as a way to "game" the search engines.

When Google used it's famed Page Rank system, SEO experts found ways to use both on-page SEO and technical SEO to ensure that entire websites ranked well on the search platform.

From 2011 to 2916, Google implemented a series of changes to their search engine that would put an end to this gaming of their system. This resulted in a demise of SEO...sort of.

While the on-page SEO took a backseat, the technical aspects continued, though with some changes. The things which Google deemed "bad" were largely abandoned. Taking their place were "acceptable" technical changes. These included:

The on-page elements, the words chosen, became the realm of SEM experts.

Today, some use the terms interchangably, though they are really not the same. SEO today refers to the technical aspects of a site and often costs more than SEM. SEO costs remain constant, while SEM can reduce costs over time.

Why is SEM important in website marketing?

SEM is important to website marketing because it involves the words people are using to search for information on the web. Search engine marketing is simply the crafting of articles in a way that they get found and read.

When people read an article on a website and it solves a problem for them, they are more inclined to trust the site...and the business. This results in more business over time.

Yet, once a website reaches a point where there is enough written and visual content to draw in a large audience, the need for new content declines. Studies have shown that the sweet spot is 300 pages. Here is how website growth works in terms of SEM.

  • From 5-75 pages, website growth is slow
  • From 75-150 pages, website growth starts to speed up
  • From 150-300 pages, growth is exponential
  • After 300 pages, growth slows again regardless of how many articles are added
  • But adding NO articles after 300 results in a decline in site traffic

Hence, when growing a website it is important to add many quality articles as quickly as possible up to 300 pages. After that, maintaining growth is a simple matter of adding a post or page or two per week.

What are Quality Articles in terms of SEM?

Quality articles in terms of SEM are posts and pages that fully explain a topic. They provide enough information to satisfy all questions a reader will have related to the question they asked in the search engine.

While many "SEO experts" stick to the outdated notion of at least 700 words on a page and 300 for a blog post, studies indicate this is not exactly correct.

In fact, studies show conclusively that pages or posts around 2500 words perform best. This is because those articles will rank for more keywords in search results. However, a caveat.

Google tells website owners to simply write the most concise, clear and in-depth article for readers. In short, just provide valuable information without fluff. If the information does not require 2500 words, do not stuff it. Doing so will not help. On this note, we recommend reading Google's article, Steps to a Google-friendly site.

What are the benefits of an SEM consultant?

An SEM consultant can take a look at your website and tell you what is needed to grow traffic. Traffic growth done right will grow your customer base. Done wrong, it will harm your business.

The job of the SEM consultant is to look at both the front-end and the back-end of your website. The SEM consultant will either fix common SEO issues or recommend someone who can. These are important, but not vital. The most important element is how long it takes for the site to load. If the loading time is slow, SEM will have mixed results.

The next thing the SEM consultant will do is advise on content. He or she may create an editorial calendar based on research of your market. He will locate the exact questions people are asking about your services in your local area. He will then advise you on how many articles you can have written each week based on your budget.

Next, he will either provide the articles needed or recommend a good writer. Note that not all writers are the same.

How can I find an SEM consultant near me?

Not all writers are the same. Good writers specialize in one or a few related fields.

C J Oakes specializes in written content for professionals like lawyers, doctors, insurance and real estate agents). When a client needs something outside of these, he puts them in touch with someone in his network of writers who can help. For instance, he contracts with many writers who specialize in helping craftsmen like plumbers, HVAC pros, and general contractors.

Or, he hires them himself and performs editing to ensure the articles meet the standards of the search engines. In other words, he works with any client to ensure proper SEM (and SEO as needed), advising them on how to best reach their goals within their budget.

C J Oakes provides SEM consulting for clients around the world including Australia, Hong Kong, London and the U.S. However, if you want to find an SEM consultant near you, the simplest way is to locate a good content writer in your area.

Search for "Content Writer near me." Those who have written their personal writing sites in a way that gets them found in search know what they are doing and can help. Few will consider themselves to be SEM consultants, but they can help you with it if you ask.

To help ensure you find the best local help possible, ask them questions based on what you read in this article. Be sure to bookmark this post for easy reference.

Why Choose Oakes Writing SEM Consulting Services?

Oakes Writing SEM Consulting is located in the Lake Charles, Louisiana DMA, specifically, Oberlin, LA. But C J Oakes meets with clients online via Zoom regardless of where they live. For security reasons, he will send a Zoom conference link with a password for access.

Then, he can review your website with you via screen sharing. This way, you can see exactly what is needed to grow your website and hence your business.

The first thing he will review is the website itself, the front end.

During this free consultation, he will discuss with you in live-time what he finds as he finds it. This can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of your website and any questions you have. He will also explain the nature and cost of our SEM consulting services at that time.

If you decide to move forward with our SEM services, he will need to gain access to the back end, the admin area where the technical stuff is found. From it all, he will put together a complete report using his 150-Point Website Evaluation Tool. The final SEM Report will be provided to you in both pdf and printed form for your in-house use.

From that SEM report, you can decide how to move forward with repairing and growing your website, be that using our services or any other.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with C J Oakes, call now 337.660.4774, email him at, complete the form below, or request a chat.

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Common SEM Questions

Remember, if you are searching for a good SEM Consultant near you, Oakes Writing Website Services serves all of Southwest Louisiana (SWLA), Central La (CENLA), Acadiana (Lafayette area) and SouthEast Texas (SETX).

We also serve international clients via Zoom Conferences.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us now at 337.660.4774.

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