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Attraction vs Distraction Marketing

If you have never heard of attraction marketing don't feel bad. Although it has been around for decades, the name is seldom used. Instead, many use other terms which mean the same thing: Content marketing, inbound marketing, search engine marketing.

Some traditional marketers use the terms online marketing and digital marketing thinking they are talking about the same concept, but when attraction marketers hear them, we laugh or sign. Why?

Because these so-called marketing experts either do not know what they are talking about or they are acting in a fraudulent way. When a traditional marketing firm uses the terms digital or online, they do so because they are not offering the same service; rather, an inferior one.

We used to refer to content marketing but recently decide to move to the better term "attraction marketing." This way we can better distinguish what we do from traditional agencies. They use what can best be termed "distraction marketing."

What’s the difference between attraction marketing and distraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is the modern way, using the power of the Internet and search engines to attract people to your company…to meet them on their terms and help them solve a problem they already know they have.

Distraction marketing is the old school way. It uses the carnival caller method that interrupts and disturbs people who don’t even know they have a problem (cause they really don’t). In other words, it uses traditional advertising to constantly distract people, to force them into believing they need what a company offers.

What is another difference between attraction marketing and distraction marketing?

A key difference is that costs decrease over time with attraction marketing while costs increase with the traditional distraction model.


The answer lay in how attraction marketing works.

How does attraction marketing work?

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Online marketing, digital marketing, attraction marketing, inbound marketing, content it what you want, the result is the same...more business. At OWS, we never forget that our mission is to help you grow your business through sound marketing practices. We serve small businesses in the Lake Charles, LA area. To learn how we can help grow your company, call us at 337.660.4774.

Every company needs customers. A store or car lot needs foot traffic, an attorney or doctor needs to fill his appointment calendar, plumbers and roofers need people calling them, whatever the business, it needs people.

The old distraction model relies on advertising to get people to the business. It interrupts our morning drive, throws a billboard into the scenery or distracts us from our favorite TV show…all in an effort to get our attention and tell us we need something we really do not.

The internet is different. On the internet, we choose what we need. We can decide to visit a website that sells something we are already looking for. And if we are not sure what website to use to solve a problem, we Google it.

Google it means that we use a search engine. And we use it by typing in words called a search string. These words are important. If a website contains these exact words, it will appear first in the results we can choose from.

IF a website contains enough of the right words, we are ATTRACTED to it…we click on the link and our web browser opens the page that provides us with what we are looking for.

THAT’s how attraction marketing works.

So, why is attraction marketing not working for you?

There can be a couple of reasons for this.

The most common reason is because most websites are little more than an online brochures. They simply lack useful information.

Many so-called digital marketing firms today are nothing more than traditional marketers applying old, costly distraction models to the online world. Some do this because there is more money to be made in the short term while others do it because they simply do not understand attraction marketing.

The bottom line is that costs continue to increase while results are spotty at best. At worst, there are no results. This is because attraction marketing is content driven and behind all content are words…the words we use to search for what we need.

Need Attraction Marketing in Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake or anywhere in SWLA or SETX?

If a website does not contain the words we used in our search, it will not appear in the search results.

In most cases, website owners use traditional distraction marketing and advertising to try to get people to visit their website. They do this because their sales rep told them they offered “digital marketing.” But digital marketing is not the same as attraction marketing.

And digital marketers using traditional means to market a website are just advertising an online brochure…They are advertising your advertising. It is distraction marketing applied to the online world and it does not work.

Don’t let them con you. There is a better way.

Attraction marketing.

chart showing inverse relationship between cost and results with attraction marketing
At one time, advertising was a key element to any marketing plan. The Internet changed that, but some so-called digital marketers have failed to take note, often advertising their clients advertising. Fact is, with modern, attraction marketing ROI will improve while costs decline. This inverse relationship is shown in the graph. This is why, at Oakes Writing, our mission is to reduce our clients marketing costs at least 75% over three years. To learn more, call us at 337.660.4774.

Remember, we search online using words in a search engine. The search engine matches the words we use to websites on the internet. The closest matches are presented to us in search results pages or SERPs and we choose the one we think best meets our needs.

But if your website does not contain the words we seek, it will not be shown.

So, the key to getting found by more people is to have a website that includes as many of the words people are using to find solutions to their problems. Solutions YOUR company can solve, but they will never know about because you have not said so on your website.

If we apply a scattergun approach, more words = more chances for your website to be found.

But today, we need not do this. Attraction marketers know how to find just the right word combinations for a geographic or other market segment so there is less wasted time and money.

Unlike TV ads that “guess” who may be interested, we have the ability to research what people are really looking for then deliver exactly that. Then, if the information is well-written, well-connected, liked and shared it will rise to the top of the results pages.

That is attraction marketing in a nutshell.

Of course, there is a bit more to it than that, but if you at minimum add articles that answer the questions your customers are asking, you will get results…people will visit your website.

Then, if you add original photos that relate to what you are describing and add good, descriptive captions, you are worlds ahead of your competition.

Finally, if you engage with potential customers on social media and let them know you care about their lives and occasionally share some useful information with them, you will lead the pack. You will attract them and their friends…and most importantly, your business will grow.

Best of all, as you add more content to your website, answer more questions with more descriptive words, the need to add articles will decline over time. You can coast and your marketing costs go down, not up. This is what is shown in the graphs.

So, how can you tell if your marketing agency is providing you with attraction marketing or distraction marketing?

Here is a simple way to know.

If your marketing costs continue to increase year after year, your marketing firm is using the old, tired distraction marketing model.

If attraction marketing is in place and properly performed, your ROI (return on investment) should improve while your overall marketing costs decline.

If your marketing costs are going up, your agency is not engaging in attraction marketing.

Oakes Writing Website Services ONLY engages in attraction marketing. Since 2009 we have been providing clients with effective, online marketing…marketing that gets results.

In fact, we are so certain of our ability to get results, we guarantee it in writing.

If you are tired of not getting results for the money you are spending on marketing, call us now at 337-660-4774 or email us at

image showing cost to results of attraction marketing
If marketing costs are not declining over time, the marketing performed is not attraction marketing, it is old school, traditional, failed marketing. Oakes Writing Website Services ONLY offers Attraction Marketing because over time, we save our clients money while improving results. Call 337-660-4774 for details.

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