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Daily Marketing Report October 23, 2019 Holiday Hashtags

The Holidays are upon us. Soon Halloween will be here and shortly thereafter in rapid succession Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

How can you make the most of your #digitalmarketing efforts this year?

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags (#) placed before #keywords which people are using to search for things is a great way to be found. These elements allow users to locate information of interest to them quickly and easily. The Hashtag functions as a means of organizing information in a simple, concise way.

If you have a business with a social media presence or a website, adding well-placed hashtags to the end of your post or within can help interested parties find what you offer.

However, do not get greedy and put hashtags everywhere. Also, be aware of the social standards of each social media account you use.

For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn users REALLY DO NOT like hashtags and several studies have found them to either A) be largely ineffective or B) be counterproductive on these platforms. However, if you use Twitter or Instagram, the hashtag is VERY effective.

Also, if you are building your website in WordPress or any number of other blogging platforms, the hastag placed into the content is not really necessary. This is because there is a place in the editor function that allows you to add "Tags." These serve the same purpose, so adding them to the content as you see on this page is simply not necessary.

Use Hashtags to Draw Attention to Sales

If you are running a sale on something and you really want to get it known, use tags in your Blog posts. If creating your page in a builder which does not have this feature or are adding them to social media accounts where hashtags are used, by all means, add them.

These could be something like #warmfuzzysweaters #holidaypajamas #saleat______ (your company name).

Also, you may want to include certain Social Holidays as Hashtags. 

Because now is the time to start planning for holiday promotions and sales, now is the time to consider what to use for hashtags and where. Following are some of the upcoming social holidays by date which already have commonly used hashtags:

Closing out October we have:

30th - Wednesday, Checklist Day #ChecklistDay

31st - Thursday, Halloween #Halloween

And for November, consider using these hashtags in posts relevant to your business:

1st - Friday #NationalAuthorsDay

3rd - Sunday #DaylightSaving ends

11th - Monday #VeteransDay

19th - Tuesday National #EntrepreneursDay

28th - Thursday #Thanksgiving

29th - Friday #BlackFriday

20th - Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall

Finally, here are some to consider for December:

2nd - Cyber Monday #CyberMonday

4th - Wednesday is #NationalCookieDay

21st - Saturday is the First Day of #WinterSolstice

22nd - Sunday Begins #Hanukkah

24th - Tuesday #ChristmasEve

25th - Wednesday #Christmas

31st - Tuesday is New Year’s Eve #NYE

Finally, as mentioned, the following are examples of hashtags which could have been used for this post were we not writing in WordPress - these ARE included in our Tags Cloud, but were not really needed as they appear below.

#dailymarketingreport #holidaymarketing #socialmarketing #oakeswriting

We hope this clarifies some of the ways to use hashtags in your Holiday online marketing. Remember, if you need help with marketing your business during the busy holiday season, Oakes Writing Website Services has plenty of Holiday Specials. Check out our core services here.

To learn more, call us at 337.660.4774 or complete the form below.

Happy Holidays.

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