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Author and Ghostwriter c j oakes attended McNeese State University from 2001-2004 as an English Major minoring in Psychology and Sociology. He completed his Bachelors Degree in Science/Criminal Justice with the University of Phoenix.

During this time, he entered private studies in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing (University courses at the time did not exist). Adding these abilities to his growing ghost writing business, he found a niche in writing for website owners.


Starting in 2001, c j oakes provided technical writing for business owners. This included employee manuals and guides as well as customer-centric brochures. At the time, Mr. Oakes was a professional sales rep, so he applied known closing techniques and the AIDA process to the brochures he created.

Upon expanding his writing business to the Internet, he continued these practices. This has permitted him to craft pages of content which meet the requirements of Google while naturally converting readers to customers.

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"Anytime I need an eBook, I turn to Jeff. He's the best."

— K M

"The books Jeff has written for us so far have exceeded expectations."

— J L

"Thanks for the great essay. I put it to good use."

— E H

"My boss loved it. I even got a raise. Thanks Jeff."

— Tom

Jeff has written 4 books for me, one was a best-seller. Thanks.

- Steve P.

The book was crazy fun to read. I never expected it to be so good. Love it my friend.

- P.D.

Common Questions about Ghost Writing

What Else Should I Know About Ghost Writing by c j oakes?

"I never reveal myself as author. The ghost writer relationship to me is sacred. There will never be a reason anyone should know I have written anything for you. Once I am paid, the work is yours and your privacy is maintained."

All works are guaranteed to pass copyscape or similar checks.

To protect certain works prior to payment, it will be published under a private password to this website in pdf image form. Should payment fail to process, the file will be converted to pdf digital. This will render the work as copyrighted to Mr. Oakes. Once payment is received, the entire page will be deleted.

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