Complex plumbing piping

Google Ads for Plumbers

Local Plumbers often use Google Ads to drive calls to them for emergency services. Some use Google Ads for clicks to their websites. Most report having difficulty getting QUALIFIED clicks and calls, so we decided to create something to help.

Filtering Local Google Ads for Plumbers

The first thing Plumbers should remember when creating the ads is to make sure that the right location is chosen. This does not happen often, but sometimes it does. To check your locations, go to your Ad Group on the Left Menu bar in Google Ads. Then along the menu bar just to the right of this, click "Locations."

filter Google Ads by Location
By filtering by Zip (Postal) Code, a local business like a plumbing service can greatly increase the likelihood that the one clicking will use their services.

A map should appear to the right showing the locations you have chosen. In many cases, a local plumber will choose the widest range possible. However, this is a mistake.

Statistics show that for most trade and craft servcies like Plumbing Companies, the majority of business will come from within a 4 mile radius of the business location. This happens for a couple of reasons.

  1. People pass the shop when going about their daily activities and so know it is local.
  2. When looking for a service "near me" in a search, the closest appear at the top of the results.
  3. People prefer to do business with neighbors.

This all means that the BEST possible traffic for your clicks or calls will be people closest to you. If an entire metro area has been chosen, many people will see the ad for a plumber, perhaps click on it, but never use the service because it is too far from them.

To narrow this down, the ad can be filtered to one zip code. The way to do this is to set it by Zip (Postal) Code or filter all others out which are too far away.

Pay Close Attention to Keywords Related to Plumbing

Another thing to consider when setting up a Google Ads campaign for a Plumbing Company are the keywords chosen. Not all keywords are created equal and some will hurt rather than help your efforts.

For instance, if your plumbing ad is promoting residential water softener systems, be sure to make "residential" part of the keyword search. If the company provides ONLY commercial systems, be sure THAT is part of the keywords chosen.

Also, make sure to include negative keywords that are already likely to appear if using a broad set of keywords and watch for new ones to exclude daily. Negative keywords are those which are related to the keyword string used, but not directly related to the service rendered. These will happen and if left unchecked, will drive costs much higher than is reasonable.

Pay Attention to Demographics Etc.

Complex plumbing piping
Google Ads for plumbers need not be complicated. Just as a plumber can understand the complex array of piping shown here, Google Ads can be understood. At Oakes Writing Website Services, we make the complicated simple.

Finally, be sure to pay attention to the demographics when creating or working in Google Ads. If your plumbing company mostly works with homeowners, the typical customer may be married, within a certain age group, make a certain income, or perhaps be of a certain gender.

Do not leave anything to chance. These elements can be accounted for when creating a Google Ad for your plumbing company.

For instance, if you are promoting a high-end residential water hot water heater capable of handling large quantities, you will likely want to find people with large homes and families.

Why let your ads be seen by single people living in apartments because they are in college? Sure, they may click on your ad, but are unlikely to buy from you. This will only result in your company spending more than it should.

Bottom Line for Plumbers

A big part of the reason we see so many plumbing companies using Google ads is because they either A) do not have a website or B) have a website that is underperforming.

A common reason we see so many struggling with Google Ads is because they are too busy with what they do best: Plumbing.

Why not outsource any of the above?

At Oakes Writing Website Serivces, we can not only run your Google Ads campaign in a cost-effective and results-effective way, but even help you with your website. The best part of having a properly run website is that in time, Google Ads will not even be needed.

Alternately, if you really want to understand Google Ads or any aspect of online marketing, we are happy to teach you or your staff in person.

Most of our clients are able to reduce their marketing budgets by as much as 90% within three years. This happens because we develop a sound content marketing plan for their plumbing company, something no other digital marketing company does. In fact, we even guarantee it in writing.

If you would like to learn more, call 337-660-4774 or complete the simple form below.

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