The Dream

I grew up in the era of Martin Luther King. I believed that the day would come when people would not judge based on the color of skin. I believed in the dream of King and the ambitions of Malcolm X. This may seem weird coming from a white guy, but these two men were among my heros growing up.

Black Lives Matter...

This movement has grown because America continues to systematically keep minority communities poor. More than this, there is little doubt that the nation has structured laws to maintain Jim Crow repression. The dream of MLK seems farther away than ever before.

Today, most Black people still find it difficult to rise out of poverty. Some do, but far more do not.

This, despite decades of so-called progress in race relations. Why?

On his show Saturday June 6, 2020, comedian John Oliver took a serious look at policing and race. Anyone interested in understanding the problem should watch it. He expressed that the issue partially comes down to a lack of any REAL help and REAL resources for members of the Black community.

This point was made very clear at the end of Oliver's show, where he concluded with a speech by a young Black lady.

We REALLY understood the message after this passionate young woman delivered an angry speech directed at the government during a protest. Let's let her speak.

What Can Be Done?

Clearly, big changes need to come from our government, but sadly, that is not likely to happen anytime soon. This puts the ball in our court, those of us who have the means to help and want to see real change.

Although most businesses try to remain neutral on hot-button issues, we decided that this was something we had to take a stand on.

We care about our Black brothers and sisters. Yes, brothers and sisters. Not only are we all part of the American family, we are all part of the human race...which makes us all brothers and sisters. That was part of King's message and he was right.

c j oakes

Hi, my name is Jeff Oakes and I approved this message. No, I am not running for office. I run a small writing business. On the side, I help clients by building websites.

Building websites is not my core business, writing is. But a website is vital to the growth of any business today, be it a small store or a one-person cleaning biz.

But website rates are often very high. This makes it tough on anyone with limited income. So, I decided to help.

Although it is not much, I can build websites at a very low cost for anyone with low-income wanting to grow their own small business. It is something I can do, so I am.

If you are African-American or low-income and want a new website, I will be happy to build it for you at a very low monthly rate. Only $29.95/month. What is the catch?

No catch. I will build a custom six page website:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Terms
  • Privacy Policy
  • Blog setup

I will also perform monthly software updates, provide you with a Google analytics report each month, and set up a professional email for you at no additional cost to you.

You only need to provide the information and photos needed. Then, I will even teach you to make any changes you want to make. And, when your business grows, you can even hire any of our marketing services at a discounted rate or keep doing the work yourself. It's up to you.

I do this because I want you to succeed. Far too many of our American Brothers and Sisters remain in a state of poverty, trapped by the circumstances our government maintains. I want to help turn that around.


Must I prove I am low-income to get this deal?

No. This is a project to help any with low income, though especially those in the Black community, rise in America.

What happens if I cannot pay for a month or so?

It happens. Believe me, I know. I have been well off and I have been poor. It can be tough sometimes making ends meet. I will ask that you do your best to keep the site running (you know, making payments). But I also understand what it is like to live on a fixed or low, if anything happens and you cannot pay for a time, let me know. I will work with you. I want to help.

Why shouldn't I just get one of those free websites that are advertised on the internet?

Because frankly, nothing is free. Those "free" sites always put ads on YOUR site to pay for the "free." Also, those sites are very restricted and often cannot be grown. Plus, they will not be a true domain YOU OWN but rather, a subdomain that says you are not a professional. If you want your small business to grow, you need YOUR OWN website.

Do I have to have a offline business to get the website deal?

No. Even if you want to grow an eCommerce site online, a blog site where you make money from the advertising, or any other, this deal applies. All you need is a desire to get out of poverty. And even if you are not living in poverty, if you are Black, you still qualify. Either way, this will help you and your community, which is the goal.

Special Rates for Any with a Dream

Our Founder

Our Founder, C J Oakes is a Vet. He was a 91B - Combat Medic in the U.S. Army from 1982 to 1991.

On Veteran's Day 2019 it occurred to him that the best way he could help his fellow Vets was by providing something no one else does. Deep discounts on services, not just on Veteran's Day, but every day.

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About Us

Oakes Writing Website Services was founded to help small businesses better compete with major corporations.

We believe that the small business is the foundation of our economy, but the major coporations are slowly squeezing them to extinction. We hope to help turn that around.

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For Veterans

Vets have been and always will be our first line of defense yet far too often, they are ignored when at home.

We believe this should stop so to this end, we are offering any veteran 40% discounts on all our services all the time. We already have the lowest rates, but with these discounts, we hope to help our fellow vets continue to stand tall.

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Get a New Website for Only $29/Month

Special Rate on Websites for Low-Income People

Get a 3 Page Website with no Hosting Costs for a full year for just $29/Month.

There are no hidden costs and we will provide monthly training videos to help you grow your website.

If you choose, you may also use our marketing services at a reduced rate.

Other Ways We Help

Aside from offering great deals on websites for those in the African-American community or others living in poverty, we wanted to do more.

So, our founder, c j oakes is now volunteering his time to help out.

If you have one of our websites and need help with any aspect of growing your online business, his phone is always available to you. Or, get in touch using the form below and he will respond within 48 hours.

This way, you can bypass the normal route and avoid paying for training costs. In other words, he will give you personal attention as needed to help you build and grow your website and your business. This includes non-website-related help.

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