Does Your Website Need a Content Marketing Plan/Strategy?

Image of bare bush and a full, green bush with Question. "Which resembles Your Website?" Caption reads, Growing a website is like growing anything: Care and attention is required. Knowing what to feed the website is as important as knowing what to feed a tree or bush for optimal growth. Image source:

A website is a marketing tool. Yet, many website owners do not treat it as such. And for those who do understand the purpose of a website, few have a marketing plan in place.

By C J Oakes

In fact, one of the biggest reasons many websites fail is because they lack a marketing plan. At Oakes Writing, one of the first things we do for new clients is develop a sound marketing plan according to their overall marketing strategy.

What Should a Content Marketing Plan for a Website Include?

As with any marketing plan, a content marketing plan for a website should include a mission statement to guide the plan. Most businesses already have a mission statement because they include it in their business plan. Just as a business plan includes a marketing plan, the marketing plan should include a section devoted to content marketing…devoted to growing their website.

This is because a website for most businesses is a tool, one of the tactics used to grow the business brand. Just as a marketing plan will include a plan of action for each tool used to reach the goals of the business, there needs to be a plan for how to best use the website.

What should be included in a content marketing plan?

Each content marketing plan will be as unique as the business and the website but there are some elements that will be common to all. These include:

  • What does the business want to achieve with the content marketing plan? (You know, what are the goals?)
  • A SWOT analysis of the website as it relates to the business
  • An analysis of the target market
  • Ways to best reach the target market
  • Social media outlets to be used
  • How to best use the chosen social media outlets
  • What kind of content will be added to the site
  • What mix of organic traffic, social media, direct traffic, and other methods is planned?
  • How will that mix be achieved?
  • How will that mix impact the business?
  • What mix of evergreen content to topical content will be implemented?
  • How will the effectiveness of content and social media be assessed?
  • How often will these assessments occur?
  • Will advertising be used?
  • What kind of advertising?
  • Will the advertising advertise the advertising?

There is much more to developing a content marketing plan for a website, but let us pause here for a moment.

The last question in the above list may sound odd but consider this.

Many website owners will advertise to get people to their websites. Although this is not without merit if the website IS the business, if the website is a marketing tool for a traditional brick and mortar business, this amounts to advertising your advertising.

A sound content marketing plan will eliminate such double-spending and reduce the costs of marketing your business. A sound content marketing plan may include some advertising, but only inasmuch as the advertising to the website is done so carefully, in harmony with a strategic purpose, such as determining the demographics of readers.

What Does a Content Marketing Plan Achieve for Your Website?

A content marketing plan provides clear guidance, direction. It allows you to know at a glance if a decision regarding the website is sound or iffy. It lets you test ideas and tactics; it lets you gauge marketing efforts; and keeps your marketing message consistent. A content marketing plan allows you to maximize results while minimizing costs.

And isn’t that the bottom line?

C J Oakes is the owner of Oakes Writing Website Services. Located in the South Plains of Texas, Mr. Oakes founded Oakes Writing to help clients in need of sound content marketing for their websites. Since 2009, Oakes Writing Website Services have been helping clients develop content marketing strategies using sound search engine marketing techniques. Starting with SEO, Mr. Oakes tested concepts related to content marketing and discovered that, as with traditional marketing, the key to success lay in message consistency.

Whether you already have a content marketing plan or not, let Oakes Writing create winning content for you. All work is guaranteed for quality, accuracy, and most importantly, results. Fair enough?

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