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Three Decades in Business, Sales, Marketing and Writing...

A Proverb states, "May you be born in interesting times."

These are indeed interesting times. With Coronavirus changing how we do business today, never has there been a greater need for small businesses to connect with someone who knows how to navigate the digital world. And connecting online requires the written word.

Some so-called digital marketing firms keep doing things the "old way," applying old marketing techniques to the online world. With the shifts taking place because of COVID-19, these old-school techniques are now being shown for what they are: Useless in the digital marketspace.

Fortunately, C J Oakes has been using modern content marketing/writing techniques for over a decade. He can help you better position your company to adapt to the challenges all businesses face today.

Call C.J. Oakes to learn more 337-660-4774.


Better Marketing, Better Results...

Marketing has changed alot in recent years and most small business onwers are just unable to keep up.

After 30 years in marketing, I know both the old techniques and the new. I teach the proper use of the written word to connect with prospective clients.

I help you understand whether a certain marketing tactic is providing a good ROI and if not, help you make the changes necessary to restore profitability.

I can work with your existing marketing firm, assume your digital marketing or recommend another firm if you like.

To discuss your digital marketing, call now 337-660-4774.

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Rethinking Business Amid Coronavirus.

The Internet changed business marketing. Coronavirus is changing business.

Conducting business during a pandemic is tough. Many small business owners are lost and overwhelmed. Knowing how to adapt the company to the new reality is tough, but I can help.

After 20 years in sales and marketing, in 2009 I moved fully into the online world. I know how to make the transitions smooth, whether you operate a service firm or sell a product.

COVID-19 is forcing small businesses to change both how they provide for their customers, but also how they connect with them, their employees and suppliers in the first place. I can help you rethink your business model, make the transition smooth and keep your company profitable.

To learn how, Call me now 337-660-4774.

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New Face-to-Face Business Tools

Thanks to Coronavirus, small business owners are forced to rely on web conference tools like Zoom, Skype and WebEx to conduct "face-to-face" meetings.

Howwever, for over a decade, C J Oakes has been using these tools to discuss marketing goals with clients around the world. Oakes Writing Consultants can help your small business understand how to make best use of these tools in your business.

Whether you have a law firm, counseling practice, provide an offline service or even products, at some point the use of web conference tools will be needed. In fact, depending on your business model, these tools can help you grow your business during the COVID pandemic.

Let us help by calling 337-660-4774.

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There are really only 2 kinds of companies: Profitable and otherwise.

I will help you determine which efforts are making you money and which are not.

Many marketers will tell you that their marketing "adds to your BRANDING." This is just a fancy way of saying that their marketing is not as effective as they promised.

Fact is, if marketing is not getting results, it is dead wood to be trimmed.

If your marketing is not working for you, especially in the Age of Corona, get in touch with me today. I can help.

Call me, C J Oakes at 337-660-4774 for immediate assistance.

Certifications and Awards

C J Oakes' Google Analytics Certification
Oakes Writing, Best of Lubbock, 2019

Want to take a Hands-on approach? We are happy to share what we know about writing, digital marketing and small business growth using online tools. Our blog is titled, "Teach Someone to Fish" because we believe the best way to help our clients is by teaching them what we know is effective in the digital world.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the tips and techniques we provide have never been more timely and needed. Be sure to bookmark our blog and check back often. Or, sign up for weekly updates below.

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