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Digital Marketing for Lake Charles, Lafayette, Alexandria, Louisiana, Beaumont, Texas

Since 2009, Oakes Writing has been serving clients worldwide from our offices in Lubbock, Texas. A few months ago, we relocated back to SWLA where our owner, C J Oakes is from. Settling in Lake Charles, he decided to focus his efforts in the region rather than continue to handle international clients.

We still serve select clients in Australia, London and the Lubbock area, but today we are focussed on helping small business owners in this region.

Cities we serve

We are actively accepting clients from every city in the region but no futher than Lafayette to the east, Alexandria to the North, Beaumont, Texas to the west, and Cameron to the south (duh). Thus, we now only accept new clients in

  • Cameron
  • Creole
  • Grand Chenier
  • Grand Lake
  • Moss Bluff
  • Westlake
  • Sulphur
  • Vinton
  • DeQuincy
  • Lake Arthur
  • Gueydan
  • Bell City
  • Jennings
  • Welsh
  • Crowley
  • Eunice
  • Kinder
  • Ragley
  • Oberlin
  • Oakdale
  • Orange
  • Nederland
  • Pt Arthur
  • Silsbee
  • Lumberton
  • Kirbyville
  • DeRidder
  • Leesville

Why did we list the cities as we did?

Sure, you know where your business is located so it seems rather silly to add them to a list of places we serve, right?

Sort of.

Part of the reason we list the cities we serve is to make our service area absolutely clear...to the search engines. See, while you and I know the area and know that DeQuincy is between Lake Charles and DeRidder, La, the search engines do not. They only see what we tell them.

So, to make it perfectly clear to the web crawlers which cities we serve, we served up this list. It is called Local Optimization. Of course, there is more to local optimization than simply creating a list, but it is part of the process.

Now, WHAT do we offer clients in SWLA and SETX?

Well, we provide the finest in content marketing. What IS content marketing?

Another term for content marketing is attraction marketing. Unlike traditional marketing which largely relies on paid advertising to shout at people, to distract them from what they are doing much as a carnival caller does, attraction marketing is different.

Whereas traditional marketing can be called distraction marketing, attraction marketing it starkly different. Rather than distract people, it attracts. When people search for digital marketing services in their city, say Sulphur or Moss Bluff, they find articles in the search results which meet their request. Then, they choose the article they think will best answer their question. If it does not, they return to their search results and try another. But always, they are looking for the information. If it is provided and listed in the search results, it may attract them.

Although Oakes Writing Website Services does provide website development, Google Ads and Analytics, social media, consulting and more, at the heart of everything we do is attraction marketing.

Why is this distinction important?

It is important to understand the difference between attraction and distraction marketing because one costs far less over the long term and results in better ROI. Which is it?

The traditional marketing process (distraction model) functions by constantly throwing money at advertising, continually feeding a beast which cannot be satisfied. Modern, attraction marketing lowers costs over the long term and always results in better ROI. A simple way to tell the difference between the two is to look at your marketing costs over time. If costs continue to increase, your marketing firm is relying on the older, less effective model.

Attraction marketing done right ALWAYS results in lower costs over time. Why?

A couple of reasons. A big part of attraction marketing is growing a library of information...information people seek through search. As that library grows, so too does the audience. As the audience grows, business grows. But as with a seed, once an article is planted on the website, it only needs a bit of light maintenance to continue drawing business.

The traditional distraction model requires a constant flow of new ads, ads which, once they are done, are done. Gone forever. Think of traditional marketing as a trash can while attraction marketing is more like recycling.

This article you are reading right now will be read by people ten years from now. No ad can boast that. But as with an ad, this article was created once. Over time, it will be viewed by far more people and influence far more to buy our product. THAT is why our marketing costs will decrease over time.

But won't it take time to get readers to the website?

Of course it will. A key difference between attraction marketing and distraction marketing is timeliness of results. Attraction marketing takes time. This is a key reason Google developed Google Ads...to help website close the time gap. Yet, unlike traditional advertising, Google Ads is considered attraction marketing because people choose to click on the ad and visit the website.

This is why we also offer Google Ads and social media advertising. Although advertising, it remains attraction marketing because people CHOOSE to click. The ads are not forced on them. Still, isn't the cost the same?

No, because with Google Ads, we can track the results and alter the program to meet searchers needs. When people do click on an ad but do not carry out a desired result, we can further target them. The tracking features in Google Ads allow it to remain the most cost-effective for of advertising today. No Radio station, no TV, no billboards, no newspaper or magazine advertising can do what we can do with Google Ads.

What about SEO? I heard that unless a website is optimized it will fail.

It does not matter if you live in DeQuincy, LA or DeRidder, Oakdale or Oberlin, Orange or West Orange...if your website is properly designed, your customers will find it.

A big problem many traditional marketing companies run into is failing to understand the Internet. SEO is simply the process of providing what people are looking for. Local optimization is making sure that the people finding what you offer live in your geographic area. Nothing more.

Most traditional marketing firms spend so much on advertising their clients because, simply put, they do not fully understand how the Internet works. In fact, many believe it is in their interest to push traditional advertising on their clients because they simply lack faith in the power of the internet - which is another way of saying they do not know what they are doing.

We make sure that every website is optimized according to the market it serves.

What about a blog?

If you have a website you need a blog. The blog gives you the ability to speak to your market, to teach them, to show them your expertise. In other words, your blog creates a loyal following for you and in time, people will come to view you as the local expert.

Most people know that word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful marketing force, but short of becoming an MLM and growing a cult following, how is this done?

Enter the blog.

When writing your blog, remember too to write like you talk. In Southwest Louisiana, we talk waaaaay different from folks anywhere else. If you use a writer from some other state, you WILL miss out on traffic to your website. Why?

Because people here will use terms and expressions to search for what you offer but those words will not show in your post. Everything that is found on the internet is found through searching words. If the words in your blog match what a searcher is seeking, you will be found. If your blog is written by someone in Chicago, someone in Chicago will find it. Find a local writer or write it yourself if you want to grow a loyal following.

Growing a strong, loyal word-of-mouth following stems from getting people to read your blog. By offering information of use to them in a language they understand, they will like you more.

And the more they like you and your website, the more they tell their friends - enter social media.

The purpose of social media is...

Social media is a place where people come together to bitch, moan, and cheer. We celebrate births and mourn passings. We cheer weddings and applaud anniversaries. We wish each other happy birthday and reconnect with old friends. And, we share a little infomation about our business.

See, social media is often misunderstood by traditional marketers. Many just want to push and push information about your company on followers much like that insurance guy at your last party who seems to have only recently discovered business cards.

That is not the purpose of social media and that is not the right way to use it. Whether you live in Moss Bluff or Westlake, Cameron or Grand Lake, you want to share info about your business but make sure that people are kept abreast of what is going on in your personal and family life. Also, comment on their happenings, their joys and their sorrows. Let them know you are interested in them.

Zig Ziglar once famously said, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." So, on social media, make sure you show you care.

The other thing social media does is add to your SEO scoring with Google search crawlers. But this is only effective if it is not artificial. The Google algorithm is great at spoting fake. If you try to game the search crawlers, you will lose. Most traditional ad agencies simply do not understand this, which is why their clients are often very disappointed with their results, or lack thereof.

What is the point to all of this?

We simply wanted to let all our friends and clients, both current and future, know that we care. We want to share some important information to help you choose better marketing. Whether you use us or someone else, be sure to put some of your budget into attraction marketing. Doing so will lower your costs in the long run and improve your ROI.

And, if you need our help in any way, we are here for you...provided your business is somewhere within our service market shown above. We mean that. Don't go calling us from Baton Rouge, Mississippi or Monroe, Arkansas. Our services are only for folks in Louisiana and a small part of Texas.


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