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Most small businesses already know that having a Facebook Business Page can help them grow. But Facebook does not make building one all that easy. For many small business owners, doing so is a daunting task.

To make it easier during these tough times, we are offering a special rate.

Facebook Business Page Special Rate

Building a Facebook Business Page is easy. Building it right is not. A well built page can help a business grow while a poorly built page can hurt your business. That is why you need an expert to construct your Facebook Business page.

At Oakes Writing & Website Services, we have been working in social media like Facebook for nearly a decade. We understand how to build your business page so that it gets the results you want.

More than this, once built, we will provide you with insights to growing your Facebook page naturally. Why and what is naturally?

Search engines look for natural growth in websites and social media page connections.

One of the things you want to do is connect your website to your social media/Facebook Business page. From there, you need growth to occur in a natural, organic way. If growth is forced, as in purchased or obtained through less-than-legitimate ways, Google will penalize both your site and business page. This will hurt your efforts to grow.

What are Less-than-Legitimate Ways to Grow?

Starting in 2012, Google recognized that some websites and social media business pages were using tactics the search company deemed illegitimate...these were methods of gaming the system. Google then implemented changes to their search engine to watch for such methods and penalize those using them.

This is why many companies using SEO today face an uphill battle. Many providers of SEO initially found their businesses suffer and for a time, they complied with Google requirements. But they are making a comeback, realizing that they can hustle unwary website owners into paying them large sums upfront for services they know will fail in the long term.

They have found that their tactics will work for a month or two, then collapse. But by then, they will have bilked unsuspecting site owners out of thousands of dollars.

Some of the tactics used include:

  • Masking - hidden words and images
  • Backend "SEO" - hidden code
  • Javascript cleanup - which is legitimate, though limited in use
  • Fake followers - involves the use of paid ads in locations of no use to site owners to artificially inflate social media followers

Google watches for these tactics and once found, both the site and the social media business account are penalized. That is why we create business pages designed to grow organically, naturally and in accordance with Google guildlines.

Facebook Business Page Special

This Facebook Business page special is running from May 18, 2020 until May 25th ONLY.

Included in this special is:

  • Your Facebook Business page
  • About page Plus cover image
  • Services
  • Feature image and logo
  • Menu (if you have a restaurant)

We normally charge $250 for this service, but this week only we are providing this for only $100. Why such a low price?

Because we can. While many businesses in Southwest Louisiana are suffering because of the Coronavirus shutdown, we are not. Our business has been growing and continues to do so. To give back to our local community and help more local businesses, we decided to run specials each week.

Early on, we provided half-price websites. Many local companies took advantage of this and we are glad they did. They have been able to better transition from in-house business only to online. Most of them have been eCommerce sites, but a few professionals like law firms and medical offices have also taken advantage of that deal.

And we are glad they did. Not only is their business growing during this tough time, but we are also growing. It is a win-win.

To keep helping, we are now offering this Facebook Business page special. To take advantage of this deal, simply click on the "Order Now" button below. Once we receive your order, we will get in touch to start your Facebook Business page right away.

If you have questions, use the form below, chat with us using the Live Chat feature in the lower left of this post, call us at 337-660-4774 or send an email to admin@oakeswriting.com.

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