When the Scouts Come Calling

What Will They Find?

Impress the Scouts

Getting Scouts to a game is harder today than ever before.

Increase the odds with an online presence.

Give your athlete an advantage.


A Professional Website

A professional website shows off skills, both on the field and off.

It will impress Scouts like never before.



Great Marketing = Winning

Every Great Athlete knows how to market themselves today!

No matter the sport, great marketing separates the losers from the winners.

We Support High School Sports

To show our support for High School Sports and the future Careers of Young Athletes, we have developed a special program with special rates.

We will build a three-page website for your student athlete for a super low monthly rate.*

Then, we will teach them to round out the website themselves by sending a monthly newsletter.

This will do 3 Important things for them:

  1. Showcase their skills
  2. Teach them modern web building
  3. Train them to market themselves

To go pro today, more is needed than simply being good...Ya Gotta be Great!

But great is best seen in how well someone markets themselves. Here, we shine.

After we receive your order we will send an information request so that we can get the visuals including school colors and basic details of your athlete added to the site. Once complete, your athlete will receive the first newsletter and if they ever have any questions, they need only get in touch.

(Note: SSL means that the site is encrypted. Although not vital, it does help the site appear better in search results because it makes the site secure, so it is recommended. SSL can be added at any time.*)

Ready to Launch Your Website?

High School Athlete Website No SSL 3 Pages (Home, About, Blog). Includes Monthly Training Newsletter and hosting. $19.95/month

(Requires 12 month agreement)

High School Athlete Website with SSL 3 Pages (Home, About, Blog). Includes Monthly Training Newsletter. hosting, and security certficate $29.95/month

(Requires 12 month agreement)

* Terms: To get this low monthly price, we require a minimum 12-month committment. If SSL is added later, the 12-month term starts over. This program includes building the basic website, hosting for as long as the subscription remains active, the initial and annual domain name registration, a monthly newsletter, and Google Analytics. Offer open only to High School Students. While primarily for athletes, others including musicians and artists may take advantage of this offer.

Have Questions? Get in Touch.

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