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Blog Post Ideas for Law Firms

Meeting with clients all day and managing the financial aspects of a small but growing law firm is hard enough. Adding to the difficulty is managing the website. Part of managing a website is adding regular blog content. Yet, for many attorney's, writing is not the hard part. The hard part is getting ideas...finding the kinds of questions people are really asking online.

Oakes Writing Website Services Has 208 Ideas for Criminal Defense Blogs

When we get a new client, the first thing we do is develop an editorial calendar for them. This is because we do not want to just create blog posts and web pages on-the-fly. We want to find trending topics, sure, but we also want to know the questions people as day-in-day-out about their business.

So, we do extensive research. We have gotten so good at doing this research that we decided perhaps we should share the gravy. To help our readers who have criminal defense law firms create their own blog posts, we compiled a list.

The following list contains 208 of the most common questions people are asking online about legal topics. This list is specific to southwest Louisiana, but is applicable virtually nationwide. They are provided in the order of the most popular starting with the first.

If you blog at the modest rate of four posts per week, this list will provide you with enough ideas for a year.

And of course, if you ever need any other help with blogging, your website, online marketing, get in touch.

208 Criminal Defense Blog Post Ideas

  1. What makes a good criminal defense attorney?OWS Services collage
  2. What does a criminal defense lawyer do?
  3. How much is a good criminal defense lawyer?
  4. What do you look for in an attorney?
  5. Who do court appointed attorneys work for?
  6. What qualities do you need to be a defense attorney?
  7. How do you know a bad lawyer?
  8. What qualities make a good lawyer?
  9. How much does a lawyer cost?
  10. Do lawyers have payment plans?
  11. Is it better to have a public defender or lawyer?
  12. How much does a lawyer cost for felony?
  13. How can I hire a lawyer with no money?
  14. Do you pay a lawyer upfront?
  15. How do pro bono lawyers get paid?
  16. What happens if you can’t afford a lawyer?
  17. Who is the most expensive lawyer in the world?
  18. How much is a cheap lawyer?
  19. What are free lawyers called?
  20. How much does it cost for a lawyer to represent you in court?
  21. Can you ask a lawyer a question for free?
  22. What is the minimum sentence for a felony?
  23. Can you just get probation for a felony?
  24. Can felony charges be dropped?
  25. Do public defenders really work for you?
  26. Can you talk to a public defender before your court date?
  27. Who pays a public defender?
  28. Are pro bono lawyers good?
  29. What is it called when a lawyer works for a percentage?
  30. Can a person fight his own case in court?
  31. What is a reasonable retainer fee?
  32. How much does a good lawyer charge per hour?
  33. Can I get a lawyer for free?
  34. Can you be convicted of a felony and not go to jail?
  35. What does a felony do to your life?
  36. Do you go straight to jail from court?
  37. How much jail time do you get for drugs?
  38. Is getting caught with drugs a felony?
  39. How much drugs is considered personal use?
  40. What is the mandatory minimum sentence for drugs?
  41. What is the punishment for drugs?
  42. Do you go to jail for possessing drugs?
  43. What is a Class C drug?
  44. What is the drug Mandy?
  45. What is a Schedule 3 drug?
  46. What is Schedule 4 controlled substance?
  47. Is drug possession a felony in [state]?
  48. What countries have the death penalty for drugs?
  49. What drug is most commonly used?
  50. What exactly is a drug?
  51. What does Frank stand for?
  52. What is a Schedule 8 drug?
  53. What is considered controlled substance?
  54. Is CBD a controlled substance?
  55. What schedule drug is alprazolam?
  56. Which of the following is an example of a soft drug?
  57. Is butalbital a controlled substance?
  58. What is the drug called Charlie?
  59. Which is Superman drug?
  60. What is a drug called Tina?
  61. Is caffeine psychoactive?
  62. Is butalbital a barbiturate?
  63. What are examples of sex crimes?
  64. What crimes make you a sex offender?
  65. What are felony sex crimes?
  66. What Can sex offenders do?
  67. Can a sex offender have a baby?
  68. Is having sex in a car against the law?
  69. What is a Class C sex offender?
  70. Is sex offender a misdemeanor?
  71. Is peeing in public considered a sex offender?
  72. What is the jail time for sex offenders?
  73. What makes someone a registered sex offender?
  74. Are all sex offenders felons?
  75. Can a sex offender have a smartphone?
  76. Can a sex offender go to Disney?
  77. Can a sex offender have Facebook?
  78. Do sex offenders have to tell neighbors?
  79. What is a Level 1 sex offender?
  80. What does K & L mean for sex offenders?
  81. Can you be a sex offender for peeing outside?
  82. Is peeing in public a crime?
  83. How long do you go to jail for credit card fraud?
  84. Do banks investigate fraud?
  85. Do police investigate credit card theft?
  86. How long does it take a bank to investigate fraud?
  87. Can you go to jail for fraud?
  88. Do banks press charges for fraud?
  89. Do Police Investigate Identity Theft?
  90. Can they track who used my credit card?
  91. Can you go to jail for using someone's debit card?
  92. How do banks investigate disputes on debit cards?
  93. Can you go to jail for bank fraud?
  94. How does fraud happen on debit cards?
  95. What is bank fraud investigation?

    open law book and blank legal pad with pen
    Being able to write and knowing what to write are very different. Where can criminal defense lawyers get ideas for their blogs? Oakes Writing Website Services. Call now 337.660.4774
  96. Do fraud alerts affect credit score?
  97. Can a bank file charges against you?
  98. How do thieves use stolen credit cards?
  99. Can you go to jail for chargebacks?
  100. What happens when u dispute a charge?
  101. How does the dispute process work?
  102. Can you go to jail for smoking pot?
  103. Can you go to jail for a misdemeanor possession?
  104. Can you go to jail for being high in public?
  105. How long does a simple possession stay on your record?
  106. Do First time offenders go to jail?
  107. How many grams is an eighth?
  108. Will a misdemeanor ruin my life?
  109. Can a first time misdemeanor be dismissed?
  110. How often do first time misdemeanor offenders go to jail?
  111. Can you smoke in public Colorado?
  112. Is it illegal to be high in public in Florida?
  113. Is it legal to be high in public in Colorado?
  114. What is considered a first time offender?
  115. What's the minimum sentence for assault?
  116. What happens during sentencing?
  117. What is the punishment for a first time misdemeanor?
  118. How much does it cost to seal your record?
  119. What are the five types of probation?
  120. How long can you go to jail for 1st degree murders?
  121. How long is the average life sentence?
  122. What is 1st 2nd and 3rd degree murders?
  123. What are the different types of murders charges?
  124. How many years is a life sentence in Florida?
  125. What does 15 years to life mean?
  126. How much does it cost to keep a prisoner in jail for a year?
  127. What is the youngest age to go to jail?
  128. How long is a life sentence in NY?
  129. What's worse 1st degree or 3rd degree felony?
  130. How often is someone murdered?
  131. Is First Degree Burn worst?
  132. What are the 3 types of intent?
  133. Can you go to jail for being an accomplice?
  134. What is premeditated crime?
  135. Does Florida still have 10 20 life?
  136. How much time do you serve on a 8 year sentence?
  137. What is 85 percent of a life sentence?
  138. What does 15 years to life mean California?
  139. What is life without parole like?
  140. Can a 12 year old go to jail?
  141. Do babies go to jail?
  142. At what age can a child be held criminally responsible?
  143. How many years do you get for arson?
  144. What is the minimum sentence for arson?
  145. What is legally considered arson?
  146. Is it arson If you burn your own property?
  147. Can you get probation for arson?
  148. Can arson charges be dropped?
  149. Is Arson a property crime?
  150. What are the types of arson?
  151. How serious is arson?
  152. What are the three reasons for arson?
  153. What does 4th degree arson mean?
  154. What is aggravated arson?
  155. How much is bail for arson?
  156. Do First time offenders go to jail?
  157. What is Arson 1st Degree?
  158. How can you prevent arson?
  159. What is third degree arson?
  160. What's the difference between arson and pyromania?
  161. How many years is a statutory rape charge?
  162. What is the time limit for statutory rape?
  163. Can you be charged for a crime years later?
  164. What is Romeo and Juliet law?
  165. What state has the lowest age of consent?
  166. Can a 16 year old date a 13 year old?
  167. Can a 13 year old date a 17 year old?
  168. Can a 13 year old date a 18 year old legally?
  169. Is there a time limit to be charged with a crime?
  170. How long can you be investigated for a crime?
  171. How long can a case stay open?
  172. Is dating a minor legal?
  173. Is it illegal for a 19 year old to date a 13 year old?
  174. Is felony and misdemeanor the same?
  175. Which is worse felony or misdemeanor?
  176. How many misdemeanor is a felony?
  177. What qualifies as a felony?
  178. Can you get a job with a misdemeanor?
  179. What are serious misdemeanors?
  180. What is the lowest misdemeanor?
  181. Do you always go to jail for a misdemeanor?
  182. How bad are misdemeanors?
  183. How does a misdemeanor turn into a felony?
  184. Do misdemeanor charges go away?
  185. Can a first time misdemeanor be dismissed?
  186. Can you go to jail for first offense misdemeanor?
  187. What are the different types of misdemeanors?
  188. Will I pass a background check with a misdemeanor?
  189. Can you get a government job with a misdemeanor?
  190. Can I be a nurse with a misdemeanor?
  191. Do plea bargains work?
  192. Why are there plea bargains?
  193. What are the types of plea bargains?
  194. What is plea bargaining and what is its function?
  195. Why would a prosecutor offered a plea bargain?
  196. Do judges usually accept plea bargains?
  197. When should you plea bargain?
  198. What is an example of plea bargaining?
  199. Are plea bargains public record?
  200. Why you should never take a plea bargain?
  201. Can judge overrule plea bargain?
  202. What determines if a case goes to trial?
  203. Why do some cases never go to trial?
  204. Can prosecutor drop all charges before trial?
  205. What happens when you take a plea deal?
  206. What are the 5 types of pleas?
  207. Do prosecutors always offer plea deals?
  208. Is plea bargain a conviction?

208 Criminal Defense Blog Posts Not Enough?

Many of our clients like to add a blog post to their website every day. They understand the simple concept that the more answers they can provide to those searching, the better their chances of getting found. And when more people find their articles, more trust their expertise. As more trust them, their client list grows.

If this list of 208 criminal defense blog post ideas is not enough for your firm, get in touch. If you want even more specific topics than these, we are happy to do the research.

Aside from providing blogs, articles, and web pages, we also conduct research for topics of interest. Because the extent of research needed varies by topic and industry, we do not include this service directly in our Product Rates page - This research is conducted on an hourly rate as a consulting fee. The hourly rate for consulting is only $250 with a one-hour minimum. However, we do provide a free 15-minute consultation.

And naturally, if you need help with writing for your site or any other services we provide, we are always happy to talk. Send an email to, call 1.337.660.4774, Chat Live with us or complete the simple form below.

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