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Coronavirus: Reshaping Small Business

Less than 30 days ago, none of us expected how the novel coronavirus would change our lives. We did not expect runs on stores for toilet paper nor did we expect we would willingly self-isolate.

Sure, we knew COVID-19 was serious; we knew it was deadly and highly contagious. But as for shutting down the nation, causing such unimaginable economic disruptions, most of us were completely unprepared.

Working from home

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Yep, I still wear those ugly military glasses. I rather like them. Practical, durable, and hey, Buddy Holly made them look cool, so there's that.

Hi, my name is C J Oakes and I am the owner of Oakes Writing Website Services. Since 2009 I have been working from home, helping clients worldwide grow their websites and social media presence.

Every person working for me also works from home: We are a massive network of people who are largely unaffected by the "new workplace" arrangements.

This is not to brag. Instead, it suddenly struck me that we are now experts in a unique way. We KNOW what is needed to operate a home-based business.

We know how to manage remote workers spread everywhere. We know how to conduct business via phone, email, text and video-conference.

We know how to help

Given our expertise in this area, we know how to help small business owners who are scrambling to change their way of doing business. But we also know that most small businesses are now struggling financially.

Why does this matter?

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The Coronavirus pandemic is reshaping how many do business today. As small business onwers shift how they do business, Oakes Writing Website Services is here to help. Call 337-660-4774 for more information.

Because not only can we help your small business shift many operations to a home office and online environment, we will do so at the lowest rates possible.

Through the end of the Coronavirus National Emergency, no matter how long President Trump chooses to keep it in place, we will perform ALL our services at HALF price.

You heard that right.

Every service we provide will be half-price until the U.S. economy is again fully open for business. But we will do more.

Every new customer who signs with us during this time can contract for services at the same low rate for up to two (2) years. In other words, we will not only help you now, but help you continue to control your costs for two years after the economy reopens if you wish. And we will even put it in writing for you.

Services WE provide and More

In addition to those provided directly by Oakes Writing Website Services, we also have access to other products and services many of our clients will want. Where we are able to provide discounts for these others, we will.

The services we are discounting half-price include:

Additional services and rate changes

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We mainly serve small businesses in the Lake Charles, LA area. To learn how we can help you shift your company operations during Coronavirus, call us at 337.660.4774.

Aside from the services we provide directly via OWS, we also provide have special partnerships through which we can help small businesses. These include:

We also have access to special POS systems designed specifically for businesses which must operate from anywhere, including home.

AND, we even have access to credit card services which can reduce processing costs to zero. For many small businesses, this will mean significant savings just when they need it the most.

Finally, best of all, I am slashing my own consultant fees during the Coronavirus shutdown. My normal rate for consulting is $250 per hour. To help more small, local businesses convert their operations to the new dynamic, I will only charge $50 per hour. This special rate will only be in effect through the end of the national emergency, so take advantage now by phoning me direct at 337-660-4774.

Feel free to get in touch by email, the phone number above, or via the simple form below. Either way, we are here to help you transition your small business as needed to stay in business.

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