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Three Decades in Sales and Marketing... Getting older has its perks. A Chinese Proverb states, "May you be born in interesting times." I can tell you that those of us in the Marketing Industry can say, "I sure was." 

Marketing has changed alot since I first got into the industry. While some try to keep doing things the "old way," I have embraced the newer, better ways to grow a business. The new marketing reality just seems to fit me better than the old ways. 

As a result of having lived through both Marketing Worlds, I can help many who now own small businesses understand how to market "the new way." For those who remember Guerilla Marketing and enjoyed learning those techniques, you especially will appreciate the new Marketing Reality. And, you especially will have little difficulty learning how to take your small biz marketing to the next level online.

The simple fact is that Marketing on the Internet as not as complicated as some would lead you to believe. I can prove it. Give me half an hour and I can teach you something that will save you thousands.

Remember, if we are not growing, we are dying. Marketing keeps a company alive. 

Marketing drives Growth. 

Hi, I am C J Oakes, founder of Oakes Marketing Consultants and I can teach you how to maintain growth using the Internet to your advantage.


Analytics Tell the Whole Story...

Hopefully, you have some kind of analytics program in place. If not, setting up Google Analytics will be our first step.

Data is the key to driving an online marketing program. Unlike marketing in the past where a campaign had to run for months or more before learning whether it was going to be a success, marketing today provides results in weeks, days, even hours.

The key to success is knowing where to look and what to look for. I will be happy to show you.

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There are really only 2 kinds of marketing. Fruitful and otherwise.

I am happy to examine all your marketing efforts and help you determine which will bear fruit and which will not. Many marketers will tell you not to worry, their marketing is adding to your BRANDING. I call BS on this. If marketing is not getting results, it is useless. Trim the old, dead wood from the tree so it can start producing.










Marketing Specialties

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes everything from blogging to newsletters, ebooks to emails, PPC Ads to Linkbuilding. We can teach you all you (or your assistant) needs to know to properly market your website using content. What is content? Content is information transmitted in written, visual, or audio form, including videos.

Google Products

Google was both the best and the worst thing to happen to the Internet. Kidding. We are devout Google Fans. This is so because we remember the Internet before them. And, unlike some in our industry, we understand them. We have been working with Google since the time when the ONLY product was the search engine. We Know Google.

Social Media

Allow us to teach you something right now. Social media is networking. Remember networking? Go to a function, talk to people, get to know them, learn what they do, learn what they may need that your company can provide. Exchange business cards? Followup? Perhaps invite them to a function your company is putting on at a later date? That is social media in a nutshell.


Central to modern marketing is the website. Some have started to give up on websites. And who can blame them when their website is largely failing to bring in new business. Want to hear a secret? Almost 99% of websites make the same 12 mistakes and these are easily corrected. Having a fruitful website is not as difficult as some make it sound.

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