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Daily Marketing Report Oct 24, 2019: Spooky Content Google Ads

Ok, so Halloween is soon upon us and you are wanting to have a little fun with your last minute promotions in Google Ads.

Fear not, there is still time.

But how can you make your spooky spectacular Google Ads most effective?

Glad you asked.

First, we will be using the display ad network for this push and in particular, YouTube, so make some nice image ads. Depending on where you would like the ads to show on the YouTube display network, you will want a few different sizes. A complete list of the ad sizes used on YouTube can be found on StrikeSocial.

Of course, if you want to take the simple approach, just make two ad sizes:

  • 480 X 70 (required)
  • 300 X 250

These ads will appear across the video area itself. Once you have some nice ads created, head to your Google Ads account and create a new campaign.

From the Ad Group level in the page menu, click on the blue + icon. Once you do, you will choose YouTube Channels or YouTube Videos for your ads.

What YouTube Channels and Videos Should be Chosen for a Halloween Special?

This is where the fun begins.

You likely already know you can choose the market where your ads will run, but did you know you can choose not only specific YouTube channels but also certain videos as well?

This means that if you have found a video in your area that is getting ALOT of attention, you can choose to run your ads ONLY on THAT video ONLY in YOUR market.

Now, as for the Channels. Given that it is Halloween and you have some spookly specials going on locally you want to promote to those interested in all things creepy, hold on to your blood pump.

Ranker has created a list of the 25 Best Horror YouTube Channels. Be sure to check out the full list, but here is a taste of what you will find.

The above video has nearly 2 million views and is pretty popular at the moment, but there are others with far more views climbing rapidly.

The point is, you can choose to have your Spooky Google Display Ad appear just on this video, on the channel, or on others like it.

To learn more about how to do so, either visit the Google Answers Display Ads on YouTube page, call us at 337.660.4774, or complete the form below.

We will be happy to help with your latest Google Ads campaign. Happy Halloween.

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