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Can Automated Appointment Reminders Help Law Firms and Medical Offices?

Medical Practices, Law Firms, and Dental Offices rely on appointments to keep their businesses operating efficiently. However, when clients fail to keep appointments, valuable time is lost. Along with that time is the revenue the office would have generated. Today, there is an excellent solution.

Automated SMS (Text) Reminders

Oakes Marketing Consultants has partnered with Lonestar Marketing to provide our customers with the latest in appointment solutions. Automated text reminders provide a simple way for legal and medical clients to increase their kept appointment rates.

Once an appointment is set, the client will receive professional reminders at pre-selected intervals. This can be a week out, then another a few days before, then perhaps an hour before the appointment. No need to call and remind clients...everything is automated.

The best part is that by using this system, our customers will enjoy less down time because a client forgot or decided not to go to the appointment.

Reputation Marketing Made Easy

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Dental offices often have customers who "forget" their appointments. With SMS text appointment reminders, they can enjoy more visits and less down time. Learn more about Automated Appointment Reminders by calling Oakes Writing at 337.660.4774.

In addition, we can also provide our professional clients with another much needed service: Reputation management. What is Reputation Management?

Most people today visit review sites before patronizing a business. These reviews account for a large degree of their decision-making. In fact, one suvey found that people were 83% more likely to use a service if it received good reviews.

With online reviews holding so much power today, getting the best reviews is vital to running a successful

  • Medical Practice
  • Law Firm
  • Dental Office
  • Any small business

Our Reputation Management System is Easy-to-Use

Clients can opt-in to the system via a professional text we will initially send. Once they do, each time they visit they will receive a text asking their opinion of their visit.

If they like the visit, they will then have the opportunity to post a review. Because they were satisfied clients, reviews tend to be very good.

If they did not like the visit, they will receive a message asking for their reasons. This lets them vent to management and will greatly reduce their desire to leave a bad review. It also gives management an opportunity to convert a dissatisfied client.

It is a win-win proposition. Client enjoy more good reviews and fewer bad.

Automated Text Reminders and Reputation Management - THE Marketing Solution for the 21st Century!

Digital marketing today continues to evolve. With the continuing growth of Smart Phones and SMS technology, text messages are quickly becoming THE marketing of choice for many.

Oakes Marketing Consultants is pleased to provide these services to our clients. Of course, we still provide a full array of content marketing solutions including social media, website development, analytics, and written content like blogs and copywriting.

To learn more about any of our services and how we can help you with your online marketing goals, call 337.660.4774, email us via, chat with us online or complete the form below.

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