Free Website Evaluation for Law Firms. Limited Time Offer.

Oakes Writing is currently seeking new clients. So, naturally, we are giving something away…a comprehensive website evaluation.

The Oakes Writing Law Firm Website Evaluation

The Oakes Writing website evaluation is extensive and provides a detailed examination of a Law Firm website. The goal with the evaluation is two-fold:

  1. Introduce Law Firm’s to Oakes Writing
  2. Show a Law Firm what is needed to breathe life into their site.

Most websites today fail. That is a simple, sad fact. But another fact is that there is no good reason that they fail.

This is especially the case for Law Firm websites. Why?

Because most attorney’s are great writers, great communicators, and usually create beautiful websites. But search engines are not impressed with pretty–they look for substance. But the substance they seek must follow certain well-defined guidelines or the site gets ignored.

At Oakes Writing, we have been creating content for business websites since 2009. In that time, we have helped more than 700 website owners with content that generates traffic. We know how to get the attention of the search engines.

In addition, we know how to generate content that gets shared, which in turn gets even more attention from search engines.

But crafting great written content is only the beginning. To really be effective at creating a website that gets traffic (and therefrom, new clients), a website must be excellent.

In order to create a website which is excellent, there are numerous elements which must work together in perfect harmony. Think of a website like a car.

A car has hundreds of moving parts and each one alone is fine. But only when assembled properly does a car run and get us from point A to point B safely.

So before we do any work for a client, we first like to get a look under the hood, so to speak. We like to make sure that all parts are in working condition and connected properly. Sure, the car needs a nice paint job (which is what most webmasters provide), but more is needed if it is to be drivable.

So We are offering for a limited time only, a Free Website Evaluation to Law Firms.

When we say limited, we mean limited. We are a small content marketing firm with limited time and resources. We are growing, but at this point in time we cannot provide this service to everyone. So we are limiting this offering until we reach our limit of new clients.

Think of it like this. Any Law Firm is limited by the number of partners and hired attorney’s working in the office. Few could handle the influx of a thousand new clients each month. Sure, the Firm could grow to that point, but it takes time.

Us too. We can handle just so much growth then we must pull back a bit.

So if your firm is interested in learning what needs to be done to improve your website, we are happy at this time to provide a no-cost, no obligation website evaluation.

To request our 100 point Law Firm website evaluation, click here.