hair and nail salon empty seat

Can Automated Appointment Setting Help Hair and Nail Salons?

Hair and Nail Salons face tough competition today. Many today us SMS Text messages. These increase sales during slower periods and encourage customers to keep appointments. How does this work?

What is Automated SMS Text Appointment Setting?

Automated Appointment Setting is provided by Oakes Marketing Consultants in partnership with Lonestar Marketing. It lets hair and nail salons encourage customers to keep their appointment and arrive on-time. But since it is automated, there is no need to do anything extra.

hair and nail salon empty seat
Tired of empty chairs in your Hair or Nail Salon? With the right Customer Loyalty Rewards program, you can start filling chairs on slow days. To learn more, call Oakes Marketing Consultants at 337-660-4774 and ask for Jeff.

The way it works is simple.

The customer makes an appointment, which is entered into the system. At pre-determined intervals, the customer will receive an automated text message (SMS) reminding them of the appointment.

As many know, if the appointment is more than a week out customers have a tendency to forget or put it off. By sending gentle reminders, their interest is maintained; and they are more likely to keep the appointment. This results in greater revenue and less time lost by customers not showing up at the appointed time.

When customers remember the time and location of the appointment the business operates more efficiently. This results in better customer service for all patrons. And better customer service results in more sales.

Why Choose Lonestar Marketing Appointment Setting?

Lonestar Marketing is the affiliate of iVision Mobile in SE Texas and SW Louisiana. iVision is a leading provider of SMS services nationwide and remains at the forefront of text message technology. The Lonestar program is the lowest cost provider in the area. In partnership with them, Oakes Marketing Consultants provides full service.

We get your program up and running and then stay in touch to make sure everything runs smooth.

We provide you with

Customer Loyalty Rewards

In addition to Appointment Setting, we also provide Customer Loyalty Rewards marketing to drive repeat business.

Imagine drawing on a base of loyal, repeat customers to fill empty seats in your salon on slow days. You likely know that text messages have an open rate of 98%. But did you know that nearly 22% of those who open a text responds by giving you more business?

That is a huge response for any kind of marketing...the largest in fact of any marketing tactic. That makes the ROI on Customer Loyalty Rewards SMS marketing the best available!

To learn more, complete the form below, send an email to, open a chat or call 337.660.4774 and ask for Jeff.

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