Writing is What We Do

Oakes Writing Website Services was built on providing the finest written content possible. From the start, we have crafted articles and blogs for clients with websites.

Today, we offer far more including...

Books and eBooks

Newsletters and Emails

Ad Copy and more

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Google Changed. We Kept Up.

While many agencies remain stuck in the past, we continue to keep up with changes as Google makes them. In 2011 and 2012, the Panda and Penquin updates frightened many. Not us.

When Mariposa killed numerous websites, our clients continued to grow.

That is the essence of Content Marketing. Providing what is needed to keep a website growing. Central to that is great written content, which has always been the core of our business.

Written Content


Extensive, well-researched articles designed to appeal to a serious audience. These are the in-depth posts and pages which are created for those with more than a cursory appeal in a topic. Includes White Papers.

Web Pages

Web Pages are among the most neglected bits of content on most websites. Yet, certain pages are core to the site and must provide as much information of interest to all users possible. 


The purpose of blogs is to provide average readers with a light, often entertaining read. It is a great way to get out company and industry news, but also to entice occasional readers to try a product or service.


The Newsletter is a great way to get people returning to your website. If crafted well and implemented regularly, it is a very effective marketing tool.


Whether you want a full-length, well-referenced non-fiction book for any reason or would like something short and light to grow your email list, we help.

Email/Press Release

Well-crafted emails and Press Releases are great ways to grow your audience and announce special promotions. We provide both.

Oakes Writing...We Bring Websites to Life through Properly Written Content



We double check that everything we write is well-researched and accurate.



We match your style and tone, making sure that what we write sounds like you.



We make sure that each written piece is delivered well before it is needed.

Your chance for awesome content

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