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DMR Oct 28, 2019: Article ideas for my Air Conditioning business?

Most people who have a website know they must have articles (pages or posts) if they are to draw people to their site. They know that this is how they grow their traffic and ultimately, their business. Those who operate air conditioner companies are no different. How can AC repair companies and those in related businesses find great article ideas?

Finding ideas for articles online is simple if you know where to look.

There are plenty of ways to find great ideas for articles, but perhaps two of the best are:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Ads

Getting Ideas for Articles and Posts from Google Trends

Google Trends is a great place for getting ideas about a topic for your blog posts and articles on your website. Using Google Trends is easy. Just go to and type in the subject you want to search.

In the case of a company which provides air conditioning services, type either air conditioning or air conditioners or something similar. Next, choose whether you want to search according to keywords or topic. Either option is useful.

By default, Trends then shows the choice according to annual reporting. The information can also be sorted by last 7 days, last 30 days, quarterly, even the last hour. This lets business owners looking for ideas know exactly what people are currently searching.

Also, Trends shows where these terms are appearing most often on a sliding scale. This scale starts with the most common location at 100% with all others relative to that in descending order.

Finally, it even shows the most common terms and keywords people are actively searching. Thus, if a company wants to pick the most popular terms to write about today, they will stay on top of the Trends...which is the purpose of the site.

Getting Ideas for Posts from Google Ads

Another great place for ideas is found in Google Ads. From the Ads dashboard, click on the Tools and Settings link found on the upper right-hand toolbar. This opens a menu and on the far left is the Keyword Planner.

Clicking on the Keyword Planner, the next option to choose is Discover New Keywords.

This brings you to a page where up to 10 possible keywords may be entered.

Try searching Air conditioning and AC Repair Near Me.

These two keywords will provide an abundance of possible keywords to use in writing articles for your website. However, be sure to choose the proper location for the best data.

To do this, choose the small pencil icon to the right of the term "Locations" found on the grey bar running along the top. Then choose your local market. In the video above, we choose Lake Charles, Louisiana because that is our key market.

Now you will get the most commonly searched keywords related to those you searched for your local market.

You can even download this list into a .csv file, which you can then sort as you see fit. Sorting will help you decide which keywords can form the best possible basis for subjects when writing articles.

Finally, note that you can even find bidding information for each of these keywords. Those which have the highest bids are those which most of your competitors are using for paid ads.

You can subvert this tactic and take advantage of free positioning by creating a well-written article centered on those keywords. By doing so, your articles will appear beside their ads and articles tend to get better traction when people are searching for companies with which to do business. Best of all, your cost in getting placement in these locations will be far lower than your competition.

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